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Recombinant Antibodies

Recombinant Antibodies

Recombinant antibodies refers to the application of molecular cloning and gene mutation technology to transform a gene coding sequence of an antibody to produce superior performance of antibodies, also known as genetically engineered antibodies. Most importantly, recombinant antibodies could maximize the humanization to solve the heterogeneity between different species. Compared with regular antibodies, Cusabio recombinant rabbit monoclonal antibodies are known for higher purity and affinity, as well as minimal deviation between batches. We could guarantee the quality for we produce and validate each of our antibodies in-house, so please choose Cusabio antibodies that will not let you down!

Product Name Code Size
Phospho-MAPK3 (T202) + MAPK1 (T185) Antibody CSB-RA013456A185phHU 100μl/50μl
Phospho-PTK2 (Y397) Antibody CSB-RA018994A397phHU 100μl/50μl
Phospho-PAK4/PAK5/PAK6 (S474/S560/S602) Antibody CSB-RA017408A474phHU 100μl/50μl
Phospho-MTOR (S2448) Antibody CSB-RA008968A2448phHU 100μl/50μl
Phospho-RB1 (S780) Antibody CSB-RA019386A780phHU 100μl/50μl
Phospho-PRKDC (S2056) Antibody CSB-RA018714A2056phHU 100μl/50μl
Phospho-TP53 (S9) Antibody CSB-RA024077A09phHU 100μl/50μl
Phospho-TP53 (S33) Antibody CSB-RA024077A33phHU 100μl/50μl
Phospho-LAT (Y191) Antibody CSB-RA012767A191phHU 100μl/50μl
Phospho-MLKL (S358) Antibody CSB-RA850851A358phHU 100μl/50μl
Phospho-PTEN (S380) Antibody CSB-RA018964A380phHU 100μl/50μl
Phospho-MAPK8/MAPK9/MAPK10 (T183/T183/T221) Antibody CSB-RA013466A183phHU 100μl/50μl
Phospho-SNCA (S129) Antibody CSB-RA021912A129phHU 100μl/50μl
Phospho-ATM (S1981) Antibody CSB-RA618770A1981phHU 100μl/50μl
Phospho-CREB1 (S133) Antibody CSB-RA005947A133phHU 100μl/50μl
Phospho-MAPK3 (T202/Y204) + MAPK1 (T185/Y187) Antibody CSB-RA013456A204phHU 100μl/50μl
Phospho-MAPT (S324) Antibody CSB-RA013481A324phHU 100μl/50μl
Phospho-PRKAA2 (S491) Antibody CSB-RA805325A491phHU 100μl/50μl
Phospho-POLR2A (S5) Antibody CSB-RA018327A05phHU 100μl/50μl
Phospho-POLR2A (S2) Antibody CSB-RA018327A02phHU 100μl/50μl


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