Food Safety Small Molecule Antigen

Food Safety Small Molecule Antigen

Food Safety Small Molecule Antigen from CUSABIO can have wide applications, ranging from high-throughput molecular detection to bioactuation. High-throughput food safety small molecule antigen with short development times are crucial for identifying active small molecules from CUSABIO.

Product Name



Sulfamethoxydiazine-OVA conjugate

CSB-MC00412b0101 1mg

Sulfamethoxydiazine-BSA conjugate

CSB-MC00411b0101 1mg

Thyroxin-OVA conjugate

CSB-MC00472a0105 1mg

Amoxicilin-OVA conjugate

CSB-MC00682a0101 1mg

Amoxicilin-BSA conjugate

CSB-MC00681a0101 1mg

Sulfadimethoxine-BSA conjugate

CSB-MC00031a0101 1mg

Thyroxin-BSA conjugate

CSB-MC00471a0105 1mg

Salbutamol-OVA conjugate

CSB-MC00192a0104 1mg

Enrofloxacin-BSA conjugate

CSB-MC00071a0101 1mg

Sulfamerazine-OVA conjugate

CSB-MC00102a0101 1mg

Chloroamphenicol-BSA conjugate

CSB-MC00171a0101 1mg

The metabolite of Nitrofurantoin-OVA conjugate

CSB-MC00542a0101 1mg

Enrofloxacin-OVA conjugate

CSB-MC00072a0101 1mg

Sulfamerazine-BSA conjugate

CSB-MC00101a0101 1mg

Chloroamphenicol-OVA conjugate

CSB-MC00172a0101 1mg

The metabolite of Nitrofurantoin-BSA conjugate

CSB-MC00541a0101 1mg

Sulfamethoxydiazine-OVA conjugate

CSB-MC00412b0105 1mg

Sulfamethoxydiazine-BSA conjugate

CSB-MC00411b0105 1mg

Sulfadimidine-OVA conjugate

CSB-MC00402a0101 1mg

Sulfadimidine-BSA conjugate

CSB-MC00401a0101 1mg

Ciprofloxacin-OVA conjugate

CSB-MC00122a0101 1mg

Ciprofloxacin-BSA conjugate

CSB-MC00121a0101 1mg

Neomycin-BSA conjugate

CSB-MC00341a0101 1mg

Clenbuterol-OVA conjugate

CSB-MC00042a0104 1mg

Neomycin-OVA conjugate

CSB-MC00342a0101 1mg

The metabolite of nitrofurazone -OVA conjugate

CSB-MC00292a0101 1mg

The metabolite of furazolidone -OVA conjugate

CSB-MC00252a0101 1mg

The metabolite of furazolidone -BSA conjugate

CSB-MC00251a0101 1mg

Kanamycin-OVA conjugate

CSB-MC00052a0101 1mg

Kanamycin-BSA conjugate

CSB-MC00051a0101 1mg

Ofloxacin -OVA conjugate

CSB-MC00332a0101 1mg

Ofloxacin -BSA conjugate

CSB-MC00331a0101 1mg

Sulfamonomethoxine-OVA conjugate

CSB-MC00202b0101 1mg

Sulfamonomethoxine-BSA conjugate

CSB-MC00201b0101 1mg

Ractopamine-OVA conjugate

CSB-MC00182b0104 1mg

Gentamicin-OVA conjugate

CSB-MC00092a0101 1mg

Gentamicin-BSA conjugate

CSB-MC00091a0101 1mg

Streptomycin-BSA conjugate

CSB-MC00061a0101 1mg

Streptomycin-OVA conjugate

CSB-MC00062a0101 1mg

Clenbuterol-BSA conjugate

CSB-MC00041a0104 1mg

Sulfadiazine-OVA conjugate

CSB-MC00022a0101 1mg

Sulfadiazine-BSA conjugate

CSB-MC00021a0101 1mg

Gentamicin-OVA conjugate

CSB-MC00092b0101 1mg

Gentamicin-BSA conjugate

CSB-MC00091b0101 1mg

Ractopamine-BSA conjugate

CSB-MC00181b0104 1mg

Medroxyprogesterone acetate -OVA conjugate

CSB-MC00352a0105 1mg

Medroxyprogesterone acetate -BSA conjugate

CSB-MC00351a0105 1mg

Sulfamonomethoxine-OVA conjugate

CSB-MC00202a0101 1mg

Sulfamonomethoxine-BSA conjugate

CSB-MC00201a0101 1mg

Salbutamol-BSA conjugate

CSB-MC00191b0104 1mg

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