Stable Cell Line

Stable Cell Line

Stable cell lines refer to cell lines that express a particular gene consistently and stably through stable transduction, or cell lines that interfere with the expression of a particular gene. Stable cell lines are crucial laboratory tools that can be used in many important applications, including the production of bio-therapeutic proteins, drug screening and gene function research. Specifically in the field of antibody development, stable cell lines can be used as immunogens to stimulate specific immune responses in animals, especially for targets of multiple transmembrane protein. In addition, stable cell lines are widely used in antibody binding and functional screening experiments.

Over more than 14 years, CUSABIO has rich experience in development of proteins and antibodies. Currently, CUSABIO has launched several stable cell lines of popular drug targets to fuel drug development.

Product Name



HEK293T/Human SEMA4D Stable Cell Line

CSB-SC835707HU 1 vial contains approximately 5x106 cells in 1 ml

HEK293F/Human DLL3 Stable Cell Line

CSB-SC882142HU 1 vial contains approximately 5x106 cells in 1 ml

HEK293T/Human CCR8 Stable Cell Line

CSB-SC004847HU1 1 vial contains approximately 5x106 cells in 1 ml

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