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Growth Factor

Growth Factor

Growth Factor is a kind of Cytokines which can stimulate cell growth. It plays an important role in promoting the metabolism of fibroblasts and the formation of collagen.

Product Name Code Size
Recombinant Human Placenta growth factor protein(PGF) (Active) CSB-AP002731HU 5μg/25μg
Recombinant Human Vascular endothelial growth factor A protein(VEGFA) (Active) CSB-AP002591HU 2ug/10μg/100ug/500ug
Recombinant Human Fibroblast growth factor 1 protein(FGF1) (Active) CSB-AP002381HU 10μg/50μg
Recombinant Human Protein NOV homolog protein(NOV) CSB-AP002511HU 5μg/20μg/100μg/250μg
Recombinant Human Noggin protein(NOG) CSB-AP003011HU 5μg/20μg/100μg/250μg
Recombinant Human Bone morphogenetic protein 2 protein(BMP2) CSB-AP002981HU 2μg/10μg/100μg/250μg
Recombinant Human Neurturin protein(NRTN) CSB-AP002961HU 5μg/20μg/100μg/250μg
Recombinant Human Neuritin protein(NRN1) CSB-AP002941HU 5μg/20μg/100μg/250μg
Recombinant Human Pleiotrophin protein(PTN) CSB-AP002931HU 5μg/20μg
Recombinant Human Pro-neuregulin-1, membrane-bound isoform protein(NRG1) CSB-AP002921HU 10μg/50μg/100μg/250μg
Recombinant Human Glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor protein(GDNF) CSB-AP002881HU 2μg/10μg/100μg/250μg
Recombinant Human Probetacellulin [Cleaved into: Betacellulin protein(BTC) CSB-AP002871HU 5μg/20μg/100μg/250μg
Recombinant Human Pro-neuregulin-1, membrane-bound isoform protein(NRG1) CSB-AP002861HU 10μg/50μg/100μg/250μg
Recombinant Human Pro-neuregulin-1, membrane-bound isoform protein(NRG1) CSB-AP002851HU 10μg/50μg/100μg/250μg
Recombinant Human Ciliary neurotrophic factor protein(CNTF) CSB-AP002841HU 5μg/20μg/100μg/250μg
Recombinant Human Neurotrophin-4 protein(NTF4) CSB-AP002831HU 2μg/10μg/100μg/250μg
Recombinant Human Prokineticin-1 protein(PROK1) CSB-AP002671HU 5μg/20μg/100μg/250μg
Recombinant Human Protein CYR61 protein(CYR61) CSB-AP002661HU 5μg/20μg/100μg/250μg
Recombinant Human Proheparin-binding EGF-like growth factor [Cleaved into: Heparin-binding EGF-like growth factor protein(HBEGF) CSB-AP002651HU 10μg/50μg/100μg/250μg
Recombinant Human Amphiregulin protein(AREG) CSB-AP002641HU 10μg/50μg/100μg/250μg


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