Wisherkon Food Safety Test Kits

Wisherkon Food Safety Test Kits

Wisherkon Food Safety Test Kits

Product Name Code Size

Clenbuterol (CL) ELISA kit

WSK-E01C 96T

Clenbuterol (CL) ELISA kit

WSK-E01B 96T

Ractopamine (RA) ELISA kit

WSK-E02D 96T

Ractopamine (RA) ELISA kit

WSK-E02C 96T

Salbutamol (SALB) Elisa kit

WSK-E03A 96T

Phenylethanolamine A ELISA kit

WSK-E04A 96T

Melamine ELISA kit

WSK-E05A 96T

Amantadine ELISA kit

WSK-E51A 96T

Malachite Green (MG) ELISA Kit

WSK-E28A 96T

Tetracyclines ELISA Kit

WSK-E21B 96T

Sulfadimidine(SM2) ELISA kit

WSK-E09A 96T

Sulfonamides (SAs) residue ELISA kit

WSK-E08B 96T

Diethylstilbestrol (DES) ELISA kit

WSK-E49A 96T

Kanamycin (KA) Elisa Kit

WSK-E13A 96T

Gentamicin (GEN) ELISA kit

WSK-E12B 96T

Fluoroquinolones residue ELISA kit

WSK-E10B 96T

Enrofloxacin (ER) ELISA kit

WSK-E12A 96T

Dexamethasone (DXM) ELISA kit

WSK-E02A 96T

Nitrofurazone(SEM) ELISA kit

WSK-E23A 96T

Furazolidone(AOZ) ELISA kit

WSK-E22A 96T

Furaltadone Metabolite (AMOZ) ELISA kit

WSK-E24A 96T

Aminohydantoin (ADH) ELISA kit

WSK-E25A 96T

Chloramphenicol (CAP) ELISA kit

WSK-E06C 96T

Chloramphenicol (CAP) ELISA kit

WSK-E06B 96T

T-2 toxin (T2) ELISA kit

WSK-E18A 96T

Zearalenone(ZEN) ELISA kit

WSK-E17C 96T

Deoxynivalenol(DON) ELISA Kit

WSK-E16B 96T

Ochratoxin A(OTA)ELISA Kit

WSK-E19A 96T

Total Aflatoxins ELISA Kit

WSK-E15E 96T

Aflatoxin M1(AFM1)

WSK-E15B 96T

Aflatoxin B1(AFB1)ELISA kit

WSK-E14C 96T

CL/RA/SALB Three-In-One rapid test card

WSK-G27 10T/50T

Poppy Capsule rapid test card

WSK-G48 10T

Clenbuterol (CL) rapid test card

WSK-G01 10T/50T

Ractopamine (RA) rapid test card

WSK-G02 10T/50T

Salbutamol (SALB) rapid test card

WSK-G03 10T/50T

Melamine rapid test card

WSK-G05 10T/50T

Enrofloxacin rapid test card

WSK-G52 10T/50T

Streptomycin rapid test card

WSK-G45 50T

Tylosin rapid test card

WSK-G44 50T

Lincomycin rapid test card

WSK-G41 50T

Kanamycin rapid test card

WSK-G68 50T

Gentamicin Residue rapid test card

WSK-G51 50T

Beta lactamase residue rapid test card

WSK-G32 48T

Beta lactam rapid test card

WSK-G31 96T

Fluoroquinolones rapid test card

WSK-G10 10T/50T

Sulfonamides (SAs) residue rapid test card

WSK-G08 10T/50T

Tetracyclines rapid test card

WSK-G21 10T/50T

Aminohydantoin Metabolite(ADH) rapid test card

WSK-G25 10T

Nitrofurazone Metabolite (SEM) rapid test card

WSK-G23 10T


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