CUSABIO Recombinant Protein Expression Service
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Why choose us?

  • Risk-free: Do not charge by steps. No protein, No charge
  • Competitive price as low as $535/1mg
  • 39 kinds of tags meeting different demands
  • Secondary AKTA-SEC purification to ensure high purity
  • Ability to achieve large-scale protein production (10 mg, 50 mg, 100 mg, 200 mg available)
  • Free add-on services available: Desalting, aliquot, endotoxin removal, aseptic process and lyophilization
Note: This risk-free custom protein service is only suitable for proteins within 800aa.We will charge according to different steps if you need to express proteins more than 800aa.

Recombinant Protein Expression Service advantage

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Service process:

CUSABIO Protein Service process

Final Deliverables:

Purified protein, the purity is more than 85%;
Standard COA report as well as datasheet, including tag information, molecule weight, electrophoretic parameters, protein expression quantity, concentration, purity, SDS-PAGE, etc.

Which expression system suits your experiment most ?

Expression System System Benefits Application Features of Cusabio
In vitro E.coli Expression System Simple, take short time, high expression quantity, open and flexible, easy to express specific proteins, prepare protein complexes, parallel to synthesize a variety of different proteins, etc. Toxic proteins, membrane proteins Small amount expression conditions fumble, solve relative problems professionally, greatly reducing the experimental period, increase the expression quantity
E. coli Expression System High target gene expression quantity, low cost, simple culture conditions, product rapidly, strong scalability, simple conversion operation, easy to form disulfide bond Prokaryotic proteins, simple eukaryotic proteins Expression includes soluble protein, inclusion body, fusion proteins, etc., with wealthy experience and expertise, we can solve a variety of bottlenecks during the protein expression process
Yeast Expression System Cost-effective, low-cost for amplifying medium, simple culture conditions, production rapidly, strong scalability, good choice for secretory protein or intracellular protein expression, secrete proteins efficiently and allow simple purification, extensive post-translational modifications, no endotoxin Industrial strain improvement, amplification The combination of self-transformed efficient secretion vector and host can achieve the highest quality protein expression to the maximum extent; Patented Biobrick technology can be successfully used to the improvement and optimization of industrial strain
Insect baculovirus expression system Large gene capacity, high efficiency of exogenous gene expression, effective cell fold, moderate scalability, extensive post-translational modifications, glycosylation similar to mammalian cells, is relatively easy enzymatic deglycosylation, no endotoxin Virus vaccines, signal proteins, cytokines, kinases, etc. Adopt AcNPV-sf9 cells and high5 cells two expression systems, the selectivity of multiple expression systems, multiple hosts, multi-carrier greatly improve the success rate of protein expression
Mammalian Cell Expression System Higher expression levels, moderate scalability, cell suspension culture characteristic can do mass production, effective protein fold, suitable for protein secretion, full post-translational modifications, no endotoxin Complex higher eukaryotes proteins Adopt the specific combined methods of mammalian cell expression vector and a variety of transfection, optimize expression conditions, improve transfection efficiency, greatly shorten the experimental period, significantly increase the expression quantity

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    Tag Removal Service

    If customer needs to remove the tag, please remark with tag removal service, otherwise, we won't remove the tag.

    There are extra charges for tag removal service. The cost will be list in the quotation.

    Not all protein tags can be removed as some proteins will be very unstable after tag removal.

    If we fail in removing the tag, we won’t charge for any extra cost, and remark this information in COA as follows “Note: The laboratory determined that the Tag on your protein could not be removed with standard laboratory procedures. Your protein is being supplied with the Tag intact.”

    Generally, the delivery time will be extended for 2-3 days.

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  • Tag Removal Service

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  • Aseptic Manufacture Processing

  • Western Blot Service

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