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Antibody service

We can provide Polyclonal and monoclonal antibody purification services, the Species of the immune hosts can be rabbit, goat, Guinea pig, chicken, mouse etc. We normally use Traditional antibody purification method such as ammonium sulfate precipitation ,proteinA/G,MEP, immuno affinity chromatography, and  if need we can use IE,HIC,,MCC,or some other method as your wish.  We can preparation antigen binding fragment antibody(Fab) for you too. Purity and activity are the most important factors that affect your experiment result. To resolve your problem we will design the best method with you  to purification your antibody according to your antibody’s application.

Project Method Price Time
Antibody purification ammonium sulfate precipitation 200.00/10ml sample 1-5days
ProteinA/G affinity  Chromatography 300.00/10ml sample 1-5days
MEP affinity  Chromatography 300.00/10ml sample 1-5days
Immuno affinity chromatography Affinity column:500.00/mlPurification:300.00/10ml sample 3-10days
Other method 300.00/10ml sample 3-10days
Antigen binding fragment 
antibody preparation
digest with Immobilized papain and 
fab fragment purification
500.00/mg antibody 3-5days








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