High Throughput Recombinant Antibody Production

With 13+ years experience of antibody production, CUSABIO has developed and produced tens of thousands of quality antibodies for life science research. Currently, CUSABIO has established the HTP (high throughput) platform for recombinant antibody production. We specialized in antibody drug research and development that only provide services rather than drugs.

CUSABIO aims to offer rapid production service of recombinant antibodies to pharmaceutical companies, and enables them to pick out the “right” therapeutic antibodies in a short time with very competitive quotation.

CUSABIO HTP platform from gene synthesis to purified recombinant antibody

CUSABIO HTP platform from gene synthesis to purified recombinant antibody

HTP Recombinant Antibody Production Service Overview

Service Name Service Description Deliverables Timeline Price (USD)
HTP (high throughput) Recombinant Antibody Production
  • Rapid production for a number of recombinant antibodies at various scale in HEK293 cell;
  • Starts with either codon optimization and gene synthesis;
  • Affinity purified antibody (up to mg level) from 30 mL cell culture supernatant;
  • Purified antibody (SDS-PAGE>95%, endotoxin level <1EU/mg, including SEC-HPLC detection);
  • CoA report
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CoA Report of Study Case