Custom Modification-specific Antibody Production

Any one modification-specific antibody can discriminate the difference of combination sites between modified and non-modified forms of an individual protein, which enables qualitative and quantitative detection of modified proteins to study the protein activity.
Cusabio could customize modification-specific polyclonal or monoclonal antibodies, which are affinity-purified without any cross-reactivity with non-modified forms of proteins.
The production process of Cusabio custom modification-specific antibody is as follows.

Production process of Cusabio custom modification-specific antibody

Process & Deliverables:

Antibody Type Antigen Preparation Process Deliverables Production Time
Modification-specific Polyclonal Antibody Peptide Synthesis
  • Animals Immunization
  • Serum Titer Detection
  • Affinity Purification
  • WB Validation with Antigen
  1. HPLC report of antigen;
  2. ELISA titer guarantee 1:10000;
  3. WB positive guarantee for antigen;
  4. 1ml×preimmune serum, 2ml×anti-serum, 1mg×antibodies purified by antigen affinity.
12-14 Weeks
Modification-specific Monoclonal Antibody Peptide Synthesis 12-14 Weeks


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