Peptide Synthesis Service

CUSABIO is dedicated to provide a variety of high-quality and competitive pricing custom peptide products to support your research on peptide analogues and drug discovery of large quantities of related peptides and peptide analogues from milligram level to kilogram level.

Our customers have covered universities, research institutes, cosmetics companies, biotechnology companies, and pharmaceutical companies.

Service Process:

Amino acid resin preparation
Solid-phase synthesis
Drain solvent
Lyophilization and detection (HPLC-MS)

Customer Provides:

Peptide sequence, quantity, packaging specifications, purity and modification requirements, etc.

Service Timeline:

Delivery time within 2.5 weeks for regular crude peptides up to 200 peptides, and within 3.5 weeks for purified peptides up to 200 peptides. Delivery time for quantities above 200 peptides or complex peptides will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.


Qualified peptides together with a complete synthesis and detection report, including HPLC spectrum and mass spectrometry data.

Additional services such as NMR, IR, UV, elemental analysis, moisture content determination, and amino acid analysis can be provided upon special request.

Technical Advantages:

Two synthesis methods available: Solid-phase synthesis and liquid-phase synthesis techniques.

Simple to complex peptides: Capable of synthesizing peptides from simple to complex, covering various structures and sequences.

Linear to cyclized peptides: Expertise in the synthesis of linear and cyclized peptides to meet diverse peptide requirements.

Long sequence peptides: Capable of synthesizing peptides with a length of up to 140 amino acid residues.

Diverse analytical testing options:

  • Mass spectrometry analysis
  • Amino acid analysis
  • Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) testing
  • Elemental analysis
  • Amino acid composition determination
  • Ion chromatography analysis
  • Infrared spectroscopic analysis
  • Polarimetry measurement
  • Ultraviolet spectroscopic analysis
  • Moisture content determination

Diverse modifications: Various modifications are available, from biotinylation to phosphorylation, and even dye labeling.

Isotope labeling services: C13 and N15 labeling.

Multiple coupling options: BSA, KLH, and OVA, etc.

Service Advantages:

No success, no charge: We promise not to charge for peptide orders that are deemed unsuccessful after evaluation. Even for challenging peptides, we offer free trial synthesis and charge only based on successful synthesis.

Synthesis and purification of peptides at different scales: Capable of synthesizing and purifying peptides from mg to kg level, meeting various customer demands.

Various purity levels: Offer peptides with different purity levels, including desalted, 75%, 85%, 90%, 95%, 98%, and even above 99%.

Diverse packaging options: Provide various packaging materials such as aluminum foil bags, PE plastic bottles, etc., and can accommodate customer-specific packaging requirements.

Quality assurance: CUSABIO follows strict ISO quality management systems. Each peptide is assigned a unique identifier, and three rounds of HPLC and MS analysis are performed on crude products, purification fractions, and final lyophilized products to ensure product accuracy and quality.

Confidentiality: We strictly maintain the confidentiality of synthesized peptide sequences. We can sign a non-disclosure agreement with you after confirming the peptide sequence.

After-sales support: In case of any quality issues with our products, upon confirmation of the relevant reports submitted by you, we guarantee to provide replacements or even refund the payment.

Quality Assurance:

We have the following procedures in our quality systems to monitor the quality of products throughout the whole manufacturing process and even up to inventory:

  • Raw Material Quality Inspection (RMQ)
  • In-Process Quality Inspection (IPQ)
  • Final Product Quality Inspection (FPQ)
  • Certificate of Analysis (CoA) for our every lot of products
  • Retain samples for each lot for at least half a year
  • Shelf-life analysis data

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