Welcome Japan Cosmobio to visit our company

Ms. Junko from Cosmobio company, Japan, took a visit to Cusabio on November 7, 2011. The general manager Quangao Hua, the technical director Hexiao Shen and all the staff in our company welcomed the visit warmly.
Ms. Junko visited the one hundred thousand clean-level workshop and R & D department accompanied by the general manager and the technical director. Our strong R & D strength, excellent hardware facilities, strict production process got high praise from Ms. Junko. Then, the two sides had a close talk. The technical director introduced the development of the company, the products and services and the company's development advantages detailedly. Ms. Junko nodded frequently and appreciated our strong R & D strength. After that, Ms. Junko made a detailed introduction about Cosmobio.

Cosmobio is a biology company offering a wide range of research reagents and instruments for 25 years, and it has a good marketing cooperation partnership with our company. Ms. Junko was satisfied with the cooperation, and wanted to strengthen the cooperation with our company in the future. The general manager said that our company would improve the inadequacies and give greater support for future cooperation.
The meeting ended in a friendly and pleasant atmosphere. Ms. Junko brought us the mascot of their company and their specially prepared gifts. We sent Cosmobio the "Chinese red" with great Chinese characteristics, which means prosperous future for the cooperation of both sides.

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