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The visit from Cosmo Genetics in Korea

View:2242 Time:2012-10-29

The president Mr. SangHyuk Ma and the international marketing manager Steve Kim from Cosmo Genetics in Korea took a visit to CUSABIO on October 15, 2012. The top leaders including the general manager and the technical director received the guests warmly.

Cosmo Genetics is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, and consists of several secondary distributors. It mainly provides technical services such as gene synthesis and E.coli recombinant protein customization, as well as small molecule products such as nucleotides and oligosaccharides.

After the visit to the R&D department and the production department, the technical director made a detailed introduction on the current situation and development prospect of CUSABIO. Mr. SangHyuk Ma gave full affirmation to our R&D strength, product quality, and technology levels, and was confident of our future cooperation. He said that 80% of the ELISA kit market in Korea is occupied by R&D at present, and the next is E-bioscience. He hopes to sign a sole agency agreement with us to extend our market share. The meeting went in a friendly atmosphere, and both sides reached an agreement. Mr. SangHyuk Ma warmly invited the general manager to visit Korea in the end.

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