Swimming??? Epstein-Barr Virus!!!

Recently it is reported that, in Harbin, more than 200 children have been infected EB virus when swimming. What is EB virus? How about these children now? The number is known to reach 225 according to those parents spontaneous statistical data. Many parents said that their children were always healthy but the children went back home from the class in Flying Fish Swim Club and began to have these symptoms -- continuous high fever, eye redness and swelling, couch, runny nose and sore throat. It was known as bacterial infections from the hospital. Some children were also diagnosed with EB virus infection and pneumonia. The involved club has taken its full assistance and all expense, but as parents, who would like to see this situation? Who do not hope their children grow healthily?

So what is EB virus and what harm does it cause? Here let us know it more.

EB virus, also known as human herpesvirus type 4 (HHV-4), was firstly found in 1963 by Epstein and Barr using improved tissue culture technology with electron microscope observation in lymphoma cell lines cultured in vitro of African children's malignant lymphoma. It is made up of nucleocapsid composed of 162 capsomeres surrounding the core of a double helix of DNA. The nucleocapsid is wrapped by a layer of body containing a variety of proteins and another layer of lipid membrane decorated by virus glycoprotein ridge outside this layer.

It mainly infects B lymphocytes and epithelial cells. Infecting B lymphocytes will cause lymphoma and infecting epithelial cells will cause nasopharyngeal carcinoma, gastric cancer and so on. EB virus can be proliferated in the B lymphocyte, and it can make it transform and pass for a long time. Infected cells contain EBv genome, and they can produce various antigens. Identified antigens include: EB viral nuclear antigen complex (EBNA), Early antigen complex (EA), Membrane antigen (MA), Viral capsid antigen complex (VCA), and Lymphocyte-detected membrane antigen (LYDMA).

EB virus infection is rather common in population. The VCA-lgG antibody positive rate in Chinese children aged from 3 to 5 years is more than 90%. Most children infected with the virus show no obvious symptoms, or only mild pharyngitis and upper respiratory tract infection. If primary infection occurs in young adulthood, around 50% of the patients will develop infectious mononucleosis, whose clinical manifestations include throat swelling and pain, fever, rash, lymphadenectasis, and hepatosplenomegaly. EB virus is mainly spread via saliva, and can also be transmitted by blood transfusion. EB virus proliferates first in epithelial cells in the pharynx, and later in B cells. The infected cells can get into the blood and therefore cause systemic infection. The virus can remain latent in the human lymphatic tissue for a long time, and when the body's immune function is very low, the latent EB virus becomes active and causes the recurrence of infection.

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