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Small Molecules Service

Service introduction
1 Preparation of hapten
According to customers’ requirements, we can provide hapten with different linker arms by transforming small molecular compound. For the transformational small molecular derivatives, we provide identification results of LC-MS. Specific hapten transformation and synthesis, please feel free to contact us.
Lead time: 10-20 workdays
2 Preparation of artificial antigen
We can provide complete antigen of different carrier proteins according to customers’ demands. As for complete antigen, we provide identification results of SDS-PAGE, UV, and MALDI-TOF.
Lead time: 15-30 workdays
3 Immunization and the detection results of ELISA
We provide detection results of immunization in Balb/C mice by artificial antigen according to customers’ demands.
Lead time: 30-50 workdays
Materials required
Some special customized artificial antigen, please provide us the hapten with purity no less than 90%. If the customers insist on starting the project when the purity doesn’t reach the requirement, the customers will bear the risk of any quality problems.
We provide hapten derivatives, artificial antigen, and corresponding results of LC-MS or UV, SDS-PAGE, MALDI-TOF. Additionally, we can immunize mice and provide the detection results.
Order Information
Manual:The service contract of hapten and artificial antigen preparation


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