Mouse Glia-derived nexin(SERPINE2) ELISA kit

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Size 96T,5×96T,10×96T
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Product Details

Target Name
serpin peptidase inhibitor, clade E (nexin, plasminogen activator inhibitor type 1), member 2
Alternative Names
Serpine2 ELISA Kit; Pi7 ELISA Kit; Pn1 ELISA Kit; Spi4Glia-derived nexin ELISA Kit; GDN ELISA Kit; Peptidase inhibitor 7 ELISA Kit; PI-7 ELISA Kit; Protease nexin 1 ELISA Kit; PN-1 ELISA Kit; Protease nexin I ELISA Kit; Serine protease-inhibitor 4 ELISA Kit; Serpin E2 ELISA Kit
Uniprot No.
Mus musculus (Mouse)
Sample Types
serum, plasma, tissue homogenates
Detection Range
3.12 pg/mL-200 pg/mL
0.78 pg/mL
Assay Time
Sample Volume
Detection Wavelength
450 nm
Research Area
Cell Biology
Assay Principle
Intra-assay Precision (Precision within an assay): CV%<8%        
Three samples of known concentration were tested twenty times on one plate to assess.    
Inter-assay Precision (Precision between assays): CV%<10%        
Three samples of known concentration were tested in twenty assays to assess.      
To assess the linearity of the assay, samples were spiked with high concentrations of mouse SERPINE2 in various matrices and diluted with the Sample Diluent to produce samples with values within the dynamic range of the assay.  
  Sample Serum(n=4)    
1:100 Average % 103    
Range % 99-112    
1:200 Average % 84    
Range % 80-88    
1:400 Average % 97    
Range % 92-101    
1:800 Average % 90    
Range % 85-94    
The recovery of mouse SERPINE2 spiked to levels throughout the range of the assay in various matrices was evaluated. Samples were diluted prior to assay as directed in the Sample Preparation section.  
Sample Type Average % Recovery Range    
Serum (n=5) 89 85-93    
EDTA plasma (n=4) 95 90-100    
Typical Data
These standard curves are provided for demonstration only. A standard curve should be generated for each set of samples assayed.  
pg/ml OD1 OD2 Average Corrected    
200 2.185 2.312 2.249 2.111    
100 1.841 1.937 1.889 1.751    
50 1.437 1.385 1.411 1.273    
25 0.946 1.002 0.974 0.836    
12.5 0.598 0.579 0.589 0.451    
6.25 0.362 0.374 0.368 0.230    
3.12 0.235 0.226 0.231 0.093    
0 0.134 0.141 0.138      
and FAQs
Store at 2-8°C. Please refer to protocol.
Lead Time
3-5 working days after you place the order, and it takes another 3-5 days for delivery via DHL or FedEx

This Mouse SERPINE2 ELISA Kit was designed for the quantitative measurement of Mouse SERPINE2 protein in serum, plasma, tissue homogenates. It is a Sandwich ELISA kit, its detection range is 3.12 pg/mL-200 pg/mL and the sensitivity is 0.78 pg/mL.

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Target Background

(From Uniprot)
Serine protease inhibitor with activity toward thrombin, trypsin, and urokinase. Promotes neurite extension by inhibiting thrombin. Binds heparin.
Gene References into Functions
  1. SerpinE2 is required in the extracellular milieu of breast tumors where it acts in multiple ways to regulate tumor matrix deposition, thereby controlling tumor cell dissemination. PMID: 27793045
  2. These data uncover a novel mechanism whereby loss of serine protease inhibition leads to lung lymphocyte accumulation. PMID: 27059719
  3. the involvement of PAI-1 in HIF-1-enhanced thrombosis and that an additional factor participates in regulating Pai-1 expression in compressed skin. PMID: 25939592
  4. aberrant Serpine2/Pn-1 is required for proliferation of human and mouse medulloblastoma cells. PMID: 25901736
  5. PN-1 strongly limits physiological angiogenesis. PMID: 26109427
  6. The PAI-1 inhibitor not only accelerated the expansion of the donor HSCs during the early-stage of regeneration, but also supported long-term hematopoiesis. PMID: 24155177
  7. a novel inhibitory interaction between CAP1/Prss8 and nexin-1, opening the search for specific CAP1/Prss8 antagonists that are independent of its catalytic activity PMID: 25138159
  8. SERPINE2 and PLAU are involved in cumulus expansion and oocyte maturation. PMID: 24023701
  9. Endothelial protease nexin-1 is a novel regulator of A disintegrin and metalloproteinase 17 maturation and endothelial protein C receptor shedding via furin inhibition. PMID: 23661674
  10. PN-1 has direct antiangiogenic properties and is a yet-unrecognized player in the angiogenic balance PMID: 22331468
  11. SERPINE2 protein may play a role as a sperm decapacitation factor. PMID: 21084713
  12. platelet PN-1 can be considered as a new important regulator of thrombolysis in vivo PMID: 21403095
  13. SERPINE2 is a major plasminogen activator(PA) inhibitor in the placenta and uterus during the estrous cycle, pregnancy, and lactation. It may participate in the PA-modulated tissue remodeling process in the mouse placenta and uterus. PMID: 20977773
  14. Data suggest that lack of extinction in protease nexin-1 KO mice is associated with changes in neuronal activity in the circuitry of the basal and central amygdaloid nuclei, supporting a differential impact on fear extinction in these areas. PMID: 20529116
  15. Platelet PN-1 is a key player in the thrombotic process, whose negative regulatory role has been, up to now, markedly underestimated. PMID: 19855083
  16. PN-1 may have a role in regulating activities of muscle proteases PMID: 14733957
  17. We report that brain proteolytic activity was strongly regulated by neuronal activity, with PN-1 being a major controlling element. PMID: 15509762
  18. p65 binds to the kappaB-like DNA sequence located at approximately -9 kbp in the SerpinE2 PMID: 16697375
  19. Expression array analysis in murine models demonstrated association and repication of SERPINE2 as a potential COPD susceptibility gene. PMID: 16921128
  20. Results indicate that PN-1 could have a natriuretic role by inhibiting prostasin activity. Aldosterone and TGF-beta reciprocally regulate the expression of PN-1. PN-1 could represent a new factor that contributes to regulation of ENaC activity. PMID: 16941024
  21. Schwann cell-derived protease nexin-1 is crucial for proper reinervation and cell survival. PMID: 17409231
  22. PN-1 is upregulated in cryoglobulinemic membranoproliferative glomerulonephritis PMID: 18199802
  23. Results suggest that PN-1 might become a prognostic marker in breast cancer. PMID: 19584287

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Subcellular Location
Secreted, extracellular space.
Protein Families
Serpin family
Tissue Specificity
Most abundant in seminal vesicles.
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