Mouse Interleukin-10 receptor subunit alpha(IL10RA) ELISA kit

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Product Details

Target Name
interleukin 10 receptor, alpha
Alternative Names
Il10ra ELISA Kit; Il10r ELISA Kit; Interleukin-10 receptor subunit alpha ELISA Kit; IL-10 receptor subunit alpha ELISA Kit; IL-10R subunit alpha ELISA Kit; IL-10RA ELISA Kit; CDw210a ELISA Kit; Interleukin-10 receptor subunit 1 ELISA Kit; IL-10R subunit 1 ELISA Kit; IL-10R1 ELISA Kit; CD antigen CD210 ELISA Kit
Uniprot No.
Mus musculus (Mouse)
Sample Types
serum, plasma, tissue homogenates, cell lysates
Detection Range
0.312 ng/mL-20 ng/mL
0.078 ng/mL
Assay Time
Sample Volume
Detection Wavelength
450 nm
Research Area
Assay Principle
and FAQs
Store at 2-8°C. Please refer to protocol.
Lead Time
3-5 working days after you place the order, and it takes another 3-5 days for delivery via DHL or FedEx

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Target Background

(From Uniprot)
Cell surface receptor for the cytokine IL10 that participates in IL10-mediated anti-inflammatory functions, limiting excessive tissue disruption caused by inflammation. Upon binding to IL10, induces a conformational change in IL10RB, allowing IL10RB to bind IL10 as well. In turn, the heterotetrameric assembly complex, composed of two subunits of IL10RA and IL10RB, activates the kinases JAK1 and TYK2 that are constitutively associated with IL10RA and IL10RB respectively. These kinases then phosphorylate specific tyrosine residues in the intracellular domain in IL10RA leading to the recruitment and subsequent phosphorylation of STAT3. Once phosphorylated, STAT3 homodimerizes, translocates to the nucleus and activates the expression of anti-inflammatory genes. In addition, IL10RA-mediated activation of STAT3 inhibits starvation-induced autophagy.
Gene References into Functions
  1. These results indicate that IL10R-mediated regulation of macrophage function during the early postnatal period is indispensable for preventing the development of murine colitis. PMID: 28678006
  2. cross-talk between type I IFN and IL-10R signaling pathways may represent a key host cellular mechanism to investigate further in order to unravel the balance between pathogenic inflammation and homeostasis of the colon. Taken together, our data clearly demonstrate that type I IFN signaling is pathogenic in S. typhimurium colitis PMID: 29190678
  3. this study shows that the upregulation of IL-10Ra by STAT3 contributed to the suppressive function of dendritic cellss following histone deacetylase inhibition PMID: 27866206
  4. TR1 cell regulatory activity is dependent on IL-10 receptor signaling. PMID: 28003377
  5. loss of IL-10R signaling impaired the generation and function of anti-inflammatory intestinal and bone-marrow-derived macrophages and their ability to secrete IL-10. PMID: 24792912
  6. loss of IL-10 receptor expression impaired the critical conditioning of monocyte-derived macrophages and resulted in spontaneous development of severe colitis. PMID: 24792913
  7. Recent findings review how IL10- and IL10R-dependent signaling modulates innate and adaptive immune responses in the murine intestine. PMID: 24507158
  8. Treatment of mice with rIFN-gamma was sufficient to drive expression of IL-10R1 in the colonic epithelium. Intestinal epithelial-specific IL-10R1-null mice were more susceptible to DSS colitis associated with increased intestinal permeability. PMID: 24367025
  9. Inhibition of IL-10R signaling during bacillus Calmette-Guerin (BCG) vaccination increases and balances IFN-gamma and IL-17A responses in favor of the host. PMID: 22972927
  10. IL-10R subunit-alpha signaling plays a key role in the development as well as B-cell help function of T (follicular helper) cells in vitro and in vivo. PMID: 22753938
  11. IL-10R blockade during chronic schistosomiasis mansoni results in the loss of B cells from the liver and the development of severe pulmonary disease. PMID: 22291593
  12. showed here that IL-17A-producing CD4+ T cells expressed interleukin-10 receptor alpha (IL-10Ralpha) in vivo PMID: 21511184
  13. reversal of tumor-induced dendritic cell paralysis by CpG immunostimulatory oligonucleotide and anti-interleukin 10 receptor antibody PMID: 12186845
  14. Immunocytochemistry data shows that the region of the adrenal gland responsible for the vast majority of corticosterone synthesis, the zona fasciculata, predominantly expresses the IL-10 receptor 1. PMID: 16256304

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Subcellular Location
Cell membrane; Single-pass type I membrane protein. Cytoplasm.
Protein Families
Type II cytokine receptor family
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