Mycobacterium tuberculosis

According to data released by World Health Organization(WHO) in 2015, nearly 2 billion people in the world had been infected with mycobacterium tuberculosis (TB), 10% of them developed to be TB patients. About 9.6 million people were newly diagnosed with tuberculosis in 2014, more than 1.5 million people of them died from this disease in the same year, the number of death is even bigger than that of Aids. To deal with the spread of tuberculosis disease, the global governments continuously invests a lot of money to develop new diagnostic tools and vaccines in the field of Tuberculosis (TB) prevention and control every year.

What is tuberculosis?

Tuberculosis(TB) is an ancient infectious disease, caused by mycobacterium tuberculosis invading to human body, it is a highly contagious disease, the most common is phthisis. The number of TB cases in China is about 1 million 310 thousand, accounting for 14.3% of the global incidence, ranking second in the world, only to India. Currently China highest morbidity provinces is Xinjiang, Tibet and other medical underdeveloped areas, the rate is 430 per one hundred thousand people, the highest incidence provinces are concentrated in large floating Province such as Guangdong, Henan, Sichuan province. Guangdong provincial health and Family Planning Commission official website data show that the first seven months of 2016, Guangdong incidence of 60864 cases, 47 cases of death, and last year the total number of cases is 81498 cases, 109 cases of death

TB transmission and symptoms

The common route of transmission of tuberculosis (TB) is the air - respiratory tract transmission, food infection, vertical transmission. Air - respiratory tract transmission is the main route; It can also be transmitted through the skin or mucous membrane of wound infection, but it is relatively rare. In general, the disease does not necessarily come on with tuberculosis bacterium infection. Only when the body resistance is very low, the disease is just easy to come on and then developed into the tuberculosis patients.

The main symptoms of tuberculosis is cough, expectoration, even the blood-stained sputum. Other common symptoms are low fever, night sweats, fatigue weakness, weight loss, etc. If your cough, expectoration last for more than two weeks, or cough sputum with blood, it is very likely that you have got tuberculosis.

Tuberculosis (TB) is one of the important diseases that affect the students' academic and make them suspend their schooling at present. It is the common disease to threaten student' health. If you do not get the thorough treatment of tuberculosis, you will lose the labor ability completely and normal learning opportunities in school but also infect others. Then it will do great harm to the individuals and families.

At the end of 1995, the World health organization (WHO) make March 24 of every year as the World Tuberculosis Day (World Tuberculosis Day). Our government also takes TB as key prevention and treatment of diseases and makes it from category C infectious disease up to category B to strengthen management. But in our country, owing to the large population and fluidity, TB prevention and control work is still facing a lot of problem.

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