Single B Cell Antibody Discovery

Single B cell technology, also known as single B cell antibody preparation technology, is a novel method for rapid preparation of monoclonal antibodies. It relies on the analysis of Ig reactivity at the single cell level, utilizing cell sorting or sequencing techniques to acquire antibody-expressing genes. Through in vitro expression, a large number of specific monoclonal antibodies can be rapidly obtained in a short period of time. Each B cell only contains one functional heavy chain gene and one light chain gene sequence, thus producing only one specific antibody.

Compared with traditional hybridoma technology and phage display technology, the single B cell antibody technology boasts advantages such as a shorter development cycle, high throughput, numerous positive clones, and high affinity. Most importantly, antibodies obtained through this technique ensure the natural pairing of light and heavy chains.

Single B cell technology has been widely used in the preparation of highly specific human-derived antibodies against pathogenic microbial infections, such as HIV antibodies, tetanus antibodies, hepatitis B antibodies, influenza antibodies, and more. Additionally, it has demonstrated unique advantages and promising applications in fields like oncology, autoimmune diseases, and organ transplantation.

CUSABIO offers a one-stop single B cell antibody preparation service with rapid delivery, high throughput, high specificity, and affinity. Our comprehensive process covers everything from immunogen design to antibody production and the development of corresponding detection methods, ensuring clients receive high-quality antibody solutions.

Generation of single B cell cloning antibodies

Figure. Generation of single B cell cloning antibodies

Service Highlights:

Short preparation time

High-throughput screening

High affinity and specificity

Process & Deliverables:

Stage Service Deliverables Timeline
  • Antigen Preparation (Additional)
  • Animal Immunization
  • Potency Assay


  • 1. Antibody heavy and light chain sequences;
  • 2. CoA.


  • 1. ELISA-Binding;
  • 2. FACS-Binding.
3-4 Weeks
(Functional antibodies and 2ml pilot test supernatant can be obtained in the fastest time of 8 days)
B Cell Screening
  • Isolation of Spleen Lymphocytes
  • Antigen Labeling
  • Flow Cytometric Sorting
Amplification and Cloning
  • PCR Amplification
  • Vector Construction
Rapid Small-scale Antibody Expression & Validation
  • Antibodies Expression
  • FACS
Sequencing of Positive Clones
  • Positive Clones
  • Sequence
Recombinant Antibody Expression and Purification (Additional)
  • Transfection-grade Plasmid Preparation
  • Transient Transfection Expression
  • High-throughput Purification
  • Endotoxin-free Purification

Deliverables (Additional):

Purified antibodies, 0.1-0.5 mg/positive clone



2-4 Weeks

Process & Deliverables:

Cell sorting
Cell sorting
High positivity rate
High positivity rate
Linear expression vector construction
Linear expression vector construction
FACS validation
FACS validation

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