Recombinant Rat Sonic hedgehog protein (Shh)

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Source Yeast
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Source E.coli
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Source E.coli
Conjugate Avi-tag Biotinylated
E. coli biotin ligase (BirA) is highly specific in covalently attaching biotin to the 15 amino acid AviTag peptide. This recombinant protein was biotinylated in vivo by AviTag-BirA technology, which method is BriA catalyzes amide linkage between the biotin and the specific lysine of the AviTag.
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Source Baculovirus
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Source Mammalian cell
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>85% (SDS-PAGE)
Target Names
Uniprot No.
Alternative Names
Shh; Vhh-1; Sonic hedgehog protein; SHH; Shh unprocessed N-terminal signaling and C-terminal autoprocessing domains; ShhNC) [Cleaved into: Sonic hedgehog protein N-product; ShhN; Shh N-terminal processed signaling domains; ShhNp)]
Rattus norvegicus (Rat)
Expression Region
Target Protein Sequence
Protein Length
Full Length of Mature Protein
Tag Info
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Lyophilized powder
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Buffer before Lyophilization
Tris/PBS-based buffer, 6% Trehalose.
We recommend that this vial be briefly centrifuged prior to opening to bring the contents to the bottom. Please reconstitute protein in deionized sterile water to a concentration of 0.1-1.0 mg/mL.We recommend to add 5-50% of glycerol (final concentration) and aliquot for long-term storage at -20℃/-80℃. Our default final concentration of glycerol is 50%. Customers could use it as reference.
Troubleshooting and FAQs
Storage Condition
Store at -20°C/-80°C upon receipt, aliquoting is necessary for mutiple use. Avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles.
Shelf Life
The shelf life is related to many factors, storage state, buffer ingredients, storage temperature and the stability of the protein itself.
Generally, the shelf life of liquid form is 6 months at -20°C/-80°C. The shelf life of lyophilized form is 12 months at -20°C/-80°C.
Lead Time
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Repeated freezing and thawing is not recommended. Store working aliquots at 4°C for up to one week.
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Target Background

The C-terminal part of the sonic hedgehog protein precursor displays an autoproteolysis and a cholesterol transferase activity. Both activities result in the cleavage of the full-length protein into two parts (ShhN and ShhC) followed by the covalent attachment of a cholesterol moiety to the C-terminal of the newly generated ShhN. Both activities occur in the reticulum endoplasmic. Once cleaved, ShhC is degraded in the endoplasmic reticulum.; The dually lipidated sonic hedgehog protein N-product (ShhNp) is a morphogen which is essential for a variety of patterning events during development. Induces ventral cell fate in the neural tube and somites. Involved in the patterning of the anterior-posterior axis of the developing limb bud. Essential for axon guidance. Binds to the patched (PTCH1) receptor, which functions in association with smoothened (SMO), to activate the transcription of target genes. In the absence of SHH, PTCH1 represses the constitutive signaling activity of SMO.
Gene References into Functions
  1. Data show that sonic hedgehog protein (SHH) was expressed mainly in the synaptic vesicles of hippocampus in both young postnatal and adult rats. PMID: 28262835
  2. data suggest that CGRP can partly protect AECII cells from hyperoxia-induced injury, and the upregulation of CGRP may be a potential therapeutic approach with which to combat hyperoxia-induced lung injury, which may be associated with the activation of the SHH signaling pathway. PMID: 28560441
  3. 'nNOS-Sox2-Shh' axis functions as a novel feedback compensatory mechanism to protect neurons against the early excitotoxicity and ischemic injury. PMID: 26607632
  4. Tissue samples from fibrotic kidneys show enhanced TGF-beta1 levels, as well as upregulated hedgehog signaling activity, during the epithelial-mesenchymal transition process; these levels decrease when fibrosis is reversed. PMID: 27579669
  5. the results provide critical insights into the newly discovered role of Shh in phenotypic modulation of vascular smooth muscle cells which depends on KLF4. PMID: 27237094
  6. a positive role for Shh signaling, through the activator Smo, in oligodendrocyte differentiation after lineage specification. PMID: 27639396
  7. The results suggest that SHH-Gli pathway is involved in the pathogenesis of Rheumatoid arthritis, and blocking SHH-Gli pathway inhibits Rheumatoid arthritis-synovial fibroblast cell proliferation and increases cell apoptosis, which may shed light on developing new ideas for Rheumatoid arthritis treatment. PMID: 26552406
  8. the activation of the SHH signaling pathway promotes the induction of EMT and renal tubulointerstitial fibrosis. PMID: 27035418
  9. SHH over expression may play a pivotal contribute role in vasculogenesis through activating the SHH signals in post-myocardial ischemic-reperfusion injury PMID: 26722433
  10. Hh signaling plays an important role in post-natal osteogenesis in the setting of stress fracture healing, mediating its effects directly through regulation of bone formation and angiogenesis. PMID: 26348666
  11. Shh protein signaling through the primary cilium modulates oligodendrocyte differentiation. PMID: 26218245
  12. This study demonstrated that Dendrosomatic Sonic Hedgehog Signaling in Hippocampal Neurons Regulates Axon Elongation. PMID: 26658865
  13. angiogenesis and endothelial dysfunction we demonstrate here a novel cardio-protective effect of SHH acting directly on the cardiomyocytes. PMID: 25613906
  14. IFT20 ablation impairs the dedifferentiation capacity of Muller cells induced by Shh and by glutamate. PMID: 25504432
  15. Shh activates AMPK-dependent autophagy in cardiomyocytes under oxygen glucose deprivation, suggesting a role of autophagy in Shh-induced cellular protection. PMID: 25582777
  16. Defective Shh signaling environment in the foregut is present beyond the emergence of lung buds and probably impairs lung development. Later in gestation, lungs exhibited a remarkable ability to upregulate the Shh cascade PMID: 25003913
  17. Maternal hypothyroxinemia and hypothyroidism reduced expression of the Shh signaling pathway. PMID: 24264724
  18. Shh could induce redifferentiation of dedifferentiated chondrocytes through up-regulating Shh signaling pathway PMID: 24533105
  19. specific and potent kidney tubule-derived growth factor that promotes interstitial fibroblast proliferation and activation PMID: 24744439
  20. Sonic hedgehog pathway may activate PI3K/Akt pathway. PMID: 23271286
  21. Up-regulation of Shh signal transduction increases PC12 cell proliferation. PMID: 24240054
  22. Our findings demonstrate, for the first time, that Shh is involved in PDGF-BB-induced smooth muscle cell migration and recruitment of mural cells into neovessels PMID: 24472833
  23. results suggest that the Shh pathway should be activated in the brain after SAH, and plays a beneficial role in SAH development. PMID: 23933201
  24. Prenatal activation of maternal TLR3 receptors by viral-mimetic poly(I:C) modifies GluN2B expression in embryos and sonic hedgehog in offspring in the absence of kynurenine pathway activation. PMID: 23981041
  25. significantly decreased SHH protein in prostatectomy and diabetic penis PMID: 23967143
  26. Shh derived from activated astrocytes stimulated RhoA/ROCK pathway in brain microvascular endothelial cells after oxygen-glucose deprivation. PMID: 23325464
  27. Shh is a key instructive molecule while other molecules secreted from insulted astrocytes may synergistically promote the de-differentiation event. PMID: 22771389
  28. Development of hyperoxia-induced lung injury was associated with increases in lung Shh and Ptc1 mRNA and protein expression. PMID: 22641469
  29. oxidative stress induces astrocytes to secrete endogenous Shh PMID: 22402346
  30. Sonic hedgehog modulates the progression toward oligodendrocytes by decreasing histone acetylation and inducing peripheral chromatin condensation. PMID: 22573687
  31. Shh may play an important role in the development of experimental temporal lobe epilepsy. PMID: 21376786
  32. Shh, Ptch1, and Gli1 were expressed in rat pulmonary microvascular endothelial cells and their expression decreased when cells were treated by lipopolysaccharide. PMID: 21110116
  33. Data implicate Shh as a possible mechanistic link for specific neurodevelopmental effects of thyroid hormone. PMID: 21363934
  34. Sonic hedgehog expression defines one cell population of the undifferentiated zone. PMID: 21094676
  35. Data suggest that long-range Shh transport and signalling in neurons involves trafficking to the regulated secretory pathway and cell surface accumulation of Shh on axons and suggests a link between neuronal activity and Shh release. PMID: 21182949
  36. BDNF-dependent SHH expression and 3-NP resistance require prior induction of EPO, thus establishing a signaling cascade of "BDNF-->EPO-->SHH-->3-NP resistance" in rat cortical neurons. PMID: 20580927
  37. Data demonstrate that activation of sonic hedgehog (SHH) signaling protects cortical neurons against oxidative stress and suggest a potential role of SHH for the clinic treatments of brain ischemia and neurodegenerative disorders. PMID: 20848190
  38. SHH is upregulated in autogenous vein grafts and may be correlated with the proliferation of vascular smooth muscle cells. PMID: 20646667
  39. investigation of role of Shh in protection of insulin-secreting cells from pro-apoptotic effects of cytokines: overexpression of Shh reduced cytokine-induced apoptosis; inhibition of hedgehog signaling increased cytokine-induced apoptosis PMID: 20533175
  40. The expression of sonic hedgehog (Shh) in the urethral epithelium of the proximal penis was significantly less in the DI(n-Butyl) phthalate (700 mg/kg/d)- or flutamide (25 mg/kg/d)-treated groups. PMID: 20954080
  41. Dual function of UNC-51-like kinase 3 (Ulk3) in the Sonic hedgehog signaling pathway. PMID: 20643644
  42. These findings demonstrate that interactions between Rac1 and the Hh pathway control the size of myofibroblastic hepatic stellate cells populations and have important implications for the pathogenesis of cirrhosis. PMID: 20578145
  43. Western blotting showed higher expression of Shh in (Shh)MSCs which also led to increased expression of angiogenic and pro-survival growth factors in (Shh)MSCs PMID: 20052412
  44. findings support a novel dual lineage, Shh-independent and Shh-dependent, model of adrenocortical development PMID: 19955443
  45. Shh pathway activity is involved in the high glucose condition mediated osteoblastic differentiation deficiency for bone marrow stromal cells and that recombinant Shh could alleviate this inhibitory effect. PMID: 19683085
  46. Sonic hedgehog is a potent inducer of rat oligodendrocyte development from cortical precursors in vitro. PMID: 11906206
  47. The Shh receptor Patched occurred in both the adult rat hippocampus and neural progenitor cells. Sonic hedgehog elicited a strong proliferative response in progenitors in vitro. Shh is a regulator of adult hippocampal neural stem cells. PMID: 12469128
  48. Sonic hedgehog injected into rat striatum increases the levels of Patched protein in the subventricular zone (SVZ). However, proliferation and differentiation of SVZ precursor cells were not affected. PMID: 12492430
  49. Significant role in establishing and maintaining penile homeostasis. Relates to erectile function. May improve treatment options for erectile dysfunction. PMID: 12533405
  50. Down regulation of this protein's expression in pulmonary hypoplasia is associated with congenital diaphragmatic hernia. PMID: 12547712

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Subcellular Location
Endoplasmic reticulum membrane. Golgi apparatus membrane.; [Sonic hedgehog protein N-product]: Cell membrane; Lipid-anchor.
Protein Families
Hedgehog family
Tissue Specificity
Expressed in the node, notochord, floor plate, and posterior limb bud mesenchyme.
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