Mouse Dickkopf-related protein 1(DKK1) ELISA kit

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Size 96T,5×96T,10×96T
Trial Size 24T ELISA kits trial application
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This Mouse DKK1 ELISA Kit was designed for the quantitative measurement of Mouse DKK1 protein in serum, plasma, tissue homogenates. It is a Sandwich ELISA kit, its detection range is 78.125 pg/mL-5000 pg/mL and the sensitivity is 13.127 pg/mL.

Target Name dickkopf homolog 1 (Xenopus laevis)
Alternative Names Dkk1Dickkopf-related protein 1 ELISA kit; Dickkopf-1 ELISA kit; Dkk-1 ELISA kit; mDkk-1 ELISA kit
Abbreviation DKK1
Uniprot No. O54908
Species Mus musculus (Mouse)
Sample Types serum, plasma, tissue homogenates
Detection Range 78.125 pg/mL-5000 pg/mL
Sensitivity 13.127 pg/mL
Assay Time 1-5h
Sample Volume 50-100ul
Detection Wavelength 450 nm
Research Area Cardiovascular
Assay Principle quantitative
Measurement Sandwich
ELISA Data Analysis Watch ELISA data processing video & download Curve Expert if needed
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Storage Store at 2-8°C. Please refer to protocol.
Lead Time 3-5 working days

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Target Background

(From Uniprot)
Antagonizes canonical Wnt signaling by inhibiting LRP5/6 interaction with Wnt and by forming a ternary complex with the transmembrane protein KREMEN that promotes internalization of LRP5/6. Inhibits the pro-apoptotic function of KREMEN1 in a Wnt-independent manner, and has anti-apoptotic activity. Plays a role in limb development; attenuates Wnt signaling in the developing limb to allow normal limb patterning.
Gene References into Functions
  1. Collectively, our data strongly suggest that stress-related neurohormones, such as GCs, cause DP cells to secrete DKK1, which in turn inhibits hair growth. PMID: 28155238
  2. Diabetic conditions increase the expression of DKK1. PMID: 27460630
  3. DKK1 prevents lung metastasis of breast cancer cells but promotes breast-to-bone metastasis. PMID: 28892080
  4. Membrane-bound DKK-1 is a novel Foxp3 postive Treg cell derived mediator to maintain immunological tolerance in T-cell-mediated autoimmune colitis. PMID: 28556921
  5. Dkk1 promotes hematopoietic regeneration via direct effects on hematopoietic stem cells, decreasing the levels of mitochondrial reactive oxygen species and suppressing senescence, and via indirect effects on bone marrow endothelial cells, inducing EGF secretion. PMID: 27918563
  6. Recombinant Dkk1 suppresses beta-catenin target genes in myeloid-derived suppressor cells (MDSCs) from mice and humans and anti-Dkk1 loses its antitumor effects in mice lacking beta-catenin in myeloid cells or after depletion of MDSCs, demonstrating that Dkk1 directly targets MDSCs. PMID: 27045006
  7. Collectively, miR-9 promotes osteoblast differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells by suppressing DKK1 gene expression. PMID: 27393149
  8. Disturbed oscillatory flow increases DKK1 expression. DKK1 knockdown attenuates OSS-induced monocyte adhesion and endothelial impairment. Genetic silencing of DKK1 limits atherogenesis in ApoE-/- mice. PMID: 26607269
  9. Dickkopf1 receptor Kremen1 is a bona fide dependence receptor, triggering cell death unless bound to its ligand. PMID: 26206087
  10. These results suggest that inhibiting Wnt signaling in embryonic stem cells using DKK1 may promote mouse ESCs to differentiate into endoderm in vitro and in vivo PMID: 26648540
  11. produced by platelets, promotes Th2 polarization and pathological leukocyte infiltration PMID: 26872695
  12. These in vivo data support in vitro studies regarding the mechanism of HBM-causing mutations, and imply that HBM LRP5 receptors differ in their relative sensitivity to inhibition by SOST and DKK1. PMID: 25808845
  13. The combination of Dkk-1 overexpression by Dex and hypoxia causes the necrotic osteocytic cell death. PMID: 24819581
  14. platelet-derived Dickkopf-1 (Dkk1) as the major Wnt antagonist contributing to the suppression of Wnt/beta-catenin signaling in AECs during acute lung inflammation. PMID: 26351298
  15. thyroid hormone-induced changes in bone remodeling are associated with a divergent regulation of DKK1 and sclerostin PMID: 26218891
  16. OTX2 and DKK1 exhibit asymmetric expression in the anterior ventral endoderm during embryonic anterior-posterior axis formation. PMID: 25910836
  17. Data indicate that both Dickkopf-1 (DKK1) and sclerostin (SOST) were downregulated in proteoglycan-induced spondylitis (PGISp)-affected mouse spines. PMID: 23171658
  18. DKK-1 is a novel target of the mevalonate pathway that is suppressed by zoledronic acid and atorvastatin in breast cancer. PMID: 24528599
  19. Wnt10b/DKK1 can modulate hair follicle size during hair regeneration. PMID: 24750467
  20. Dkk-1-mediated inhibition of Wnt signaling in bone ameliorates osteoarthritis in mice. PMID: 25080367
  21. up-regulation of Dkk1 by HR contributes to abnormal development of HFs and failure in regeneration of HFs in Hr(Hp)/Hr(Hp) mice PMID: 24447645
  22. Overexpression of BRAF(V600E) in normal thyroid epithelial (H tori) cells also reduced the effects of Dkk-1 on cell survival. PMID: 24848709
  23. results indicate that Wnt signaling may mediate the profibrotic effect of PSC activation, and Wnt2/Dkk-1 could be potential therapeutic targets for CP PMID: 24747916
  24. Dkk1 Overexpression Inhibits Osteosarcoma Growth and Angiogenesis. PMID: 24139798
  25. OTX2 has a role in regulating Dkk1 and Lhx1 activity in the anterior mesendoderm PMID: 25231759
  26. Wnt inhibition during the first day has larger impact on the activation of Hesx1 and Six3, suggesting that in embryos Wnt inhibition caused by Dkk1, contributes greatly in the establishment of the anterior forebrain precursor. PMID: 24520934
  27. extra-follicular modulators Bmp2, Dkk1, and Sfrp4 increase in early anagen. PMID: 24618599
  28. These findings demonstrate that DKK1 and DKK2 have differential roles in normalization and functionality of tumor blood vessels, in addition to angiogenesis. PMID: 24091497
  29. formation of anus and urethral depends on Dkk1-mediated dynamic inhibition of the canonical Wnt/ss-catenin signal pathway. PMID: 24479159
  30. Dkk1 enhances endothelial-mesenchymal transition in aortic endothelial cells. PMID: 23685555
  31. Findings show that upregulating Wnt signaling by reducing Dkk1 expression can counteract age-related decrease in neurogenesis and its associated cognitive decline. PMID: 23395445
  32. DKK1 and PTEN serve as competitive endogenous RNA, affecting the expression of each other via competition for miRNAs binding in the diabetic heart. PMID: 23636253
  33. DKK-1 acts predominantly by inhibiting PDGF-, TGF-beta-, and connective tissue growth factor-activated MAPK and JNK signaling cascades, acting via LRP-6 with associated WNT ligand. PMID: 23302695
  34. Matrix rigidity activates Wnt signaling through down-regulation of Dickkopf-1 protein PMID: 23152495
  35. Expression of Dkk1 in chondrocytes inhibits osteoarthritic cartilage destruction. The protective effect of Dkk-1 appears to be associated with its capacity to inhibit Wnt-mediated expression of catabolic factors. PMID: 22488261
  36. Dkk1 misexpression in endothelial cells resulted in defects of endochondral ossification and reduced skeletal size. PMID: 22407773
  37. Knockdown of Dkk1 expression in BMSCs decreased their ability to promote myeloma and the associated bone disease in mice. Results show novel roles of BMSCs and BMSC-derived Dkk1 in the pathogenesis of multiple myeloma in vivo. PMID: 22374979
  38. Both Dkk1 and Dkk2 inhibit Wnt signaling that regulates early myocardial proliferation; each compensates for the loss of the other in that role. PMID: 20439124
  39. DKK-1 is involved in anagen-to-catagen transition in the hair cycle by regulating the activity of follicular keratinocytes. PMID: 22358062
  40. identify that mesenchymal stem cells from Prx1-Dkk1 mice have limited proliferative ability, but normal differentiation potential, which may explain the mechanism for the limb reduction defects observed PMID: 22406973
  41. these findings support our hypothesis that Dkk1 is a direct target of Osx. PMID: 22459449
  42. Dkk1 is required for midbrain dopaminergic differentiation and morphogenesis PMID: 21347250
  43. The negative feedback of the Wnt signaling pathway involves Dkk1 rather than Axin2. PMID: 22022411
  44. These data suggest that, whereas Dkk1 significantly regulates bone formation in younger animals, its role in older animals is limited to pathologies that lead to the induction of Dkk1 expression in bone and/or serum, such as traumatic injury. PMID: 21773994
  45. These results suggest that the Acvr1-deficiency can increase bone mass by activating Wnt signaling in which both Sost and Dkk1 expression levels are diminished. PMID: 21945937
  46. controls post-natal mandibular molar dentin formation either directly or indirectly via the inhibition of Wnt signaling PMID: 21917600
  47. miR-335-5p activates Wnt signaling and promotes osteogenic differentiation by downregulating DKK1. PMID: 21351149
  48. Data propose that DKK1 may play a protective role that is not unmasked by loss-of-function in the absence of other stressors. PMID: 21654186
  49. Quantitative real-time RT-PCR and Western blot analysis showed that the expression of DKK1 mRNA and protein in 32 ovarian serous papillary adenocarcinoma (OSC) tissues were elevated as compared with those in 10 normal ovarian tissues PMID: 21607803
  50. Depletion of Dkk1 induces a strong proliferative response that promotes wound repair after colitis. PMID: 21440550

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Subcellular Location Secreted.
Protein Families Dickkopf family
Database Links

KEGG: mmu:13380

STRING: 10090.ENSMUSP00000025803

UniGene: Mm.214717

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