GAP43 Antibody

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  • Western Blot analysis of HELA KB cells using GAP-43 Polyclonal Antibody
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Uniprot No. P17677
Target Names GAP43
Alternative Names Axonal membrane protein GAP 43 antibody; Axonal membrane protein GAP-43 antibody; B 50 antibody; Calmodulin binding protein P 57 antibody; F1 antibody; GAP 43 antibody; GAP43 antibody; Growth Associated Protein 43 antibody; Growth-associated protein 43 antibody; Nerve Growth Related Peptide antibody; Nerve growth related peptide GAP43 antibody; NEUM_HUMAN antibody; Neural phosphoprotein B 50 antibody; Neural phosphoprotein B-50 antibody; Neuromodulin antibody; Neuron growth associated protein 43 antibody; PP46 antibody; Protein F1 antibody; QtrA-11580 antibody; QtrA-13071 antibody
Raised in Rabbit
Species Reactivity Human,Mouse,Rat
Immunogen Synthesized peptide derived from Human GAP-43 around the non-phosphorylation site of S41.
Immunogen Species Homo sapiens (Human)
Conjugate Non-conjugated
Isotype IgG
Purification Method The antibody was affinity-purified from rabbit antiserum by affinity-chromatography using epitope-specific immunogen.
Concentration It differs from different batches. Please contact us to confirm it.
Buffer Liquid in PBS containing 50% glycerol, 0.5% BSA and 0.02% sodium azide.
Form Liquid
Tested Applications WB, IHC, ELISA
Recommended Dilution
Application Recommended Dilution
IHC 1:100-1:300
ELISA 1:20000
Protocols Western Blotting(WB) Protocol
Immunohistochemistry (IHC) Protocol
ELISA Protocol
Troubleshooting and FAQs Antibody FAQs
Storage Upon receipt, store at -20°C or -80°C. Avoid repeated freeze.
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Target Data

Function This protein is associated with nerve growth. It is a major component of the motile "growth cones" that form the tips of elongating axons. Plays a role in axonal and dendritic filopodia induction.
Gene References into Functions
  1. We found an increased expression of Nestin and GAP43 (growth associated protein 43) in treated cells. In conclusion, Periodontal ligament mesenchymal stem cells (hPDLSCs) treated with Moringin and Cannabidiol showed an improved survival capacity and neuronal differentiation potential PMID: 30096889
  2. The expression pattern of the regeneration-associated protein GAP-43 suggested a lower regenerative capacity in nigral dopaminergic neurons of Parkinson disease patients. PMID: 26748453
  3. Findings show high level of both YKL-40 and GAP-43 in CSF of older women with suicidal ideation which suggest that a disrupted synaptic glial functioning and inflammation may be related to the aetiology of suicidal ideation in older adults. PMID: 28211584
  4. associations of neuromodulin and neurogranin to Alzheimer's disease PMID: 27604409
  5. Copy-number variations are enriched for GAP43 and other neurodevelopmental genes in children with developmental coordination disorder. PMID: 27489308
  6. Downregulation of GAP43 promotes gliomas. PMID: 27495233
  7. The peripheral neuropathies lead to an initial increase in GAP-43 gene expression as a potential mechanism of regeneration, which is not sustained in neuropathies of long duration. PMID: 26071889
  8. Results show that PKC-dependent phosphorylation of GAP43 plays a critical role in regulating postsynaptic gephyrin aggregation in developing GABAergic synapses. PMID: 25755278
  9. increased expression of TH and GAP43 might be a molecular mechanism for left atrial myoelectricity remodeling of aging atrial fibrillation patients, which might be potential therapeutic targets of atrial fibrillation. PMID: 24301786
  10. GAP43 is seemingly a highly sensitive marker for peripheral nerve sheath tumors PMID: 23887302
  11. The results showed that the decreased GAP-43 levels induced by glutamate could be partially reversed by the presence of NRG-1beta PMID: 23524246
  12. Dynamic palmitoylation links cytosol-membrane shuttling of acyl-protein thioesterase-1 and acyl-protein thioesterase-2 with that of proto-oncogene H-ras product and growth-associated protein-43 PMID: 23396970
  13. immunostaning for GAP-43 was relatively similar in ganglionic versus aganglionic colon. PMID: 23153097
  14. Impaired regeneration of intra-epidermal C fibers in the early stages of type 2 diabetes mellitus, as indicated by GAP-43 expression, might be a marker of incipient diabetic neuropathy. PMID: 22209024
  15. The results of this study supported to the hypothesis of multiple rare mutations in schizophrenia, and it provides genetic clues that indicate the involvement of GAP-43 in this disorder. PMID: 22138049
  16. Through MEK/ERK pathway, S1P stimulates GAP43 transcription with increased binding of C/EBPbeta to the 5'-promoter PMID: 21769916
  17. Results demonstrate that APT-2 is the protein thioesterase involved in the acylation/deacylation cycle operating in GAP-43 subcellular distribution. PMID: 21152083
  18. Results indicate that there is no strong and direct interaction between POP and GAP43 at physiological conditions. PMID: 20869470
  19. Around 1 month post lesion, degeneration at the cochlear nuclei progressively disappeared and a relevant GAP-43 expression was found. PMID: 19593683
  20. chemical analysis of fatty acylated species in GAP43 PMID: 12105219
  21. In the dermis, there were fewer GAP-43 nerve fibers than PGP 9.5 fibers, whereas in the epidermis the numbers were equal. Only some Merkel cells and Meissner corpuscles were GAP-43-immunoreactive. PMID: 12704705
  22. Data show that GAP43 acts as an osmosensory protein that augments internal calcium in response to hypotonicity. PMID: 12805215
  23. Schizophrenia had significant decreases in GAP-43 immunoreactivity in the hilus (p<0.05, paired t-test) and inner molecular layer (p<0.05, paired t-test) but not in the outer molecular layer. In the same tissues. PMID: 15694236
  24. Growth-associated protein 43, a marker of neural outgrowth and regeneration, is expressed in endometriosis-associated nerve fibers but not in existing peritoneal nerves. PMID: 17412328
  25. HuD plays a role in the post-transcriptional control of GAP-43 mRNA PMID: 17577668
  26. Data show that functional cooperation between TrkA and p75(NTR) accelerates neuronal differentiation by increased transcription of GAP-43 and p21(CIP/WAF) genes via ERK1/2 and AP-1 activities. PMID: 17619016

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Subcellular Location Cell membrane, Peripheral membrane protein, Cytoplasmic side, Cell projection, growth cone membrane, Peripheral membrane protein, Cytoplasmic side, Cell junction, synapse, Cell projection, filopodium membrane, Peripheral membrane protein
Protein Families Neuromodulin family
Database Links

HGNC: 4140

OMIM: 162060

KEGG: hsa:2596

STRING: 9606.ENSP00000377372

UniGene: Hs.134974


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