FLOT1 Monoclonal Antibody

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  • Western Blot
    Positive WB detected in: Hela whole cell lysate, HepG2 whole cell lysate, K562 whole cell lysate, 3T3 whole cell lysate, Jurkat whole cell lysate, Mouse brain tissue
    All lanes: FLOT1 antibody at 1:1000
    Goat polyclonal to mouse IgG at 1/50000 dilution
    Predicted band size: 48, 43 kDa
    Observed band size: 48 KDa
    Exposure time:5min
  • IHC image of CSB-MA008727A0m diluted at 1:100 and staining in paraffin-embedded human lung cancer tissue performed on a Leica BondTM system. After dewaxing and hydration, antigen retrieval was mediated by high pressure in a citrate buffer (pH 6.0). Section was blocked with 10% normal goat serum 30min at RT. Then primary antibody (1% BSA) was incubated at 4°C overnight. The primary is detected by a biotinylated secondary antibody and visualized using an HRP conjugated SP system.
  • IHC image of CSB-MA008727A0m diluted at 1:100 and staining in paraffin-embedded human cervical cancer tissue performed on a Leica BondTM system. After dewaxing and hydration, antigen retrieval was mediated by high pressure in a citrate buffer (pH 6.0). Section was blocked with 10% normal goat serum 30min at RT. Then primary antibody (1% BSA) was incubated at 4°C overnight. The primary is detected by a biotinylated secondary antibody and visualized using an HRP conjugated SP system.
  • Immunofluorescence staining of Hela cells with CSB-MA008727A0m at 1:100, counter-stained with DAPI. The cells were fixed in 4% formaldehyde and blocked in 10% normal Goat Serum. The cells were incubated with the antibody overnight at 4°C. Nuclear DNA was labeled in blue with DAPI. The secondary antibody was FITC-conjugated AffiniPure Goat Anti-Mouse IgG (H+L).
  • Overlay Peak curve showing Hela cells stained with CSB-MA008727A0m (red line) at 1:100. The cells were incubated in 10% normal goat serum to block non-specific protein-protein interactions followed by the antibody (1µg/1*106cells) for 1h at 4°C. The secondary antibody used was FITC-conjugated Goat Anti-Mouse IgG(H+L) at 1/100 dilution for 30min at 4°C. Isotype control antibody (green line) was mouse IgG1 (1µg/1*106cells) used under the same conditions. Acquisition of >10,000 events was performed.
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Product Details

Full Product Name
Mouse anti-Homo sapiens (Human) FLOT1 Monoclonal antibody
Uniprot No.
Target Names
Alternative Names
FLOT 1 antibody; FLOT1 antibody; FLOT1_HUMAN antibody; Flotillin-1 antibody; Flotillin1 antibody; Integral membrane component of caveolae antibody; Reggie 2 antibody
Raised in
Species Reactivity
Human, Mouse
Recombinant FLOT1 protein (149-427AA)
Immunogen Species
Homo sapiens (Human)
Clone No.
Purification Method
>95%, Protein A purified
It differs from different batches. Please contact us to confirm it.
Preservative: 0.03% Proclin 300
Constituents: 50% Glycerol, 0.01M PBS, PH 7.4
Tested Applications
Recommended Dilution
Application Recommended Dilution
WB WB:1:1000-1:5000
IHC 1:50-1:200
IF 1:50-1:200
FC 1:50-1:200
Troubleshooting and FAQs
Upon receipt, store at -20°C or -80°C. Avoid repeated freeze.
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Target Background

May act as a scaffolding protein within caveolar membranes, functionally participating in formation of caveolae or caveolae-like vesicles.
Gene References into Functions
  1. flotillin-1 is a tumorigenic protein that plays an important role in promoting the proliferation and tumorigenicity of LUAD. PMID: 28825855
  2. flotillin has a role in desmosomal adhesion and Pemphigus vulgaris-like localisation of desmoglein-3 in human keratinocytes PMID: 27346727
  3. Autoantibodies against flotillin-1/2 heterocomplex are present in 1-2% of patients with bona fide multiple sclerosis. PMID: 28645295
  4. Furthermore, we identify flotillin-1 (FLOT1) and histone H1 as downstream factors for cytoplasmic and nuclear pathway of S100A11, which are required for LASP1-S100A11 axis-mediated epithelial-mesenchymal transition and colorectal cancer progression. PMID: 27181092
  5. FLOT1 is associated with aggressive characteristics of HCC PMID: 23840303
  6. This study presents the endocytic pathways of internalization for muscarinic type 3 receptor and flotillin-1/2 in salivary gland epithelial cells. knockdown of flot-1 or -2 by flotillin-specific siRNA prevented internalization and reduced the endocytic efficiency of muscarinic type 3 receptor. PMID: 27221048
  7. Data show that overexpression of 4.1N protein decreased expression of flotillin-1, decreased activation of beta-catenin/Wnt pathway in non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC) cells. PMID: 27448302
  8. Upregulation of flotillin-1 promotes invasion and metastasis by activating TGF-beta signaling in nasopharyngeal carcinoma. PMID: 26646322
  9. Flotillin-1 protein is upregulated in human endometrial cancer and localization shifts from epithelial to stromal with increasing tumor grade PMID: 26682635
  10. Expression of flotillin-1 was associated with H-Ras in breast cancer, especially in TNBC (p < 0.001). PMID: 26413934
  11. findings revealed the expression of flotillin 1 in gastric cancer samples is significantly higher than that of noncancer/normal tissues; findings suggest that flotillin 1 may be a novel biomarker for gastric cancer PMID: 25948494
  12. miR-506 expression was down-regulated in clear cell renal cell carcinoma (ccRCC) and correlated with advanced histologic grade, clinical stage, tumor stage, positive lymph node metastasis, and distant metastasis. FLOT1, a potential target gene of miR-506, was inversely correlated with miR-506 expression in ccRCC tissues. PMID: 25793370
  13. polycystins are necessary for assembly of a novel flotillin-containing ciliary signaling complex and provide a molecular rationale for the common renal pathologies caused by OFD1 and polycystin mutations. PMID: 25180832
  14. Findings suggest that FLOT1 plays an important role in the proliferation and recurrence of transitional cell carcinoma. PMID: 24890092
  15. Downregulation of microRNA-182-5p contributes to renal cell carcinoma proliferation via activating the AKT/FOXO3a signaling pathway with FLOT1 being a target. PMID: 24886554
  16. overexpression of FLOT1 can be found in tongue squamous cell cancer patients with higher pathological stage, T classification, N classification or recurrence PMID: 24695539
  17. Flotillin-1 mRNA expression is up-regulated in non-small cell lung cancer patients. PMID: 24533441
  18. a critical role of flotillin-1 in ROS production mediated by c-Src PMID: 24983503
  19. Flotillin-1 regulates oncogenic signaling in neuroblastoma cells by regulating ALK membrane association. PMID: 24830726
  20. The FLOT1 is abundantly expressed in term villous placental CTs and endothelial cells, and in comparison, expression of these proteins in the ST is reduced. PMID: 23064789
  21. Depletion of either flotillin-1 or flotillin-2 resulted in downregulation of ErbB3 and a selective reduction of ErbB2-ErbB3 receptor complexes. PMID: 24747692
  22. study demonstrated that miR-124 might be a tumor suppressor in breast cancer via the regulation of FLOT1 PMID: 24330780
  23. We have identified flotillin 1 and 2 as new partners of the cadherin complexes PMID: 24046456
  24. These data here provide direct evidences for the molecular interaction and endocytosis of PrP(C) with Flot-1 in the presence of copper ions. PMID: 23625312
  25. Patients with higher FLOT1 expression had shorter overall survival time, whereas those with lower FLOT1 expression had longer survival time PMID: 24277378
  26. Human group V secretory phospholipase A2 is associated with lipid rafts and internalized in a flotillindependent pathway. PMID: 24042857
  27. EGFR overexpression and increase in signaling correlates with flotillin-1 expresion. PMID: 24304721
  28. Report role for flotillin 1/2 in interactions of lung epithelial cells with silica nanoparticles. PMID: 22669515
  29. we describe how flotillin-1 and -2 contribute to the stabilization of ErbB2 at the cell surface in breast cancer tissue PMID: 22869152
  30. Flotillin-1 plays an important role in Oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC) development. PMID: 23581411
  31. Flotillin-1 interacted with PrPc and promote the endocytosis of PrPc. PMID: 23627023
  32. results support predominant formation of flotillin-1 and -2 hetero-oligomers in resting and chemokine-stimulated human T-cells which may importantly contribute to structuring of the uropod. PMID: 23012365
  33. a novel signaling network containing FRS2, CAP and flotillin-1 PMID: 22235335
  34. receptor-tyrosine kinases may also rely on flotillin-1 upon activation, thus suggesting a general role for flotillin-1 as a novel factor in receptor-tyrosine kinase/MAP kinase signaling. PMID: 22232557
  35. Chlamydia pneumoniae intracellular growth was attenuated in the flotillin-1-silenced cells. PMID: 22215737
  36. FLOT1 plays an important role in promoting proliferation and tumorigenesis of human breast cancer and may represent a novel prognostic biomarker and therapeutic target for the disease. PMID: 21447726
  37. Flot1-enriched membrane microdomains are required for protein kinase C-regulated internalization of the DA transporter (DAT) and the glial glutamate transporter EAAT2. PMID: 21399631
  38. flotillins have a role in NPC1L1-mediated cholesterol uptake and NPC1L1-flotillins-postive cholesterol-enriched membrane microdomains are involved in the mechanism for efficient cholesterol absorption PMID: 21187433
  39. the cellular pathways used by transportan and transportan 10 (TP10) for protein transduction PMID: 19348413
  40. Data show that the BCG phagosome is relatively depleted in LAMP-2, NPC1, flotillin-1, vATPase, and syntaxin 3. PMID: 19815536
  41. In hematopoietic cells, flotillins provide intrinsic cues that govern segregation of certain microdomain-associated molecules during immune cell polarization. PMID: 20027317
  42. Flotillin-1, a marker of rafts, accumulates in lysosomes of neurons in Alzheimer's disease PMID: 14708344
  43. ATP-binding cassette, sub-family A (ABC1), member 1 forms a complex with syntaxin 13 and flotillin-1, residing at the plasma membrane and in phagosomes PMID: 15469992
  44. It is significant that there is an increased gene expression of flotillin-1 in the Parkinson substantia nigra/ventral tegmental area compared to controls. PMID: 15545008
  45. Recombinant flotillin-1 was purified and characterized in in large quantity and high purity. PMID: 15939299
  46. Myocilins with mutations such as G364V, K423E, and Y437H on the domain failed to interact with flotillin-1. PMID: 16198165
  47. Flotillin-1 small interfering RNA (siRNA) inhibited both clathrin-independent uptake of cholera toxin and endocytosis of a GPI-linked protein. We propose that flotillin-1 is one determinant of a clathrin-independent endocytic pathway in mammalian cells. PMID: 16341206
  48. flotillin-1 may recruit amyloid beta (A4) precursor protein to lipid rafts and therefore participate in the localization and processing of APP PMID: 16480949
  49. The results showed that flotillin-1 can interact with arginase1, and hence arginase activity was up-regulated by 26.8%. PMID: 17113085
  50. These lines of evidence suggested that a Gq-coupled receptor activates specifically p38 MAPK through lipid rafts and Src kinase activation, in which flotillins positively modulate the Gq signaling. PMID: 17307333

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Subcellular Location
Cell membrane; Peripheral membrane protein. Endosome. Membrane, caveola; Peripheral membrane protein. Melanosome. Membrane raft.
Protein Families
Band 7/mec-2 family, Flotillin subfamily
Database Links

HGNC: 3757

OMIM: 606998

KEGG: hsa:10211

STRING: 9606.ENSP00000365569

UniGene: Hs.179986

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