Thy1 Antibody

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Full Product Name
Rabbit anti-Mus musculus (Mouse) Thy1 Polyclonal antibody
Uniprot No.
Target Names
Alternative Names
Thy1 antibody; Thy-1 antibody; Thy-1 membrane glycoprotein antibody; Thy-1 antigen antibody; CD antigen CD90 antibody
Raised in
Species Reactivity
Mus musculus
Recombinant Mus musculus Thy1 protein
Immunogen Species
Mus musculus (Mouse)
Purification Method
Protein A/G
It differs from different batches. Please contact us to confirm it.
Preservative: 0.03% Proclin 300
Constituents: 50% Glycerol, 0.01M PBS, pH 7.4
Tested Applications
ELISA, WB (ensure identification of antigen)
Troubleshooting and FAQs
Upon receipt, store at -20°C or -80°C. Avoid repeated freeze.
Value-added Deliverables
① 200ug * antigen (positive control);
② 1ml * Pre-immune serum (negative control);
Quality Guarantee
① Antibody purity can be guaranteed above 90% by SDS-PAGE detection;
② ELISA titer can be guaranteed 1: 64,000;
③ WB validation with antigen can be guaranteed positive;
Lead Time
Made-to-order (12-14 weeks)

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Target Background

May play a role in cell-cell or cell-ligand interactions during synaptogenesis and other events in the brain.
Gene References into Functions
  1. Molecular characterization of Thy1 expressing fear-inhibiting neurons within the basolateral amygdala identify and validate Ntsr2-expressing neurons as a putative 'Fear-Off' population. PMID: 27767183
  2. Results indicate that the close interaction between Thy-1 and Fas in lipid rafts regulates fibroblast apoptosis, and decreased fibroblast apoptosis associated with myofibroblast accumulation in mice lacking Thy-1. PMID: 28165468
  3. Thy-1 in CECs regulates VEGF-induced CEC activation and migration and links extracellular 7-KC to intracellular signaling. PMID: 27768790
  4. lincRNA-p21 overexpression dramatically inhibited acetylation of H3 and H4 at the Thy-1 promoter and Thy-1 expression levels in HLF1 cells. Finally, lincRNA-p21 interference rescued LPS-induced increase of lung and BAL collagen contents. LincRNA-p21 could lead to pulmonary fibrosis in ARDS by inhibition of the expression of Thy-1. PMID: 27392907
  5. The changes in CD90 and CD105 expression in the testis and ovary of mice are reported. PMID: 26679159
  6. Suggest that TGF-beta1 epigenetically regulates lung fibroblast phenotype through methylation of the Thy-1 promoter. PMID: 26333597
  7. Thy-1 facilitates the recruitment of membrane raft-residing signaling molecules such as Fyn kinase and the SFK regulator, Csk binding protein (Cbp), to focal adhesions via its direct coupling of integrins and raft domains. PMID: 26459603
  8. Thy-1 has an important role in controlling cell proliferation and cell differentiation in dermal fibroblasts. PMID: 25739049
  9. TLR4 activation enhances the PD-L1-mediated tolerogenic capacity of colonic CD90+ stromal cells. PMID: 25070848
  10. results indicate that CD90/Thy-1 is expressed on lymphatic endothelial cells and represents a suitable marker for murine lung lymph vessels PMID: 23408960
  11. Thy1-expressing subpopulation of basolateral amygdala pyramidal neurons provide an important molecular and pharmacological target for inhibiting fear PMID: 23785152
  12. These data suggest that blocking Thy-1 at wound areas using siRNA reduces repair and affects the re-epithelialization and over-expression of TGF-beta1 of the wound during the skin healing process. PMID: 23312577
  13. Thy-1 promoter becomes methylated in hypoxic fibroblasts resulting in reduced gene expression and activation of myofibroblast phenotype. PMID: 22938014
  14. Astrocytic alphaVbeta3 integrin inhibits neurite outgrowth and promotes retraction of neuronal processes by clustering Thy-1 PMID: 22479590
  15. Thy-1 promoted lipofibroblast differentiation via the expression of PPARgamma, stimulated lipid accumulation via fatty-acid esterification, and enhanced the fatty-acid uptake mediated by fatty-acid transporter proteins PMID: 22268140
  16. data suggest THY1 plays a role in cell adhesion via binding to integrin beta3 in ovaries; THY1 may be involved in cell-cell adhesion during formation of theca cell layer; induced of THY1 in ovaries may be affected by follicle stimulating hormone PMID: 21228213
  17. During acute lung inflammation, the extravasation of eosinophils and monocytes into the lung was significantly reduced in Thy-1-deficient mice. PMID: 21264853
  18. The machinery of NE/cAMP modulation of Thy-1 mRNA decay involves a cAMP responsive ARE in its 3' UTR and multiple site specific ARE binding proteins. PMID: 20412850
  19. Thy1 is a novel lymphatic vessel expressed gene, and has a potential role in the cell adhesion processes required for tumor progression and inflammation PMID: 20599951
  20. Findings suggest that Thy-1 down-regulates TNF-alpha-activated gene expression via interfering with SFK- and NF-kappaB-mediated transactivation. PMID: 20657842
  21. Thy-1-integrin alpha(v)beta(5) interactions inhibit contraction-induced latent TGF-beta1 activation, presumably by blocking the binding of extracellular matrix-bound latent TGF-beta1 with integrin alpha(v)beta(5). PMID: 20463011
  22. visual signals derived from the rat ChR2-expressing retinal ganglion cells under the control of a mouse Thy-1.2 promotor are reinterpreted by the brain to form behavior-related vision PMID: 19893752
  23. CBP plays a role in transiently anchoring Thy-1 to the cytoskeleton. PMID: 19825940
  24. Thy-1 triggering can partially substitute for signal 1 for T cell activation which, in combination with a strong signal 2, leads to robust T cell proliferation and IL-2 synthesis but does not induce cytolytic function. PMID: 12816984
  25. results indicate that alphaX-beta2 specifically interacts with Thy-1 PMID: 15850796
  26. Thy-1 signalling promotes the in vitro generation of CTL that kill in a granule-dependent fashion PMID: 16033530
  27. Loss of fibroblast Thy-1 expression correlates with lung fibrogenesis PMID: 16049324
  28. CD44(+) CD90(+) cells have the ability to generate neurospheres and to form vascular tubes PMID: 16962069
  29. Thy-1 positive cells have 4-8 times higher potential to show neuron-like morphology and differentiation than Thy-1 negative cells. PMID: 17006052
  30. Thus, CD90(+) cells are a newly identified additional cell fraction that increased during skeletal muscle regeneration in vivo and could be another cell source for therapy for lama2-deficient muscular dystrophy. PMID: 17963748
  31. Epigenetic regulation of Thy-1 is a novel and potentially reversible mechanism in fibrosis that may offer the possibility of new therapeutic options PMID: 18556592
  32. loss of Thy1 can influence the dopaminergic profile in the striatum PMID: 18615641
  33. Thy1 in myofibroblasts is not just a marker, but is a functional protein that transmits signals into the cell, up-regulating its FasL expression. PMID: 18676775
  34. Hypoxia, by reducing Thy-1, increases TGF-beta activation, and thereby inhibits normal alveolar development. PMID: 19270178

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Subcellular Location
Cell membrane; Lipid-anchor, GPI-anchor.
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