Mouse Glucagon-like peptide 1 receptor(GLP1R) ELISA kit

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Alternative Names
Glp1rGlucagon-like peptide 1 receptor ELISA kit; GLP-1 receptor ELISA kit; GLP-1-R ELISA kit; GLP-1R ELISA kit
Uniprot No.
Mus musculus (Mouse)
Sample Types
serum, plasma, tissue homogenates
Detection Range
0.45 ng/ml - 30 ng/ml
0.11 ng/ml
Assay Time
Sample Volume
Detection Wavelength
450 nm
Research Area
Assay Principle
and FAQs
Store at 2-8°C. Please refer to protocol.
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3-5 working days after you place the order, and it takes another 3-5 days for delivery via DHL or FedEx

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Target Background

(From Uniprot)
G-protein coupled receptor for glucagon-like peptide 1 (GLP-1). Ligand binding triggers activation of a signaling cascade that leads to the activation of adenylyl cyclase and increased intracellular cAMP levels. Plays a role in regulating insulin secretion in response to GLP-1.
Gene References into Functions
  1. Study shows that GLP-1 receptor signalling promotes beta-cell glucose metabolism via mTOR-dependent HIF-1alpha activation. findings suggest that chronic GLP-1 actions on insulin secretion include elevated beta-cell glucose metabolism. Moreover, our data reveal novel aspects of GLP-1 stimulated insulin secretion involving de novo gene expression. PMID: 28572610
  2. chronotherapeutic modulation of vagal afferent GLP-1R signaling may aid in treating metabolic disorders. PMID: 29317623
  3. Presynaptic GLP-1 receptors enhance the depolarization-evoked release of glutamate and GABA in the mouse cortex and hippocampus. PMID: 29265673
  4. This study presents an unexpected proinflammatory switch from Galphas to GalphaI glp1r signaling in burn monocytes which promotes ERK1/2 and NF-kappaB activation PMID: 29022064
  5. GLP-1R signaling in paraventricular thalamic nucleus plays a role in food intake control. PMID: 28811669
  6. GLP-1 receptor agonists suppress the progression of atherosclerosis by inhibiting vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation and enhancing AMP-activated protein kinase and cell cycle regulation in ApoE deficient mice. PMID: 28445811
  7. IL-33, GLP-1R, and CCL20 are deregulated in human inflammatory bowel disease. GLP-1 receptor agonists upregulate IL-33, mucin 5b, and CCL20 in murine Brunner's glands. GLP-1 receptor agonists affect gut homeostasis in both proximal and distal parts of the gut. PMID: 27542128
  8. findings identify a group of proteins that interact with GLP-1R and show that one specific interacting protein, SERP1, has an important role in facilitating the glycosylation of GLP-1R and rescuing its activities after ER stress induced by tunicamycin. PMID: 28597972
  9. Suggest transcription factor 7-like 2 is a possible regulator of glucagon-like peptide 1 receptor expression in endothelial/smooth muscle cells in diabetic mice. PMID: 28830217
  10. ventromedial hypothalamus GLP-1R regulates food intake by engaging key nutrient sensors but is dispensable for the effects of GLP-1RA on nutrient homeostasis PMID: 28811293
  11. GLP-1R is highly expressed within the lateral septum. PMID: 27187231
  12. Study showe that GLP-producing fibers interact with hypothalamic arcuate nucleus (ARC) Kiss1 cells that express GLP-1R, and GLP-1R signaling directly activates ARC Kiss1 function in an estradiol-independent manner. Pharmacological activation of GLP-1R signaling during fasting or pharmacological inhibition of CNS GLP-1R signaling during normal feeding does not alter circulating luteinizing hormone levels. PMID: 28144621
  13. The increased calcium response mediated by secretin in the absence of GLP-1R was paralleled by an increased glucose-dependent insulin response, indicating that the heterodimeric receptor complexes modulate secretin responses. PMID: 28368447
  14. Menin and PRMT5 suppress GLP1R transcript levels and PKA-mediated phosphorylation of FOXO1 and CREB. PMID: 28270438
  15. Glp1r knockdown reduced anxiety-like behavior, implicating paraventricular nucleus GLP-1 signaling in behavioral stress reactivity PMID: 28053040
  16. Enhanced beta-cell GLP-1R signaling contributes to improved glucose regulation after vertical sleeve gastrectomy by promoting increased glucose-stimulated insulin secretion. PMID: 27501183
  17. Results suggest a detectable but only modest role for GLP-1R signaling in mediating the effects of Roux-en-Y gastric bypass and that this role is limited to its well-described action on glucose regulation. PMID: 27026085
  18. Hypothalamic Glp1r is sufficient but not necessary for regulation of energy balance and glucose homeostasis. PMID: 27908915
  19. Genetic deletion of both GLP-1 and GIP receptors reveals that they are required to maintain an adequate islet number in adulthood and to maintain normal beta cell responses to glucose. PMID: 27020250
  20. present study provides critical insights regarding the nature by which GLP-1 signaling controls reinforced behaviors and underscores the importance of both peripheral and central GLP-1R signaling for the regulation of addictive disorders. PMID: 27072507
  21. These differential effects of exogenous Glp1r in nondiabetic and diabetic mice suggest that downregulation of Glp1r might be required to slow the progression of beta-cell failure under diabetic conditions. PMID: 26854076
  22. although endogenous GLP-1R signalling contributes to increased brown adipose tissue thermogenesis, this mechanism does not play a significant role in the food intake-independent body weight lowering effect of the GLP-1 mimetic liraglutide in obese mice PMID: 26049402
  23. GLP-1R is present in pancreatic acinar cells and that GLP-1 can regulate secretion through its receptor and cAMP signaling pathway. PMID: 26542397
  24. GLP1R is expressed in mouse retina. GLP-1R protein abundance was independent of the presence of diabetes. PMID: 26384381
  25. The data of this study reveal a novel role of GLP-1R in dorsal lateral septum function driving behavioral responses to cocaine. PMID: 25669605
  26. GLP-1R agonism significantly reduced alcohol consumption in a mouse model of alcohol dependence. PMID: 26080318
  27. these data provide novel evidence that lipotoxicity decreases the mesangial GLP-1R expression in intact cells and in vivo. PMID: 26302449
  28. These results support a role for extra islet GLP1R in oral glucose tolerance and paracrine regulation of beta cells by islet GLP-1. PMID: 24836562
  29. For the binding between 125I-liraglutide and the GLP-1 receptor on the surface of INS-1 cells, the equilibrium dissociation constant (Kd) was 128.8 +/- 30.4 nmol/L(N = 3), and the half-inhibition concentration (IC50) was 542.4 +/- 187.5 nmol/L(N = 3). PMID: 24805918
  30. GLP-1 receptors are located in the renal vasculature, including afferent arterioles. Activation of these receptors reduces the autoregulatory response of afferent arterioles to acute pressure increases and increases RBF in normotensive rats. PMID: 25656368
  31. our data demonstrate that the expression of GLP-1R and GIPR is regulated by glucose concentrations in MC3T3-E1 cells undergoing differentiation induced by BMP-2. PMID: 24866833
  32. GLP-1R on POMC/CART-expressing ARC neurons likely mediates liraglutide-induced weight loss PMID: 25202980
  33. GLP-1R signaling upregulates renal NAD(P)H oxidase and increases renal oxidative stress, with reduced levels of renal cAMP-PKA activity in the setting of chronic hyperglycemia accentuating the progression of diabetic nephropathy. PMID: 24152968
  34. Activation of GLP-1R in spinal cord leads to antinociception in pain hypersensitivity. PMID: 25247855
  35. GLP-1R is shown to be a recycling receptor. PMID: 24275181
  36. Binding of the novel ligand [125I]GLP-1(9-36) is studied in mouse tissues as well as the parameters of equilibrium dissociation constant, functional activity, and GLP-1 receptor density, compared with GLP-1(7-36). PMID: 24641952
  37. Exenatide requires a functional GLP-1R to exert chronic metabolic effects in mice. PMID: 24477544
  38. Our findings indicate that the GLP-1r is involved in ileal enterocyte and Paneth cell function PMID: 23927844
  39. The results provide no support for important individual roles of either gut hormone in the specific mechanisms by which RYGB rats settle at a lower body weight. PMID: 24430883
  40. A novel GLP-1R-protein interactome was generated, identifying several interactors that suppress GLP-1R signaling. PMID: 23864651
  41. mice lacking GLP1R appear to have decreased bone strength observed at anatomical level with decrease in 3-point bending resistance and decreased Ct.Th. Bone strength was reduced at tissue level and was associated with reductions of collagen cross-linking PMID: 23911987
  42. GLP-1R agonism reverses cardiac remodeling and dysfunction observed in T2DM via normalizing imbalance of lipid metabolism and related inflammation/oxidative stress. PMID: 23709595
  43. there is a gut-heart GLP-1R-dependent and ANP-dependent axis that regulates blood pressure and involves Epac2 PMID: 23542788
  44. Functional disruption of the Glp1r results in exercise-induced hyperglycaemia associated with an excessive increase in glucagon secretion and hepatic glucose production PMID: 22890715
  45. Activation of the central GLP-1R reduces food intake via glucose metabolism-dependent inhibition of central AMPK. Fructose stimulates food intake by impairing central GLP-1R action. PMID: 23341495
  46. GLP-1 receptor activation inhibits VLDL production and reverses hepatic steatosis by decreasing hepatic lipogenesis in high-fat-fed APOE*3-Leiden mice PMID: 23133675
  47. Data suggest that both glucagon-like peptide 1/Glp1r signal transduction and glucagon receptor activity in central nervous system are involved in control of interscapular brown adipose tissue thermogenesis. PMID: 22933116
  48. GLP-1 and liraglutide activate the GLP-1R, thereby promoting pre-adipocyte proliferation and inhibition of apoptosis. PMID: 22207759
  49. C-cell effects in mice are mediated via the GLP-1 receptor and not associated with RET activation PMID: 22234463
  50. low levels of endogenous GLP-1 secreted from gut endocrine cells are capable of augmenting glucoregulatory activity via pancreatic GLP-1Rs independent of communication with neural pathways PMID: 22182839

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Subcellular Location
Cell membrane; Multi-pass membrane protein.
Protein Families
G-protein coupled receptor 2 family
Tissue Specificity
Detected in pancreatic islets (at protein level). Detected in pancreatic islets and lungs.
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