Outdoor Experiential Training

Recently, Cusabio organized an outdoor experiential training. The main goal of the event is to strengthen the cohesion and teamwork of the staff.

Early in the morning, we went to Shuangfeng Mount in Xiaogan by bus. Along the way, we had so much laughter. The humorous coach played some little games with us, which were really interesting.

Happy time is always so short. We soon arrived at the training base. The outdoor experiential training was divided into two parts: outdoor small games in the morning including "prince frog", "shipwreck escape", and "broken bridge in the air", and honorable person CS in the afternoon.

The game "broken bridge in the air" was really impressive. The broken bridge was 8 meters high in the air. Of course, there were protective measures to ensure safety. But even though we knew that it was safe, it was scary to walk on such a bridge. Under the coach's encouragement, the majority of us finally succeeded in finishing the task.

After lunch, we cheerfully came to join in the honorable person CS. The first round is the jungle defense. We were assigned into two teams. We put on military uniforms and mask, holding a rifle. Some crawled on the ground, some hid behind a tree, and some crouched in a slight depression. The atmosphere was quite strained.

We aimed the rifle at the members in the enemy team. When the opportunity came, we fired a single shot or a number of shots. It was the first time that some of us played this interesting game. After the game, some people were wounded in the ear, hand, or arm. Fortunately, the wounds were not serious. The mutual care, support, and encouragement during the game were precious.

After a day of outdoor experiential training, everyone was exhausted but happy. The training taught us that teamwork is a powerful weapon in the face of various difficulties and challenges.

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