Cusabio attended the signing ceremony of "Qian Shou Lian Xin" project

The "Qian Shou Lian Xin" project is designed to encourage the participation of college students in innovation and entrepreneurship. On the morning of 20 June 2012, the signing ceremony of the project was held in Chemical and Molecular Science Institution in Wuhan University. The municipal party secretary Chengfa Ruan, the mayor Liangzhi Tang, the party secretary of Wuhan University Jian Li, and the president of Wuhan University Xiaohong Li attended the activity. As one of the first 65 innovation practice bases, CUSABIO was invited to attend the ceremony.

The project is carried out by the Organization Department of Municipal Party Committee. It will set up about 300 practice bases in different level development zones, incubators, key enterprises and institutions, and municipal party and government organs. We will take in about 10,000 college students carrying out innovation practice each year, and build up the platform for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements.

The "Qian Shou Lian Xin" project is just a beginning. Our company will encourage and support college students' innovation and entrepreneurship practices in the future, and cooperate with Wuhan University to promote the project.

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