Human Xaa-Pro Dipeptidase/Prolidase(PEPD) ELISA Kit

Code CSB-E16196h
Size 96T,5×96T,10×96T
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Product Details

Target Name peptidase D
Alternative Names Aminoacyl L proline hydrolase ELISA Kit; Imidodipeptidase ELISA Kit; MGC10905 ELISA Kit; MGC95081 ELISA Kit; Pep 4 ELISA Kit; Pep4 ELISA Kit; pepD ELISA Kit; PEPD_HUMAN ELISA Kit; Peptidase 4 ELISA Kit; Peptidase D ELISA Kit; Prolidase ELISA Kit; Proline dipeptidase ELISA Kit; X pro dipeptidase ELISA Kit; X-Pro dipeptidase ELISA Kit; Xaa-Pro dipeptidase ELISA Kit
Abbreviation PEPD
Uniprot No. P12955
Species Homo sapiens (Human)
Sample Types serum, plasma, tissue homogenates
Detection Range 93.75 mU/mL-6000 mU/mL
Sensitivity 23.4 mU/mL
Assay Time 1-5h
Sample Volume 50-100ul
Detection Wavelength 450 nm
Research Area Cell Biology
Assay Principle quantitative
Measurement Sandwich
Intra-assay Precision (Precision within an assay): CV%<8%
Three samples of known concentration were tested twenty times on one plate to assess.
Inter-assay Precision (Precision between assays): CV%<10%
Three samples of known concentration were tested in twenty assays to assess.
To assess the linearity of the assay, samples were spiked with high concentrations of human PEPD in various matrices and diluted with the Sample Diluent to produce samples with values within the dynamic range of the assay.
1:5Average %84
Range %80-89
1:10Average %88
Range %84-92
1:20Average %90
Range %85-96
1:40Average %85
Range %80-92
The recovery of human PEPD spiked to levels throughout the range of the assay in various matrices was evaluated. Samples were diluted prior to assay as directed in the Sample Preparation section.
Sample TypeAverage % RecoveryRange
Serum (n=5) 9691-103
EDTA plasma (n=4)9288-98
Typical Data
These standard curves are provided for demonstration only. A standard curve should be generated for each set of samples assayed.
60002.652 2.472 2.562 2.413
30002.087 1.976 2.032 1.883
15001.293 1.204 1.249 1.100
7500.598 0.561 0.580 0.431
3750.379 0.357 0.368 0.219
187.50.208 0.214 0.211 0.062
93.750.165 0.159 0.162 0.013
00.153 0.145 0.149  
and FAQs
Storage Store at 2-8°C. Please refer to protocol.
Lead Time 3-5 working days

Target Data

Function Splits dipeptides with a prolyl or hydroxyprolyl residue in the C-terminal position. Plays an important role in collagen metabolism because the high level of iminoacids in collagen.
Gene References into Functions
  1. PEPD directly binds to p53 in the nucleus and cytoplasm and suppresses both transcription-dependent and transcription-independent activities of p53, which does not require PEPD enzymatic activity. PMID: 29233996
  2. Increased serum prolidase activity and decreased antioxidant levels are likely to be a results of increased of oxidative stress levels in obese subjects PMID: 28867357
  3. Serum prolidase activity is reduced in scleroderma patients, especially in diffuse form. PMID: 28534076
  4. Increased levels of serum prolidase activity are associated with the severity of developmental dysplasia of the hip. PMID: 27320745
  5. High resolution X-ray crystallographic models of substrate and product binding in the active site of human prolidase. PMID: 28677335
  6. We report here that by introducing either the A252R or P365R substitution mutation, the structural changes affecting catalytic turnover rate and substrate binding affinity are valuable in improving the catalytic activity of human prolidase towards toxic organophosphorus compound hydrolysis. PMID: 28462712
  7. In ankylosing spondylitis, serum prolidase level was successful in measuring disease activity PMID: 27443556
  8. there is an independent relationship of aortic prolidase activity and aortic prolidase immunostaining with aortic stiffness beta index in patients who underwent coronary artery bypass grafting PMID: 27387023
  9. Prolidase activity decreases in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. PMID: 26870880
  10. absence of prolidase activity in pterygium tissue indicates that there is no collagen turnover in this tissue PMID: 26509313
  11. Decreased serum prolidase activity may be associated with knee osteoarthritis PMID: 25994092
  12. The association between the PEPD genetic variant and the risk of T2D was modulated by n-3 fatty acids. Higher n-3 fatty acids may abolish the adverse effect of the risk allele at PEPD for T2D PMID: 26087900
  13. Prolidase was required for IFNAR1 maturation and accumulation, activation of IFNbeta-stimulated gene induction, and IFN-I-dependent viral control. PMID: 26159719
  14. Levels of both serum prolidase and AFP could contribute to the early diagnosing of hepatocellular carcinoma. PMID: 26078578
  15. Serum prolidase level was significantly higher in schizophrenia patients compared to the controls. PMID: 25842545
  16. There may be an ethnic- and/or sex-specific association of the PEPD rs731839 single nucleotide polymorphism and serum lipid levels in Mulao and Han populations PMID: 25120796
  17. Prolidase is required for early trafficking events during influenza A virus entry. PMID: 25031340
  18. High prolidase activity may indicate critical biological activities relevant to pathological events in Behcet's disease, and this activity may be a biological indicator of disease. PMID: 24225260
  19. Significantly lower prolidase activity in patients with benign joint hypermobility syndrome suggests that prolidase may affect the collagen metabolism and cause hyperlaxity. PMID: 24612543
  20. Serum C4b, FN, and PEPD are associated with the pathological changes of pulmonary tuberculosis. PMID: 24484408
  21. Suggest prolidase as a high affinity ligand of the ErbB2 receptor which can regulate ErbB2 signaling and cell growth. PMID: 24810047
  22. Patients with psoriasis exhibit higher serum prolidase activity independent of gender, BMI, disease severity or duration, type of treatments or nitric oxide level. PMID: 23553128
  23. Data suggest that elevated serum prolidase activity and oxidative stress may be associated with increased cardiovascular risk in polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and/or menstrual irregularities associated with this syndrome. PMID: 23163753
  24. Prolidase dependent HIF1A expression in breast cancer cells is induced by prolidase substrate peptides. PMID: 23549681
  25. prolidase may share an undefined role in fibrosis in heart failure and may have a role in the diffuse fibrosis of heart failure. PMID: 24065222
  26. Serum PEPD activity appears to be higher in patients with diabetic foot ulcers when compared with patients without diabetic foot ulcers and healthy controls. PMID: 23242638
  27. kinetic and structural evidences on human prolidase pathological mutants PMID: 23516557
  28. Varicose venous wall prolidase enzyme activity could be an important factor in progression of azoospermia and infertility in patients with varicocele. PMID: 23171426
  29. PEPD is a ligand of EGFR and presents a novel mechanism of EGFR activation PMID: 23212918
  30. A diminished prolidase activity may contribute to alteration of collagen metabolism and should be considered a biomarker of myeloproliferative neoplasms progress. PMID: 23457135
  31. Although approximately 70 PEPD gene mutations and polymorphisms have been reported in various ethnic groups, we however report, for the first time, the identification of insertion mutation in human the PEPD gene. PMID: 23287645
  32. A Mn(II)-Mn(II) center in human prolidase. PMID: 22999980
  33. Assessed the serum prolidase enzyme level and the oxidative-antioxidative status in chronic hepatitis C infection. The prolidase was higher in the chronic hepatitis C group compared to the control group. PMID: 22811354
  34. Increased prolidase seems to be associated with increased NO levels and oxidative stress along with decreased antioxidant levels in bladder cancer. PMID: 22258852
  35. Relinoic acid regulates prolidase activity in human dermal cells via IGF receptor signaling in photoaged cells. PMID: 22245250
  36. elevated in submucosal uterine fibroids PMID: 22185542
  37. Serum prolidase activity is elevated in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis PMID: 21722016
  38. Prolidase activity was positively correlated erum prolidase activity is significantly associated with Legg-Calve-Perthes disease. PMID: 21304409
  39. In the early pregnancy loss group compared to the control group, serum levels of prolidase activity were significantly lower and placental tissue activity levels were significantly higher. PMID: 20437180
  40. investigation of role of prolidase in regulation of expression of TGF beta1 & TGF beta1 receptor in skin fibroblasts: down-regulation by prolidase inhibitors (Cbz-Pro & PEP); up-regulation by prolidase products (Pro & HyPro) PMID: 20868675
  41. Serum prolidase activity seems to be correlated with the level of fibrosis in patients with non-alcoholic steatohepatitis. PMID: 20486204
  42. found serum prolidase activity was significantly lower in both Idiopathic and ischemic dilated cardiomyopathies (DCM) groups relative to healthy volunteers and lower in ischemic DCM than idiopathic. PMID: 20626024
  43. Data suggest that the presence of ascending aortic aneurysms is associated with low serum prolidase activity. PMID: 20383038
  44. Data shows prolidase activity was significantly increased in patients with thalassemia major compared with controls. PMID: 20087956
  45. FAK-independent regulation of prolidase activity and collagen biosynthesis in MCF-7 cells. PMID: 11820613
  46. Carbobenzoxyproline is a potent inhibitor of prolidase in cultured fibroblasts from patients with prolidase deficiency. PMID: 15878628
  47. Significant correlation was observed between serum prolidase activity, and total antioxidant capacity, total oxidant status and oxidative stress index (p<0.01, r=-0.367; p<0.05, r=0.283; p<0.01, r=0.379; respectively) in H. pylori-positive subjects. PMID: 16999949
  48. oxidative stress and decreased prolidase activity may have a role in pathogenesis of knee osteoarthritis PMID: 17096092
  49. Prolidase is viable target for selective activation of melphalan prodrugs in melanoma cells. PMID: 17377743
  50. Prolidase deficiency and systemic lupus erythematosus share a number of common immunological features. PMID: 17570078
  51. Data show that serum prolidase activity is associated with the presence hypertension independent of left ventricular hypertrophy. PMID: 17604013
  52. differential expression of prolidase in 2 breast cancer cell lines showed prolidase-dependent differences in HIF-1 alpha levels PMID: 17999410
  53. Serum levels of prolidase were lower in the choldren with joint hypermobility compared with controls; there was significant negative correlation between prolidase level and Beighton score PMID: 18202846
  54. Higher prolidase activities in pleural tuberculosis patients might reflect increased collagen turnover in those patients, since prolidase is involved in the final stage of degradation in collagen catabolism. PMID: 18387361
  55. presence of atrial fibrillation in patients with severe mitral stenosis may be associated with the plasma prolidase activity, tissue and plasma oxidative parameters PMID: 18514097
  56. The kinetics of prodilase enzymatic reaction was analyzed by capillary electrophoresis and electrochemiluminescence with simplicity and efficiency. PMID: 18550075
  57. serum prolidase activity is significantly associated with the presence and severity of coronary artery disease, and elevated serum prolidase activity might be an independent predictor of coronary atherosclerosis. PMID: 18607169
  58. Serum prolidase enzyme activity can accurately predict the degree and stage of all histological lesions in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. PMID: 18989777
  59. characterization of erythrocyte prolidase I and II; effect of sulfur-containing amino acids on activities of prolidase I & II isolated from erythrocytes of healthy individuals, & a patient with prolidase deficiency were investigated PMID: 19263194
  60. Increased serum prolidase activity and oxidative stress may be associated with endometrial cancer, and increased serum prolidase activity may be related to local invasion of endometrial cancer. PMID: 19823062

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Involvement in disease Prolidase deficiency (PD)
Protein Families Peptidase M24B family, Eukaryotic-type prolidase subfamily
Database Links

HGNC: 8840

OMIM: 170100

KEGG: hsa:5184

STRING: 9606.ENSP00000244137

UniGene: Hs.36473

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