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RT-PCR can detect the gene expression changes in cells or tissues, and half quantitative detect the special gene by beta-actin or GAPDH gene to control. RT-PCR is more sensitive, convenient, inexpensive and easy to operate compared with other RNA analysis technology(for example, Northern blotting, Rnase protection analysis, in situ hybridization and S1 nuclease, etc.), so it has become a preliminary inspection of differences in the level of gene transcription and one of the first changes experimental method, and it widely used in gene expression, the content detect of RNA virus and cloning specific genes cDNA sequence, and other aspects.

Item description Working days required Delivery results
Primer design and synthesis 7 to 15 work days Primer sequence, Primers, Primer synthesis report
RNA extraction 1 work day Total RNA, concentration(OD260/280,ug/ml)
First-strand cDNA synthesis 1 work day cDNA
Amplification of purpose gene by PCR 1 work day PCR products
Agarose gel electrophoresis 1 work day electrophoresis pattern

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Manual:Custom RT-PCR Service Contract


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