ELISA Kit Customization Service

Service introduction
You can provide specific antibodies, high purified antigen. according to your individual needs, WUHAN Cusabio biotech can develop specific ELISA Kit. These kits allow for the quantitative determination of protein concentrations by elisa sandwich assay ,competitive assay (determination of antigen),indirect assay (determination of antibody) or competitive assay (determination of  micromolecule compounds).
The materials supplied by the Customers
target Protein or micromolecule compound ; Corresponding antibody; If using a sandwich assay, the need for different epitopes for antibody (monoclonal antibody Polyclonal antibody)
The materials supplied by the CUSABIO
commercialization of antibody or antibody pair supplied by Cusabio biotech Or Cusabio will prepare the monoclonal antibody and polyclonal antibody used for the kits development with antigen supplied by the Customers
Biotin-antibody;Imported Assay plate;Related HRP-antibody or HRP-antibody Diluent
Corresponding Buffer;Color Appearance System
If customer wants to specify the reagents, please explain in advance

Details for ELISA kits customization services

Services Service  Content Price Working days required Customization Results Delivered
Customization of ELISA kits Development of ELISA kits USD1667 2-4 weeks Completed ELISA kits and a full set of trustful determination data report
Optimization of ELISA kits
10 ELISA kits
Standard curve report
Over 10 ELISA kits USD100/96T
Reports of the approved kits differences among the same Lot or between different Lots

Order Information
Manual:ELISA kits Customized service


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