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Small Molecule

Cusabio small molecule can help you to identify new approaches to improve study designs and anticipate development challenges as they evolve. Cusabio takes specialized capabilities and extensive resources to develop a small molecule. Combining 7 years of experience in the development of small molecule antibodies, cusabio holds a specific expertise in the design of small molecule carrier adducts. Based on our capacities in antigen design, we offer to raise custom small molecule antibodies against a variety of targets.

Small Molecule

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  • Product Name Code Size
    Vitamin B2-BSA conjugate CSB-MC00631a0105 1mg
    Gibberellic acid (GA) CSB-MS028074 250mg/1g
    Enrofloxacin-BSA conjugate CSB-MC00071a0101 1mg
    Sulfamerazine-OVA conjugate CSB-MC00102a0101 1mg
    Chloroamphenicol-BSA conjugate CSB-MC00171a0101 1mg
    Chloroamphenicol-BSA conjugate CSB-MC00171b0101 1mg
    Dehydroepiandrosterone-OVA conjugate CSB-MC00652b0105 1mg
    Dehydroepiandrosterone-BSA conjugate CSB-MC00651a0105 1mg
    L(-)-epinephrine-OVA conjugate CSB-MC00642a0105 1mg
    Dehydroepiandrosterone-BSA conjugate CSB-MC00651b0105 1mg
    a-Galactosidase CSB-MS027956 5μg
    Estradiol-BSA conjugate CSB-MC00481a0105 1mg
    The metabolite of Nitrofurantoin-OVA conjugate CSB-MC00542a0101 1mg
    Indole-3-acetic acid-OVA conjugate CSB-MC00502b0105 1mg
    γ-aminobutyric acid-OVA conjugate CSB-MC00532a0105 1mg
    Gibberellin-OVA conjugate CSB-MC00582a0105 1mg
    Melatonin-OVA conjugate CSB-MC00602a0105 1mg
    Cholic acid-OVA conjugate CSB-MC00552a0105 1mg
    Chenodeoxycholic acid-OVA conjugate CSB-MC00572a0105 1mg
    Deoxycholic acid-OVA conjugate CSB-MC00562a0105 1mg

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