Recombinant Mouse Integrin alpha-5(Itga5) ,partial

Code CSB-YP011868MO
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Source Yeast
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Code CSB-EP011868MO
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Source E.coli
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Code CSB-EP011868MO-B
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Source E.coli
Conjugate Avi-tag Biotinylated
E. coli biotin ligase (BirA) is highly specific in covalently attaching biotin to the 15 amino acid AviTag peptide. This recombinant protein was biotinylated in vivo by AviTag-BirA technology, which method is BriA catalyzes amide linkage between the biotin and the specific lysine of the AviTag.
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Code CSB-BP011868MO
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Source Baculovirus
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Code CSB-MP011868MO
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Source Mammalian cell
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Product Details

Purity >85% (SDS-PAGE)
Target Names Itga5
Uniprot No. P11688
Alternative Names Itga5Integrin alpha-5; CD49 antigen-like family member E; Fibronectin receptor subunit alpha; Integrin alpha-F; VLA-5; CD antigen CD49e) [Cleaved into: Integrin alpha-5 heavy chain; Integrin alpha-5 light chain]
Species Mus musculus (Mouse)
Protein Length Partial
Tag Info The following tags are available.
N-terminal His-tagged
The tag type will be determined during production process. If you have specified tag type, please tell us and we will develop the specified tag preferentially.
Form Lyophilized powder
Note: We will preferentially ship the format that we have in stock, however, if you have any special requirement for the format, please remark your requirement when placing the order, we will prepare according to your demand.
Buffer before Lyophilization Tris/PBS-based buffer, 6% Trehalose, pH 8.0
Reconstitution We recommend that this vial be briefly centrifuged prior to opening to bring the contents to the bottom. Please reconstitute protein in deionized sterile water to a concentration of 0.1-1.0 mg/mL.We recommend to add 5-50% of glycerol (final concentration) and aliquot for long-term storage at -20℃/-80℃. Our default final concentration of glycerol is 50%. Customers could use it as reference.
and FAQs
Protein FAQs
Storage Condition Store at -20°C/-80°C upon receipt, aliquoting is necessary for mutiple use. Avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles.
Shelf Life The shelf life is related to many factors, storage state, buffer ingredients, storage temperature and the stability of the protein itself.
Generally, the shelf life of liquid form is 6 months at -20°C/-80°C. The shelf life of lyophilized form is 12 months at -20°C/-80°C.
Lead Time Delivery time may differ from different purchasing way or location, please kindly consult your local distributors for specific delivery time.
Note: All of our proteins are default shipped with normal blue ice packs, if you request to ship with dry ice, please communicate with us in advance and extra fees will be charged.
Notes Repeated freezing and thawing is not recommended. Store working aliquots at 4°C for up to one week.
Datasheet Please contact us to get it.

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Target Background

Integrin alpha-5/beta-1 (ITGA5:ITGB1) is a receptor for fibronectin and fibrinogen. It recognizes the sequence R-G-D in its ligands. ITGA5:ITGB1 binds to PLA2G2A via a site (site 2) which is distinct from the classical ligand-binding site (site 1) and this induces integrin conformational changes and enhanced ligand binding to site 1. ITGA5:ITGB1 acts as a receptor for fibrillin-1 (FBN1) and mediates R-G-D-dependent cell adhesion to FBN1. ITGA5:ITGB1 is a receptor for IL1B and binding is essential for IL1B signaling. ITGA5:ITGB3 is a receptor for soluble CD40LG and is required for CD40/CD40LG signaling.
Gene References into Functions
  1. kindlin-2 interactions with alphaVbeta3 and its other binding partners promote endothelial cell functions potentially relevant to angiogenesis PMID: 28864764
  2. Data suggest that WISP1-alphavbeta3 integrin signaling is involved in Toll-Like Receptor 4 (TLR4) pathways in macrophages. PMID: 27349568
  3. loss of alpha5 integrin-mediated fibrillogenesis interferes with the normal cytoskeleton organization that facilitates epithelial cysts polarization. PMID: 28370666
  4. The findings provide insights into how integrin alphaVbeta3 acts as a molecular machine and how its physiological function and molecular structure are coupled at the single-molecule level. PMID: 27423389
  5. results suggest that Edil3 may stimulate osteoblast differentiation and matrix mineralization by increasing expression of Runx2 through alpha5beta1 integrin /ERK pathway PMID: 29182679
  6. KCNB1 and integrin alpha chain V (integrin-alpha5) coimmunoprecipitated in the mouse brain and these interactions were retained upon channel's oxidation. PMID: 28383553
  7. We demonstrate that AnkB binds to Rab GTPase Activating Protein 1-Like (RabGAP1L) and recruits it to PI3P-positive organelles, where RabGAP1L inactivates Rab22A, and promotes polarized trafficking to the leading edge of migrating fibroblasts. We further determine that a5b1-integrin depends on an AnkB/RabGAP1L complex for polarized recycling PMID: 27718357
  8. Osteoprotegerin facilitates pulmonary arterial hypertension pathogenesis by regulating pulmonary arterial smooth muscle cell proliferation via integrin alphavbeta3/FAK/AKT signaling pathway. PMID: 28077433
  9. endothelial cell alpha5 integrin plays an important role in stroke outcome and blood-brain barrier integrity PMID: 26661237
  10. FAK sustained the active integrin conformation by maintaining talin association with Rab11 endosomes in a type I phosphatidylinositol phosphate kinase (PIPKIgamma)-dependent manner. PMID: 27043085
  11. cells on fibronectin suppressed cAMP via enhanced phosphodiesterase (PDE) activity, through direct binding of integrin alpha5 to phosphodiesterase-4D5 PMID: 27595237
  12. this study shows that protective effect of osteopontin results from integrin-alpha5-dependent enhancement of neutrophil migration and accumulation at sites of infection PMID: 27599164
  13. The present study has revealed an integrin- and membrane lipid raft-dependent mechanotransduction mechanism by which atheroprone flow causes endothelial dysfunction. PMID: 26733684
  14. Gdf-5 induced the expression of the alpha5 sub-unit, while Bmp-7 induced the expression of the alphaV sub-unit. PMID: 26010756
  15. EGFR activation can be regulated by the N-glycosylation of integrin alpha5, which is a novel molecular paradigm for the cross-talk between integrins and growth factor receptors PMID: 26483551
  16. Integrin alpha5beta1 and its FN ligand played critical roles not only in single-cell line adhesion, but also in adhesion between stem and niche cells. PMID: 26025398
  17. An (as yet unknown) integrin alpha5-dependent signal extrinsic to the pharyngeal endothelium mediates the formation of the 4th pharyngeal arch arteries through fibronectin. PMID: 26434918
  18. Integrin-alpha5beta1 is not required for mural cell functions during development of blood vessels but is required for lymphatic-blood vessel separation and lymphovenous valve formation. PMID: 24858485
  19. Suggest that alpha5beta1-mediated cross-talk between fibronectin and oxLDL regulates inflammation in early atherogenesis and that therapeutics that inhibit alpha5 integrins may reduce inflammation without adversely affecting plaque structure. PMID: 24833794
  20. our data point to a potential role for the fibronectin-alpha5beta1 integrin interaction in promoting vascular remodeling during demyelinating disease PMID: 24056042
  21. high expression of the ppGalNAc-T13 gene generates tTn antigen on Syndecan 1, leading to enhanced invasion and metastasis via the formation of a complex consisting of integrin alpha5beta1, Syndecan 1, and MMP-9 in the glycolipid-enriched microdomain/rafts. PMID: 23814067
  22. Fibronectin and integrin alpha5beta1 have critical roles in mouse embryogenesis PMID: 23791818
  23. It was found that binding between Porphyromonas gingivalis fimbriae and integrin alpha5beta1 on osteoblasts, and subsequent peripheral condensation of actin, are essential for entry of Porphyromonas gingivalis into osteoblasts. PMID: 23305098
  24. Our study unveils a previously unidentified role of alpha5beta1 integrin as an intermediate signaling molecule in neurotoxic prion peptides-microglia interactions. PMID: 22648512
  25. Fibroblasts require Mena for multiple integrin alpha5beta1-dependent processes involving bidirectional interactions between the extracellular matrix and cytoplasmic focal adhesion proteins. PMID: 22908313
  26. uPAR is an essential component of the network through which VEGF controls integrin redistribution and endothelial cell migration. PMID: 22287577
  27. The cadherin Cdh5 (Vecad) maintains high expression variability only during fetal development, while the integrin subunit Itga5 (alpha5) increases its variability after 14.5 dpc. PMID: 22276210
  28. Integrin alpha5beta1 interacts directly with Cx43. This interaction is required for mechanical stimulation-induced opening of the Cx43 hemichannel. PMID: 22331870
  29. Data indicate that interaction between Cav1 and Rho-GTPases (most likely RhoC but not RhoA) promotes metastasis by stimulating alpha5-integrin expression and regulating the Src-dependent activation of Ras/Erk1/2 signaling cascades. PMID: 21765460
  30. Induction of Collagen-I occurred via integrin alpha(v)beta(3) engagement and activation of the phosphoinositide 3-kinase/phosphorylated Akt/nuclear factor kappa B (PI3K/pAkt/NFkappaB)-signaling pathway. PMID: 21953216
  31. Differentiated cells of the osteoblastic lineage at different sites transmit signals through transmembrane integrins such as alpha(5)beta(1) integrin in mandibular osteoblasts, whose signaling may play a major role in controlling bone homeostasis. PMID: 21824471
  32. PIIBNP can inhibit osteoclast survival and bone resorption via signal transduction through the alpha(V)beta(3) integrins. PMID: 21708300
  33. findings suggest CCN2 regulates integrin expression in primary culture hepatic stellate cells (HSC) and supports HSC adhesion via its binding of cell surface integrin alpha(5)beta(1) PMID: 20406330
  34. elevated levels of perlecan domain V have a role in brain repair post stroke via VEGF and brain endothelial cell alpha5beta1 integrin PMID: 21747167
  35. demonstrates that integrin receptor alpha5beta1 and FN interaction induces the invasive potential of B16F10 cells and MMP-9 induction is the downstream effectors in the process PMID: 21936403
  36. Data show that EGFR, via interaction with FcvarepsilonRI and integrin alpha(5), is necessary for allergic inflammation associated with cellular interaction. PMID: 21349584
  37. FN and integrin alpha5 modulate Cardiac neural crest (CNC) proliferation and survival, and are required for the presence of normal numbers of Cardiac neural crest cells at their destinations. PMID: 20807571
  38. alpha5beta1 integrins are required for efficient haptotactic and chemotactic invasion; stimulation of these integrin receptors leads to the adoption of distinct morphologies associated with macrophage motility. PMID: 21084629
  39. These observations reveal that recognition of host- and/or tumor-derived fibronectin via alpha5beta1 is important for tumor growth both in vitro and in vivo. PMID: 20081050
  40. Fibronectin seems to support uterine natural killer cell migration, proliferation, differentiation, and survival in the uterus by binding with alpha5 integrin. PMID: 20201059
  41. sperm alphavbeta3 integrin has a role in mouse fertilization PMID: 20151413
  42. Chemerin-stimulated adhesion of peritoneal macrophages to VCAM-1 is dependent on increased avidity of VLA-4 (alpha4ss1). PMID: 20720202
  43. data provide the first evidence that specific integrins are involved in BK B(2) receptor-induced signaling in kidney cells, and ultimately might lead to development of new strategies for treatment of renal tubulointerstitial fibrosis PMID: 20385709
  44. These data demonstrate that Arhgef1 regulates alpha5beta1-mediated MMP expression by macrophages and that loss of Arhgef1 by leukocytes leads to pulmonary pathology. PMID: 20093499
  45. This is the first report that identifies a functional role for alpha 5 beta 1 in leukocyte trafficking during acute inflammation PMID: 20097849
  46. Results indicate that alpha5beta1 integrin functions in the regulation of neural morphology and migration during cortical development, playing a role in cortical lamination. PMID: 20105241
  47. Data suggest distinct roles for the brain endothelial cell (BEC) integrins alpha v beta 3 and alpha 5 beta 1 in cerebral angiogenesis, with alpha v beta 3 having a nonessential role, and alpha 5 beta 1 promoting BEC proliferation. PMID: 20087368
  48. association with ERK1 PMID: 12393886
  49. integrin alpha5beta1 extracellular domain controls rhoA activity PMID: 12486108
  50. Itga5 expression decreased during neuronal differentiation of cortical progenitor cells. PMID: 12837282

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Subcellular Location Membrane; Single-pass type I membrane protein. Cell junction, focal adhesion. Cell surface.
Protein Families Integrin alpha chain family
Database Links

KEGG: mmu:16402

STRING: 10090.ENSMUSP00000023128

UniGene: Mm.16234

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