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After continuously optimize and improve experiment, WUHAN Cusabio biotech has accumulated much experience, owned  a professional Enzyme-linked R & D team. ELISA kits which are autonomous researched whit professional elisa technology allow for quantitative detection of antigen in serum and other samples,and qualitative detection of specific antibodies High quality reagent, advanced instruments and the right operation is necessary to make sure the  accurate and reliable of ELISA test results. ELISA detection have a great advantage. in convenience, stability, repeatability and reliability
service content
1、Douber Antibody Sandwich is used to test the antigen
2、The indirect method is used to test the antibodies

3、Provide various ELISA technology to sample testing

Services Service Type Materials Provided by  Customers and Related Requirements Detection fee Delivery time Test Results Provided
Antigen identification Customers should bring along their own kits Soluble antigen or the original nuclear expression provided by the company USD67 per time 5-10 working days (the detection work will be initiated on the second business day after the company received the materials supplied by the customer. Test report (including the graph)
The company orders kit USD34 per time
antibody identification Customers should bring along their own kits


USD67 per time
The company orders kit USD34 per time
sample detection Customers should bring along their own kits Cell culture supernatant, serum and plasma of human and animals. Preserved under -20℃ temperature and avoid repeated frozen and thawed. USD134 per time
The company orders kit USD67 per time

1.Service Promise
If you buy any kind of elisa kit in our product catalogue, you only need to inform our sales staff the detected species(like human, rat, mouse, rabbit, Monkey, Pig etc), the detected data, (like interleukin, hormone) and the sample quantity(48T/96T). The test report will be submitted to our customers within 2 weeks after receiving your sample if the kit has in-stock while others would cost one more week.
Welcome clinical medicine fields and every scientific research institution to cooperate with our company firmly in different levels and have a mutual development together, accumulating experience for the development of Chinese detection career.
2.Sample Requirements
We kindly advise you have a complete plan before collecting the samples and be sure if the detected element is stable enough. We recommend the fresh samples should be detected early. And for the samples detected the same day after collection, should be stored in time in 4℃. If need to collect the samples periodically for special reasons, please make the mold and collect, then subpackage the samples and store at -20℃/-70℃. As there’s a gap between icehouse temperature and room temperature, and the protein is easy to degrade and effect the quality of experiment, so please avoid repeated frozen and thawed. The customers who want to detect RIA samples should take the manuals from our sales staff before collecting the samples. For detailed operation information, please contact with our technical personnel.
Liquid sample
The samples should be liquid, no sediment, including serum, plasma, urine, angiographic water, cerebrospinal fluid, cell culture supernatant, tissue homogenate etc.
The serum is coagulated naturally at the room temperature for 10-20 min, then centrifuged about  20 min (2000-3000 r/min), and then collect the supernatant. If there’s sediment, please centrifuge again.
Choose EDTA, sodium citrate or heparin as anticoagulant according to the requirements of the elisa kits, add 10%(v/v)anticoagulant (0.1M Sodium Citrate or 1% heparin or 2.0%EDTA.Na2) and mix for about 10-20 min, then centrifuge for about 20min (2000-3000r/min). Collect the supernatant carefully, If there’s sediment, please centrifuge again.
urine, angiographic water, cerebrospinal fluid
Collect with sterile pipes. Centrifuge for about 20min (2000-3000 r/min). Collect the supernatant carefully, if there’s sediment, please centrifuge again.

Cell culture supernatant
Collect with sterile pipe when detecting the secretory elements. Centrifuge for about 20min (2000-3000 r/min). Collect the supernatant carefully. Dilute cell suspension with PBS(PH7.0-7.4)when detecting the element inside the cells, the cell’s concentration should reach 1million/ml. Freeze and thaw repeatedly to destroy the cell and let out the elements inside. Centrifuge for about  20min (2000-3000 r/min). Collect the supernatant carefully. If there’s sediment, please centrifuge again.

Tissue sample
Weigh it after incise the sample. Add a certain quantity of PBS, add 1μg/L protein enzyme inhibitor or 50U/ml Aprotinin in the buffer Solution. Homogenized the sample fully by hand or homogenizer. Centrifuge for about 20min (2000-3000 r/min). Collect the supernatant carefully, and store it at -20℃/-70℃.If necessary, concentrate and dry the sample. After subpackage, one is for the detection, the others are stored for the future use.
3.Remark the following information when sending the sample

1. No.  2. Detect item  3.shall we make multiple pores  3. Contact information  4. Shall we send back the samples after the experiment?
Notice to clients
Clients should be responsible for materials and information they provided and any experiment delay or economic loss caused by the incorrectness of materials or information provided by the clients should be undertaken by clients themselves.
Order Information
Manual:ELISA kit detection service contract


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