Human visfatin ELISA Kit

Code CSB-E08940h
Size 96T,5×96T,10×96T
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Target Name nicotinamide phosphoribosyltransferase
Alternative Names 1110035O14Rik ELISA Kit; AI314458 ELISA Kit; AI480535 ELISA Kit; DKFZP666B131 ELISA Kit; EC ELISA Kit; MGC117256 ELISA Kit; NAmPRTase ELISA Kit; Nampt ELISA Kit; NAMPT_HUMAN ELISA Kit; Nicotinamide phosphoribosyltransferase ELISA Kit; PBEF 1 ELISA Kit; PBEF ELISA Kit; PBEF1 ELISA Kit; Pre B cell colony enhancing factor 1 ELISA Kit; Pre B cell colony enhancing factor ELISA Kit; Pre B cell enhancing factor ELISA Kit; Pre-B cell-enhancing factor ELISA Kit; Pre-B-cell colony-enhancing factor 1 ELISA Kit; VF ELISA Kit; Visfatin ELISA Kit
Abbreviation NAMPT
Uniprot No. P43490
Species Homo sapiens (Human)
Sample Types serum, plasma, urine, tissue homogenates
Detection Range 0.625 ng/mL-40 ng/mL
Sensitivity 0.156 ng/mL
Assay Time 1-5h
Sample Volume 50-100ul
Detection Wavelength 450 nm
Research Area Metabolism
Assay Principle quantitative
Measurement Sandwich
Intra-assay Precision (Precision within an assay): CV%<8%      
Three samples of known concentration were tested twenty times on one plate to assess.  
Inter-assay Precision (Precision between assays): CV%<10%      
Three samples of known concentration were tested in twenty assays to assess.    
To assess the linearity of the assay, samples were spiked with high concentrations of human visfatin in various matrices and diluted with the Sample Diluent to produce samples with values within the dynamic range of the assay.
  Sample Serum(n=4)  
1:1 Average % 87  
Range % 82-93  
1:2 Average % 92  
Range % 87-98  
1:4 Average % 98  
Range % 93-102  
1:8 Average % 102  
Range % 98-106  
The recovery of human visfatin spiked to levels throughout the range of the assay in various matrices was evaluated. Samples were diluted prior to assay as directed in the Sample Preparation section.
Sample Type Average % Recovery Range  
Serum (n=5) 100 95-104  
EDTA plasma (n=4) 92 88-96  
Typical Data
These standard curves are provided for demonstration only. A standard curve should be generated for each set of samples assayed.
ng/ml OD1 OD2 Average Corrected  
40 1.977 2.050 2.014 1.921  
20 1.526 1.584 1.555 1.462  
10 1.087 1.101 1.094 1.001  
5 0.658 0.703 0.681 0.588  
2.5 0.451 0.421 0.436 0.343  
1.25 0.293 0.301 0.297 0.204  
0.625 0.165 0.159 0.162 0.069  
0 0.096 0.089 0.093    
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Storage Store at 2-8°C. Please refer to protocol.
Lead Time 3-5 working days


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Please confirm whether this kit can be used with saliva samples and also suggest suitable protocol for saliva sample preparation.

Thanks for your inquiry.
CSB-E08940h ,we used it to test human saliva and the value was ND--2.5ng/ml.
Here is the processing method on saliva sample preparation.You can take it as reference:Remove particulates by centrifugation for 10 minutes at 4000x g at 2-8°C and assay immediately or aliquot and store samples at -20°C. Avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles. Recommend to use fresh saliva samples.
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Target Data

Function Catalyzes the condensation of nicotinamide with 5-phosphoribosyl-1-pyrophosphate to yield nicotinamide mononucleotide, an intermediate in the biosynthesis of NAD. It is the rate limiting component in the mammalian NAD biosynthesis pathway. The secreted form behaves both as a cytokine with immunomodulating properties and an adipokine with anti-diabetic properties, it has no enzymatic activity, partly because of lack of activation by ATP, which has a low level in extracellular space and plasma. Plays a role in the modulation of circadian clock function. NAMPT-dependent oscillatory production of NAD regulates oscillation of clock target gene expression by releasing the core clock component
Gene References into Functions
  1. chemerin and leptin are elevated and omentin-1 and visfatin levels are decreased in Gestational diabetes mellitus women complicated by obesity. PMID: 29337272
  2. fat mass percentage together with HOMA-IR are the most significant predictors of visfatin/NAMPT serum elevation in hyperthyroid patients. PMID: 30184561
  3. Serum levels of visfatin were significant higher in HCC patients than healthy subjects. It was significantly associated with the histology and metastasis. Visfatin induced miR-21 expression and cell migration in HepG2 cells. PMID: 29808800
  4. Knockdown of Nampt expression increased the expression of Aggrecan and Collagen II inhibited by IL-1beta and the autophagic markers, LC3 and Beclin-1, confirmed APO866 induced NP cell autophagy and blocks IL-1beta induction considerably. PMID: 30261504
  5. The study showed for the first time serum omentin and visfatin levels to be decreased after lung transplantation in end-stage lung disease patients PMID: 29277835
  6. We conclude that the low placental visfatin (NAMPT) expression and poor metabolic control in the 3(rd) trimester of pregnancy may have a role in stimulating fetal overgrowth in T1DM pregnancy. PMID: 29769421
  7. no significant differences in genotype frequencies between preterm birth cases and controls; but maternal blood level higher in A allele carriers of rs61330082 PMID: 28482725
  8. higher visfatin levels in erosive hand osteoarthritis (HOA) in comparison to nnonerosive HOA PMID: 29105498
  9. obese subjects with GG genotype of visfatin who had high PUFA-intake diets had lower hip z scores and T scores, unlike the other genotypes PMID: 29355093
  10. Review/Meta-analysis: circulating visfatin levels were significantly higher in patients with rheumatoid arthritis and a positive correlation was suggested with disease activity. PMID: 28205390
  11. Observed NAMPT overexpression in patients with Graves' disease with and without (GO) orbitopathy and its relatively low levels in thyroids of patients with Graves' disease (GD)without eye changes do not confirm causal relationship between NAMPT level and orbitopathy, but this needs further investigation. PMID: 29546048
  12. Visfatin seems to be a good marker of endometrial cancer progress. High visfatin serum level predicts poor prognosis in endometrial cancer patients. PMID: 29516012
  13. NAMPT expression downregulation by mir-206 reduces cell survival of breast cancer cells PMID: 29886033
  14. No correlation between IDH1/2 mutation status and sensitivity for NAMPT inhibitors was observed. Strikingly, higher methylation of the NAPRT promoter was observed in high-grade versus low-grade chondrosarcomas. In conclusion, this study identified NAMPT as a potential target for treatment of chondrosarcoma PMID: 28860121
  15. NAMPT as a key player in BRAFi resistance and melanoma cell plasticity PMID: 29567766
  16. This study has shown Resistin, and Visfatin synergistically increased gastric cancer cell proliferation and enhanced the telomerase gene expression, showing that these two hormones in gastric cancer tissue could cooperatively accelerate cancer cell growth PMID: 29228527
  17. Serum Nampt was increased in diabetic nephropathy patients. PMID: 28699485
  18. NAMPT is highly upregulated in human gingival fibroblasts, while its enzymatic activity acts as a crucial mediator of periodontal inflammation and alveolar bone destruction via regulation of catabolic factors COX-2, MMP1, and MMP3 levels. PMID: 28819322
  19. Results show that adiponectin, resistin and visfatin are present in osteophytes but have no direct influence on osteophyte development. Although these adipokines induce several inflammatory mediators, they do not affect osteoblast- or chondrocyte-related mechanisms of osteophyte development. PMID: 27884778
  20. Cells were treated with 10 nM FK866, an NAMPT inhibitor, resulting in a decrease in the cellular NAD level. PMID: 28714034
  21. data indicate that visfatin induces endothelial progenitor cells apoptosis by increasing the expression of pro-inflammatory mediators partly through the regulation of NF-kappaB. PMID: 28677720
  22. study thus demonstrates that the inhibition of PBEF attenuates oxidative stress and inflammation induced by hyperoxia in EA.hy926 cells. PMID: 28677752
  23. hsa_circ_0005105 can promote extracellular matrix (ECM) degradation by regulating the expression of miR-26a target NAMPT. PMID: 28276108
  24. Careful characterization of the kinetics of NAMPT inhibition in vivo allowed us to optimize dosing to produce sufficient NAD(+) depletion over time that resulted in efficacy in an HCT116 xenograft model. Our data demonstrate that direct phosphoribosylation of competitive inhibitors by the NAMPT enzyme is not required for potent in vitro cellular activity or in vivo antitumor efficacy. PMID: 28468779
  25. Results suggested that visfatin -1535C>T polymorphisms might be associated with decreased risk of HBV-HCC among the ethnic Zhuang population in Guangxi, China. PMID: 27792999
  26. the present study elucidated the pathophysiological role of visfatin in breast cancer and revealed a proliferative and protective role for visfatin PMID: 28442350
  27. serum level associated with increased odds of severe hypertension PMID: 26869250
  28. In this cohort of resistant hypertension patients diagnosed with ambulatory blood pressure measurements, the investigators found an independent correlation between higher visfatin levels and the presence of resistant hypertension and left ventricular hypertrophy. PMID: 28240682
  29. A potential oncogenic role of Nampt in Waldenstrom macroglobulinemia cells. PMID: 27287071
  30. factor with strong correlation with high visfatin values (p=0.001). High Visfatin levels seem to be strongly correlated with the presence and severity of peripheral arterial occlusive disease. PMID: 28073026
  31. These results suggested that the plasma visfatin level is associated with the presence of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), and that a higher plasma visfatin level may be important in the pathogenesis of HCC. PMID: 27770715
  32. Increased expression of visfatin are associated with a more aggressive phenotype of colorectal carcinoma patients. It can trigger the epithelial mesenchymal transformation of CRC cells via Akt/GSK-3beta/beta-catenin signals. PMID: 27058759
  33. Results showed that rs34861192 of RETN and rs13237989 of NAMPT synergistically affected the levels of insulin and glycemic index. PMID: 29101068
  34. In summary, NAMPT is produced in human spermatozoa in a maturation-dependent manner. PMID: 27566659
  35. Non-surgical periodontal treatment resulted in a significant reduction in gingival crevicular fluid and serum visfatin levels. Furthermore, visfatin levels increased with inflammation and decreased following periodontal treatment. Our findings suggest that visfatin is an inflammatory biomarker of periodontal disease PMID: 28025432
  36. Accordingly, our results demonstrated that NAMPT is a prognostic marker in melanoma, and the identificationofNAMPT-E2F2-SIRT1 pathway establishes another link between NAMPT and apoptosis events in melanoma, with therapeutic implications for this deadly cancer. PMID: 28919418
  37. systemic circulating NAMPT levels were closely associated with NAMPT release from corresponding cultured PBMCs. In conclusion, NAMPT is selectively increased in states of acute but not chronic inflammation in children PMID: 28837586
  38. It focusing on NAMPT immunometabolic function as a metabokine, NAMPT secretion, NAMPT mechanism of action and possible roles in the cancer micro-environment. PMID: 27128025
  39. Authors show the gene encoding nicotinic acid phosphoribosyltransferase (NAPRT), a second NAD(+)-producing enzyme, is amplified and overexpressed in a subset of common types of cancer, including ovarian cancer. PMID: 28507103
  40. This study shows that expression of SDF-1alpha, eNOS and VEGF were significantly higher in uterine leiomyoma than myometrium with a different expression pattern according to the size of uterine leiomyoma. However, expressions of visfatin and leptin had no significant differences between the two groups. PMID: 28010141
  41. Results indicate that increased serum visfatin levels are associated with poor prognosis of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), and visfatin may be a potential therapeutic target of HCC. PMID: 28178643
  42. Nampt expression is a reliable marker of progression in cervical dysplasia and squamous cell carcinoma. PMID: 28870901
  43. Visfatin increases the nuclear translocation of Akt and its binding with ABCC1. These data showed that visfatin can decrease doxorubicin sensitivity of Non-small-cell lung cancer cells via activation of Akt/MRP1. PMID: 28762597
  44. Results suggest a mechanism by which tumor cells protect themselves against glucose deprivation-induced oxidative stress by utilizing nicotinamide phosphoribosyltransferase (NAMPT) to maintain NADPH levels. PMID: 26568303
  45. The combination of upregulation of the NAD(+) de novo synthesis pathway through QPRT over-expression and NAMPT mutation confers resistance to GMX1778, but the cells are only partially resistant to next-generation NAMPT inhibitors. The resistance mechanisms uncovered herein provide a potential avenue to continue exploration of next generation NAMPT inhibitors to treat neoplasms in the clinic. PMID: 28756225
  46. this study shows that upstream visfatin SNPs could potentially affect phenotypic outcome in obese children through alteration of circulating visfatin level. PMID: 27887573
  47. Lack of changes in serum visfatin level despite the changes in visfatin mRNA expression of adipose tissue suggests paracrine effect of visfatin rather than endocrine PMID: 26486101
  48. Ascending aorta from aortic aneurysm patient,s revealed an inverse relationship between smooth muscle cell NAMPT content and aortic diameter. PMID: 28356339
  49. Visfatin significantly correlated with BMI and hot flashes number in postmenopausal women with metabolic syndrome. PMID: 27126198
  50. Single nucleotide polymorphism in the NAMPT gene is associated with inflammation in chronic kidney disease. PMID: 27190335
  51. our present study revealed that visfatin is over-expressed in colorectal cancer doxorubicin-resistant cells; visfatin mediates doxorubicin resistance via upregulation of MDR1 PMID: 28667355
  52. Nampt inhibition may override gemcitabine resistance by decreasing the NAD level and suppressing glycolytic activity in pancreatic neoplasms. PMID: 27233476
  53. MPN-associated myelofibrosis high levels of eNAMPT mark the myeloproliferative potential and, at variance with a high number of cancers, are protective against disease progression PMID: 27074203
  54. Synthesis and Degradation of Adenosine 5'-Tetraphosphate by Nicotinamide and Nicotinate Phosphoribosyltransferases PMID: 28416276
  55. The genotype AA of the rs4730153 visfatin SNP appears to protect against cardiovascular risk in obese and non-obese individuals. PMID: 27166797
  56. NAMPT/visfatin serum concentration was significantly associated with Graves disease. NAMPT leukocyte expression was association with Graves ophthalmopathy, insulin resistance, insulin level. PMID: 26767650
  57. Leukocyte overexpression of intracellular NAMPT attenuates atherosclerosis by regulating PPARgamma-dependent monocyte differentiation and function. PMID: 28408371
  58. Serum visfatin levels are elevated in psoriatic arthritis but do not correlate with disease activity. PMID: 25196858
  59. Hydrogen Sulfide safeguards the expression of human TERT in a NAMPT and SIRT1 dependent manner and delays the onset of replicative senescence in fibroblasts. PMID: 27732642
  60. Cord blood visfatin concentrations were increased in large-for-gestational-age and intra-uterine growth-restricted neonates. At six months, serum visfatin concentrations decreased compared to cord blood visfatin concentrations in LGA and IUGR groups, still higher in the former than the latter. PMID: 27002258
  61. COX-2 and visfatin participated in the pathogenesis of migraine headaches. The presence of aura had no effect on the serum levels of COX-2 and visfatin. PMID: 28044053
  62. NAMPT inhibits the pharmacological activity of Methotrexate. PMID: 27166432
  63. Low visfatin expression is associated with metabolic syndrome. PMID: 27023106
  64. visfatin can increase the motility of osteosarcoma cells via up regulation of NF-kappaB/IL-6 signals PMID: 27568842
  65. Serum NAMPT is up-regulated and can be considered as a novel surrogate marker of systemic inflammation associated with fat depot, especially visceral, in the elderly population with obesity. PMID: 27712122
  66. This study highlighted the association of eNampt/iNampt with visceral obesity and a potential impact on the biology of esophagogastric junction adenocarcinoma. PMID: 28168205
  67. We investigated the association between serum visfatin levels and single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs; rs61330082, rs2058539) in the visfatin gene and coronary artery calcification (CAC). The T allele of the rs61330082 SNP in the visfatin gene had a cardioprotective effect on patients with CAC; the SNP at rs2058539 was not significantly associated with CAC. PMID: 27421003
  68. Lower level of adiponectin and higher visfatin concentration seem to be related with a less beneficial oxidative stress profile and higher level of lipid peroxidation in neonates exposed and nonexposed in utero to tobacco smoke. PMID: 27525051
  69. visfatin may represent a model for further study of bone metabolism, and could possibly explain the unknown mechanisms linking bone metabolism and cancer. PMID: 26661660
  70. Elevated mRNA expression and circulating level of visfatin is associated with the pathogenesis and severity of coronary artery disease. PMID: 26466019
  71. Data suggest that plasma levels of visfatin are up-regulated in patients with non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) as compared to controls; high plasma levels of visfatin correlate with neoplasm stage, lymph node metastasis, and distant metastasis; in vitro, visfatin triggers migration and invasion of NSCLC cells via up-regulation of matrix metalloproteinases 2/9 (MMP2 and MMP9). PMID: 27224551
  72. Increased serum visfatin, fetuin-A, and PTX3 levels, and the presence of positive correlation between visfatin, fetuin-A, and Psoriasis area and severity index, probably reflect the inflammatory state and insulin resistance seen in psoriasis. PMID: 25867925
  73. Lower apelin and higher visfatin plasma levels in high normal blood pressure subjects compared to normal or optimal BP individuals could partially explain the higher cardiovascular risk of the high normal BP group. PMID: 26276791
  74. Studied levels of salivary visfatin, chemerin, and progranulin and in gingivitis, periodontitis, as well as healthy patients. Salivary progranulin levels were similar in all groups; chemerin was detected at higher levels in the periodontitis group compared to the gingivitis and the healthy groups; visfatin levels were higher in patients with gingivitis and periodontitis compared to those of healthy subjects. PMID: 25164155
  75. Administration of JNK inhibitor SP600125 or ROS scavenger tocopherol with TMZ and NAMPT inhibitors substantially attenuated the sensitization of NAMPT inhibitor on TMZ antitumor action. Our data indicate a potential value of NAMPT inhibitors in combined use with TMZ for glioblastoma treatment PMID: 28097126
  76. Increased circulating visfatin are associated with subsequent decline in renal function in nondiabetic hypertensive patients. PMID: 26298010
  77. High NAMPT expression is associated with neoplasms. PMID: 26675378
  78. There is an inverse relationship between the visfatin and undercarboxylated osteocalcin in type 2 diabetes patients with diabetic kidney disease. PMID: 26922969
  79. The results demonstrated that SAA upregulated Visfatin expression in cultured RAW264.7 macrophages and in the primary monocytes. PMID: 27006946
  80. These findings indicate that genetic variants in PBEF1 gene may modify individual susceptibility to osteoarthritis in the Chinese population. PMID: 26752339
  81. An increased level of visfatin was a strong risk factor for both early and advanced colorectal cancer in Chinese patients PMID: 23910020
  82. revealed increased likelihood of metabolic and dyslipidemic manifestations in obese compared to non-obese PCOS patients, while no significant difference was noted in visfatin and resistin levels among PCOS patients in terms of co-morbid obesity and in comparison to controls PMID: 26967765
  83. Study demonstrated that NAMPT, VEGF and HER2 were overexpressed in breast tumors as well as in the serum and their circulating levels declined after tumor removal, suggesting a clinical application of this triplet as biomarker for breast cancer diagnosis. PMID: 26531769
  84. NAMPT could contribute to systemic and plaque inflammation in atherosclerotic disorders at least partly through effect on macrophages PMID: 26402139
  85. The review aims to provide a better understanding of the role of visfatin during pregnancy and the causes of its alteration in maternal plasma PMID: 26451650
  86. The expression of PFKFB3, PFKFB4, NAMPT, and TSPAN13 is strongly up-regulated in pediatric glioma. PMID: 27491149
  87. extracellular NAMPT can be actively released by melanoma cells in vitro. PMID: 26358657
  88. We now report that NAMPT/PBEF induces lung NFkappaB transcriptional activities and inflammatory injury via direct ligation of Toll-like receptor 4 (TLR4). PMID: 26272519
  89. A cycle of Mud Bath Therapy in patients with bilateral knee osteoarthritis can modify serum levels of adiponectin and resistin but not the circulating levels of visfatin. PMID: 25750093
  90. There was a positive correlation between visfatin and BAFF serum levels in myositis patients but a negative correlation was observed in healthy subjects PMID: 26886056
  91. Visfatin levels might be a useful biomarker for predicting CSF in patients undergoing diagnostic coronary angiography. PMID: 25939438
  92. Rs9034 T allele and CT genotype were associated with increased dilated cardiomyopathy risk. PMID: 26389889
  93. Increased Nicotinamide Phosphoribosyltransferase is associated with Rhabdomyosarcomas and Leiomyosarcomas. PMID: 26851003
  94. Visfatin levels were lower in underweight children compared to controls, but the values were not statistically significant PMID: 25915077
  95. In acromegaly, visfatin could be considered a useful index of disease activity and metabolic alterations, such as insulin resistance and adipose dysfunction, regardless of the type of treatment. PMID: 26188992
  96. Complex roles of NAMPT under both normal and cerebral ischemic conditions. PMID: 26059356
  97. The effects of IGF-1 on steroidogenesis via the expression of intelectin-1 and NAMPT in human granulosa-lutein cells are reported. PMID: 24943040
  98. PBEF regulates the expression of inflammatory factors and AQP1 through the MAPK pathways. PMID: 26178576
  99. Results show that visfatin enhances the migration and invasion of osteosarcoma cells via the NF-kappaB/Snail-1/epithelial-mesenchymal transition pathway. PMID: 26062797
  100. NAMPT gene variants previously found to associate among Indian children did not associate with risk of obesity or obesity-related quantitative measures among Caucasian children and juvenile men from Denmark. PMID: 26558825

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Subcellular Location Nucleus, Cytoplasm, Secreted
Protein Families NAPRTase family
Tissue Specificity Expressed in large amounts in bone marrow, liver tissue, and muscle. Also present in heart, placenta, lung, and kidney tissues.
Database Links

HGNC: 30092

OMIM: 608764

KEGG: hsa:10135

STRING: 9606.ENSP00000222553

UniGene: Hs.489615

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