GLCE Antibody

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  • Western blot
    All lanes: GLCE antibody at 12µg/ml
    Lane 1: Rat liver tissue
    Lane 2: Mouse kidney tissue
    Goat polyclonal to rabbit IgG at 1/10000 dilution
    Predicted band size: 71 kDa
    Observed band size: 71 kDa

  • Immunohistochemistry of paraffin-embedded human appendix tissue using CSB-PA009492LA01HU at dilution of 1:100

  • Immunohistochemistry of paraffin-embedded human liver tissue using CSB-PA009492LA01HU at dilution of 1:100

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Product Details

Full Product Name
Rabbit anti-Homo sapiens (Human) GLCE Polyclonal antibody
Uniprot No.
Target Names
Alternative Names
GLCE antibody; KIAA0836 antibody; D-glucuronyl C5-epimerase antibody; EC antibody; Heparan sulfate C5-epimerase antibody; Hsepi antibody; Heparin/heparan sulfate:glucuronic acid C5-epimerase antibody; Heparosan-N-sulfate-glucuronate 5-epimerase antibody
Raised in
Species Reactivity
Human, Mouse, Rat
Recombinant Human D-glucuronyl C5-epimerase protein (29-617AA)
Immunogen Species
Homo sapiens (Human)

The GLCE Antibody (Product code: CSB-PA009492LA01HU) is Non-conjugated. For GLCE Antibody with conjugates, please check the following table.

Available Conjugates
Conjugate Product Code Product Name Application
HRP CSB-PA009492LB01HU GLCE Antibody, HRP conjugated ELISA
FITC CSB-PA009492LC01HU GLCE Antibody, FITC conjugated
Biotin CSB-PA009492LD01HU GLCE Antibody, Biotin conjugated ELISA
Purification Method
>95%, Protein G purified
It differs from different batches. Please contact us to confirm it.
Preservative: 0.03% Proclin 300
Constituents: 50% Glycerol, 0.01M PBS, PH 7.4
Tested Applications
Recommended Dilution
Application Recommended Dilution
WB 1:1000-1:5000
IHC 1:20-1:200
Troubleshooting and FAQs
Upon receipt, store at -20°C or -80°C. Avoid repeated freeze.
Lead Time
Basically, we can dispatch the products out in 1-3 working days after receiving your orders. Delivery time maybe differs from different purchasing way or location, please kindly consult your local distributors for specific delivery time.

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Sample type: cells

Review: KM plot for patients in the high and low GLCE expression groups of GSE63155.

By Anonymous

Target Background

Converts D-glucuronic acid residues adjacent to N-sulfate sugar residues to L-iduronic acid residues, both in maturing heparan sulfate (HS) and heparin chains. This is important for further modifications that determine the specificity of interactions between these glycosaminoglycans and proteins.
Gene References into Functions
  1. Results show that overexpression of Hsepi alone resulted in an unexpected increase in heparan sulfate (HS) chain length. A Hsepi point-mutant (Y168A), devoid of catalytic activity, failed to affect chain length. Moreover, the effect of Hsepi overexpression on HS chain length was abolished by simultaneous overexpression of 2OST. PMID: 27511124
  2. The obtained data suggest an involvement of GLCE rs3865014 in breast cancer development. Heterozygous AG genotype might be a risk factor for breast cancer susceptibility in Siberian women and is associated with aggressive ER-negative and triple-negative cancer subtypes. PMID: 28734894
  3. The GLCE gene polymorphism rs3865014 appears to have biological relevance in human pathophysiology. PMID: 27699767
  4. C5-epimerase and 2-O-sulfotransferase in association generate extended domains of consecutive GlcNS-IdoA2S Sequence. PMID: 25594747
  5. GLCE may be used as a potential model to study the functional role of intratumor cell heterogeneity in prostate cancer progression. PMID: 24403231
  6. activation of angiogenesis as a main molecular mechanism of pro-oncogenic effect of GLCE in prostate cancer. PMID: 24264315
  7. positive correlation between miRNA-218 and GLCE mRNA, and negative correlation between miRNA-218 and GLCE protein levels in breast tissues and primary tumors in vivo, supporting a direct involvement of miRNA-218 in posttranscriptional regulation of GLCE PMID: 22968430
  8. Chondroitin-glucuronate C5-epimerase is a potential candidate for tumour antigen with immunogenicity and the peptides derived from this antigen could be useful in hepatocellular carcinoma immunotherapy. PMID: 22830596
  9. A correlation was observed between D-glucuronyl C5-epimerase (GLCE), TCF4 and beta-catenin expression in breast cancer cells and primary tumors, suggesting an important role for TCF4/beta-catenin in regulating GLCE expression both in vitro and in vivo. PMID: 22805760
  10. The biphasic mode of C(5)-epi offers a novel mechanism to regulate the biosynthesis of HS with the desired biological functions. PMID: 22528493
  11. Loss of D-glucuronyl C-5 epimerase is associated with small-cell lung cancer. PMID: 21654676
  12. SNPs in GLCE are associated with triglyceride and HDL-C levels in Turks, and mouse studies support a role for glce in lipid metabolism. PMID: 21488854
  13. The regulation of GLCE expression by 2 cis-acting elements of the beta-catenin-TCF4 complex located in the enhancer region of the promoter are reported. PMID: 15853773
  14. in 82-84% of human breast tumors there is either downregulation or loss of D-glucuronyl C5-epimerase mRNA expression and significant decrease of the protein content PMID: 17985344

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Subcellular Location
Golgi apparatus membrane; Single-pass type II membrane protein.
Protein Families
D-glucuronyl C5-epimerase family
Database Links

HGNC: 17855

OMIM: 612134

KEGG: hsa:26035

STRING: 9606.ENSP00000261858

UniGene: Hs.183006

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