Recombinant Mouse Interleukin-7 protein (Il7) (Active)

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>96% as determined by SDS-PAGE.
Less than 1.0 EU/μg as determined by LAL method.
Fully biologically active when compared to standard. The ED50 as determined by a cell proliferation assay using murine 2E8 cells is less than 0.2 ng/ml, corresponding to a specific activity of >5.0x106 IU/mg.
Target Names
Uniprot No.
Research Area
Alternative Names
Il7; Il-7; Interleukin-7; IL-7
Mus musculus (Mouse)
Expression Region
Complete Sequence
Mol. Weight
14.9 kDa
Protein Length
Full Length of Mature Protein
Tag Info
Lyophilized powder
Lyophilized from a 0.2 µm filtered PBS, pH 7.4, 2 % trehalose
We recommend that this vial be briefly centrifuged prior to opening to bring the contents to the bottom. Please reconstitute protein in deionized sterile water to a concentration of 0.1-1.0 mg/mL.We recommend to add 5-50% of glycerol (final concentration) and aliquot for long-term storage at -20°C/-80°C. Our default final concentration of glycerol is 50%. Customers could use it as reference.
Troubleshooting and FAQs
Storage Condition
Store at -20°C/-80°C upon receipt, aliquoting is necessary for mutiple use. Avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles.
Shelf Life
The shelf life is related to many factors, storage state, buffer ingredients, storage temperature and the stability of the protein itself.
Generally, the shelf life of liquid form is 6 months at -20°C/-80°C. The shelf life of lyophilized form is 12 months at -20°C/-80°C.
Lead Time
5-10 business days
Repeated freezing and thawing is not recommended. Store working aliquots at 4°C for up to one week.
Datasheet & COA
Please contact us to get it.

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Target Background

Hematopoietic growth factor capable of stimulating the proliferation of lymphoid progenitors. It is important for proliferation during certain stages of B-cell maturation.
Gene References into Functions
  1. We engineered CAR-T cells to express interleukin (IL)-7 and CCL19 (7 x 19 CAR-T cells), as these factors are essential for the maintenance of T-cell zones in lymphoid organs... Following treatment of mice with 7 x 19 CAR-T cells, both recipient conventional T cells and administered CAR-T cells generated memory responses against tumors. PMID: 29505028
  2. A key role of the IL7 and Interferon type I receptor axis in the regulation of intratumoral t-cell functions and in the development of primary breast tumor growth and metastasis. PMID: 29070614
  3. BMP4 and IL7 appear to be involved in the interaction between intestinal epithelial cells and intestinal epithelial cells and in the mechanism underlying intestinal mucosal barrier dysfunction. PMID: 29436597
  4. This finding warrants future development of IL-21 and IL-7 co-expressing whole-cell cancer vaccines and their relevant combinatorial regimens. PMID: 27571893
  5. both Flt3 ligand (FL) and IL-7 regulate B-cell commitment in a permissive manner: FL by inducing proliferation of Ly6D(+)CD135(+)CD127(+)CD19(-) progenitors and IL-7 by providing survival signals to these progenitors PMID: 27911806
  6. the in vivo biological role of m(6)A modification in T-cell-mediated pathogenesis and reveals a novel mechanism of T cell homeostasis and Il-7 signal-dependent induction of mRNA degradation PMID: 28792938
  7. IL-7/IL-7R signaling pathway plays a possible role in recurrent pregnancy loss by upregulating Th17 immunity while downregulating Treg immunity. PMID: 27767237
  8. this study shows that IL-7 homeostasis is achieved through consumption by multiple subsets of innate and adaptive immune cells PMID: 28723549
  9. lymphatic vessel expansion occurs in two distinct phases; the first wave of expansion is dependent on IL-7; the second phase, responsible for leukocyte exit from the glands, is regulated by lymphotoxin (LT)betaR signaling PMID: 27474071
  10. DNM2 mutations cooperate with Lmo2 T-cell oncogenes by enhancing IL-7 signalling. PMID: 27118408
  11. IL-7 responsiveness in RTE is designed to maximize survival at the expense of reduced proliferation, consistent with RTE serving as a subpopulation of T cells rich in diversity but not in frequency. PMID: 27129922
  12. Expression of IL-7 is beneficial for induction of potent and long-lasting humoral immune responses. PMID: 28100620
  13. findings support a redundant role for adaptive Th17 cell- and innate gammadeltaT17 cell-derived IL17 in bacteria-induced colon carcinogenesis, stressing the importance of therapeutically targeting the cytokine itself rather than its cellular sources PMID: 26880802
  14. functional Gimap5 is required for optimal signaling through TCR and IL-7R in T cells. PMID: 27023180
  15. continuous IL7 signaling was not required for tumor regression, although LIP of naive CD8+ T cells is usually regulated by IL7 PMID: 26880265
  16. IL7 represses the follicular helper T cell gene program. PMID: 26743592
  17. This study uncovers the metabolic mechanisms by which IL-7 tailors the metabolism of memory T cells to promote their longevity and fast response to rechallenge. PMID: 25957683
  18. IL-7 reduced IRAK-M expression and attenuated immune tolerance induced by either LPS or CpGA PMID: 26218271
  19. Poly I:C induces IL-7 production, early inflammatory responses, and characteristic pathologies of SS-like dacryoadenitis in non-autoimmune-prone C57BL/6 mice. PMID: 26658504
  20. Data show that interleukin 7 (IL-7) signaling is a prerequisite for optimal CD4(+) T cell activation. PMID: 26319414
  21. reduced surface expression of IL-7R and concomitant limited responsiveness to IL-7 signals as a common mechanism resulting in reduced cell survival of common lymphoid progenitors and thymocytes at the double-negative to double-positive transition PMID: 26475928
  22. Hair follicle expression of IL-7 was required for CD8+ and CD4+ skin-resident memory T (TRM) cells to exert tropism for the epidermis. In a cutaneous T cell lymphoma model, CD4+ TRM lymphoma cell localization depended on hair follicle-derived IL-7. PMID: 26479922
  23. Data show the contribution of IL-23/IL-23 receptor and IL-7/IL-7 receptor signaling in Th17 and Th1 cell dynamics during experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (EAE). PMID: 26223651
  24. IL-7 plays a major role in innate immunity against Citrobacter rodentium infection. PMID: 26034215
  25. The effects of 6-formylindolo (3,2-b) carbazole (Ficz), a ligand of aryl hydrocarbon receptor, on IL-7 expression, colitis and lymphocyte phenotypes are reported. PMID: 25799939
  26. IL-7 critically acts cooperatively with signaling via the pre-TCR and Notch1 to coordinate proliferation, differentiation and TCRalpha recombination during beta-selection. PMID: 25729925
  27. The enhanced thymic reconstitution in the rIL-7/HGFbeta-treated allogeneic BMT recipients results in increased number and functional activities of peripheral T cells. PMID: 24349415
  28. these results suggest that PU.1 and Spi-B activate Btk to oppose IL-7 responsiveness in developing B cells. PMID: 25505273
  29. Results provided evidence that IL-7/IL-7R induce VEGF-D upregulation and promote lymphangiogenesis via c-Fos/c-Jun pathway in lung cancer. PMID: 24115038
  30. OX40 and IL-7 play synergistic, but distinct roles in the homeostatic proliferation of CD4(+) effector memory T cells PMID: 25103720
  31. IL-7 holds promise as a critical cytokine for selectively inducing Tfh cell generation. PMID: 24899182
  32. NF-kappaB has a role in controlling IL-7 responsiveness of quiescent naive T cells PMID: 24799710
  33. IL-12 induces the expression of IL-7 in microglia and macrophages via both IL-12Rbeta2 and IL-12Rbeta1. PMID: 24224652
  34. Ikaros is a central regulator of IL-7 signaling and pre-B cell development PMID: 24297995
  35. our data point toward an unexpected new role for IL-7 as a potential autocrine mediator of lymphatic drainage PMID: 23963040
  36. KGF could up-regulate IL-7 expression through the STAT1/IRF-1, IRF-2 signaling pathway, which is a new insight in potential effects of KGF on the intestinal mucosal immune system. PMID: 23554911
  37. -7 enhances the Th1 response to promote the development of Sjogren's syndrome-like autoimmune exocrinopathy in mice. PMID: 23666710
  38. IRFs activated by lymphocyte adhesion induce IL-7 transcription through ISRE in stromal cells. PMID: 23376291
  39. our results suggest that thymic epithelial cell-derived IL-7 plays a major role in proliferation, survival, and maturation of thymocytes and is indispensable for gammadelta T cell development PMID: 23686483
  40. We have analyzed the discrete contributions of the antibody constant (Fc) and IL-7-binding (Fab) domains to the mechanism. PMID: 23610371
  41. expression of IL-7/IL-7R is strongly correlated with rheumatoid arthritis activity and ligation of IL-7 to IL-7R contributes to monocyte homing, differentiation of osteoclasts, and vascularization in the collagen-induced arthritis effector phase. PMID: 23606539
  42. IL-7 could be an important mediator in arthritic conditions PMID: 22676399
  43. Cessation of the IL-7 response of pre-B cell signaling components is controlled via a cell-autonomous mechanism that operates at a discrete developmental transition marked by transient expression of c-Myc. PMID: 23420891
  44. Interleukin-7, but not thymic stromal lymphopoietin, plays a key role in the T cell response to influenza A virus. PMID: 23189186
  45. Interleukin-7 supports survival of T-cell receptor-beta-expressing CD4(-) CD8(-) double-negative thymocytes. PMID: 23215679
  46. poly I:C boosts the T cell immune response in the lung by inducing local IL-7 production, which in turn, enhances T cell-derived IFN-gamma to promote macrophage recruitment, CXCR3 ligand expression, and T cell infiltration. PMID: 23271706
  47. Data show that lymphatic endothelial cells (LECs) are a prominent source of IL-7 both in human and murine lymph nodes. PMID: 22955921
  48. This is the first demonstration that high levels of IL-7 antagonize Notch-1 signaling and suggest that IL-7 may affect T- versus B-lineage choice in the thymus. PMID: 22899673
  49. Although IL-7 is crucial for naive CD4+ T cell homeostatic proliferation in response to lymphopenia, it has minimal impact on the homeostatic proliferation of regulatory CD4+ (Treg) cells. PMID: 22933631
  50. These observations establish a key role for IL-7 in the complex mechanisms by which immune mediators modulate metabolic functions. PMID: 22768283

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IL-7/IL-9 family
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