Vitamin B12-BSA conjugate

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Code CSB-MC00491b0105
Product Type Other Small Molecule Antigen
Size 200
Lead Time 3-7 business days
Carrier Protein Bovine serum albumin (BSA)
Tested Applications ELISA, Immune colloidal gold, Immunochromatography
Storage Buffer 0.01mol/L, pH 7.4 PBS
Purification Method Dialysis
Alias Anacobin,berubigen,cobalin,cyanocobalamin,dobetin, vibicon
Protocol may be improved. Please feel free to contact CUSABIO product specialist to obtain the latest version.
Storage Short-term store at 4°C.Long-term store at -20°C. Avoid repeated freeze.
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Q&A and Customer Reviews


I want to know which groups, the -CONH2 or –OH groups of B12 has been modified and linked to BSA. If it is from CONH2 group, we felt very interested in this kind of conjugate.

Thanks for your inquiry. The group -OH is unmodified. The group -CONH2 on B12 is activated and then react with BSA directly.

Thanks for your reply and information. May I also confirm that the –CONH2 is located in the C ring of B12, like the picture located below?
Several patents and Abbott’s paper mentioned that the “e” –CONH2 modification is best for B12-Sepharose to catch the intrinsic factor or use for IVD purpose. So I assumed you also used this modified B12 conjugate to BSA to initialize the strongest immune response for AB production.

Thanks for your response. We can not confirm whether the –CONH2 is located in the C ring of B12. We could only confirm that BSA is conjugated with -CONH2 at one or more positions on Vitamin B12.

I want to see if you could share any information about the conjugation chemistry used and if there is any spacer arm included for CSB-MC00491b0105 -Vitamin B12-BSA. We want to use NHS-biotin to label this item and want to make sure that the NHS chemistry should work with this protein after your conjugation and if we need to have a long spacer arm to avoid steric hinderance.

Thanks for your email.
CSB-MC00491b0105 Vitamin B12-BSA conjugate
This product does not have any connecting arm. The principle of coupling is that NH2 on Vitamin B12 is combined with BSA.
Vitamin B12-BSA synthesized by this combination will affect the binding to NHS-biotin to some extent.
Any more questions, feel free to contact us. Nice day.

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