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  • Western blot analysis of extracts from A549 cells, using Stefin A antibody.
  • Immunohistochemistry analysis of paraffin-embedded human colon carcinoma tissue using Stefin A antibody.
  • Immunofluorescence analysis of A549 cells, using Stefin A antibody.
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Product Details

Full Product Name Rabbit anti-Homo sapiens (Human) CSTA Polyclonal antibody
Uniprot No. P01040
Target Names CSTA
Alternative Names AREI antibody; cstA antibody; Cystatin A antibody; Cystatin AS antibody; Cystatin-A antibody; Cystatin-AS antibody; CYTA_HUMAN antibody; Stefin A antibody; Stefin-A antibody; STF1 antibody; STFA antibody
Raised in Rabbit
Species Reactivity Human
Immunogen Synthesized peptide derived from C-terminal of Human Stefin A.
Immunogen Species Homo sapiens (Human)
Clonality Polyclonal
Purification Method The antibody was affinity-purified from rabbit antiserum by affinity-chromatography using epitope-specific immunogen.
Concentration It differs from different batches. Please contact us to confirm it.
Form Rabbit IgG in phosphate buffered saline (without Mg2+ and Ca2+), pH 7.4, 150mM NaCl, 0.02% sodium azide and 50% glycerol.
Tested Applications ELISA,WB,IHC,IF
Recommended Dilution
Application Recommended Dilution
WB 1:500-1:3000
IHC 1:50-1:100
IF 1:100-1:500
Protocols ELISA Protocol
Western Blotting(WB) Protocol
Immunohistochemistry (IHC) Protocol
Immunofluorescence (IF) Protocol
Troubleshooting and FAQs Antibody FAQs
Storage Upon receipt, store at -20°C or -80°C. Avoid repeated freeze.
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Target Background

This is an intracellular thiol proteinase inhibitor. Has an important role in desmosome-mediated cell-cell adhesion in the lower levels of the epidermis.
Gene References into Functions
  1. High levels of CSTA expression in Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma were correlated with tumor progression and advanced cancer stage, including lymph node metastasis. PMID: 29642180
  2. UV phototoxicity-induced pre-elafin inside keratinocytes prior to cornified envelope formation could be involved in UV-induced keratinocyte apoptosis via cystatin-A downregulation resulting in pro-caspase-3 activation. PMID: 28119996
  3. Identify myoepithelial cell stefin A as a suppressor of early tumor invasion and a candidate marker to distinguish patients who are at low risk of developing invasive breast cancer. PMID: 29086922
  4. Expression of CSTA was detected in some tumor tissues and many tumor-infiltrating immune cells. Cathepsin B expression was also observed in most tumor tissues and tumor-infiltrating immune cells PMID: 28898495
  5. The results suggest that C12orf39, CSTA, and CALCB are novel ATF4 target genes, and that C12orf39 promoter activity is activated by ATF4 through amino acid response element. PMID: 26967115
  6. CSTA/TYROBP gene interaction might play pivotal roles in the occurrence and development of Postmenopausal Osteoporosis . PMID: 26676054
  7. High expression of stefin A may be an important factor contributing to the development and metastasis of Hepatocellular Carcinoma. PMID: 26753874
  8. Both MIP-3alpha and cystatin A overexpressions in NPC tumor tissues were strong independent factors of poor prognosis in NPC patients. PMID: 26634210
  9. a novel pathway of CSTA regulation involving Dsg2 PMID: 25785582
  10. We identified a homozygous nonsense mutation (p.Lys22X) in the CSTA gene in acral peeling skin syndrome. PMID: 23534700
  11. High levels of bioactive recombinant stefins A and B can be produced by fermentation in P. pastoris. PMID: 23656633
  12. Data indicate that desmoplakin (DSP) and cystatin A (CSTA) interaction and insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1), IGF-binding protein 7 (IGFBP7) and syndecan 1 (SDC1) interaction were observed in protein-protein interaction (PPI) network. PMID: 23546957
  13. Imiquimod suppresses propagation of herpes simplex virus 1 by upregulation of cystatin A via the adenosine receptor A1 pathway PMID: 22787201
  14. findings provide a new molecular understanding of the mechanisms of MYOC-causative glaucoma and reveal CSTA, a serum biomarker for cancer, as a potential biomarker and drug for the treatment of MYOC-induced glaucoma PMID: 22615763
  15. study identified loss-of-function mutations in the gene for protease inhibitor cystatin A as the underlying genetic cause of exfoliative ichthyosis PMID: 21944047
  16. CSTA significantly increases the risk of developing psoriasis in HLA-Cw6 individuals PMID: 21412248
  17. Findings establish that genetic variability, smoking, and COPD all influence CSTA expression, as does SCC, supporting the concept that CSTA may make pivotal contributions to NSCLC pathogenesis in early and late stages of disease development. PMID: 21325429
  18. A higher pretreated serum level of cystatin A was found to be associated with a higher nodal stage and poorer prognosis of nasopharyngeal carcinoma patients. PMID: 20461718
  19. Up-regulation of stefin A, an endogenous inhibitor of cathepsin S, was found in inverted papilloma tissues as compared with its expression level in normal sinus mucosa tissues. PMID: 21038029
  20. Cystatin A binds reduced forms of mite group 1 allergens Der f 1 and Der p 1, in which the cysteine residue at the catalytic center of the protease activity is reduced by treatment with L-cysteine but does not bind oxidized forms. PMID: 19933866
  21. crystal structure in complex with cathepsin H PMID: 12581647
  22. The 1,25(OH)(2)D3-responsive element in cystatin A gene is identical to TRE, T2 (-272 to -278). Suppression of Raf-1/MEK1/ERK1,2 signaling pathway increases cystatin A expression of normal human keratinocytes. PMID: 12682854
  23. backbone dynamics of the monomeric and domain-swapped dimeric forms of stefin A by (15)N relaxation using a model-free approach PMID: 14747998
  24. By using ThT fluorescence, X-ray diffraction, and atomic force microscopy (AFM), it has been shown that human stefins A and B (subfamily A of cystatins) form amyloid fibrils PMID: 15048832
  25. No association with psoriasis susceptibility PMID: 15175029
  26. Chimeras of stefinA and B have been prepared and guanidine denaturation curves and folding rates have been examined. PMID: 16342276
  27. only stefins A and B, i.e. type I cystatins, are up-regulated in lung tumours and thus able to counteract harmful tumour-associated proteolytic activity PMID: 16969475
  28. Cystatin A suppresses UVB-induced apoptosis of keratinocytes by the inhibition of caspase 3 activation. PMID: 17412564
  29. +344C allele associated with unstable mRNA could result in failing to protect the skin barrier in atopic dermatitis patients from both exogenous and endogenous proteases. PMID: 17441792
  30. We conclude that Stefin A expression reduces distant metastasis in breast cancer and propose that this may be due to the inhibition of cysteine cathepsins, such as cathepsin B. PMID: 17985332
  31. CSTA TCC haplotype is only associated with psoriasis in those individuals carrying the risk allele at the HLA-Cw6 locus PMID: 18364739
  32. expression of cystatin A is regulated via mitogen-activated protein kinase pathways positively by Ras/MEKK1/MKK7/JNK and negatively by Ras/Raf/MEK1/ERK. PMID: 11451947

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Involvement in disease Peeling skin syndrome 4 (PSS4)
Subcellular Location Cytoplasm.
Protein Families Cystatin family
Tissue Specificity Expressed in the skin throughout the epidermis.
Database Links

HGNC: 2481

OMIM: 184600

KEGG: hsa:1475

STRING: 9606.ENSP00000264474

UniGene: Hs.518198

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