Cusabio provides with small molecule Antigen so you can identify new approaches to improve study designs. Food Safety Small Molecule Antigen can be used for detection and bioactuation.

Small Molecule

CUSABIO small molecule can help you to identify new approaches to improve study designs and anticipate development challenges as they evolve. CUSABIO takes specialized capabilities and extensive resources to develop a small molecule. Combining 7 years of experience in the development of small molecule antibodies, CUSABIO holds a specific expertise in the design of small molecule carrier adducts. Based on our capacities in antigen design, we offer to raise custom small molecule antibodies against a variety of targets.

Small Molecule

Product Name Code Size

Salbutamol-OVA conjugate

CSB-MC00192b0104 1mg

Dehydroepiandrosterone-BSA conjugate

CSB-MC00651b0105 1mg

Estrone-OVA conjugate

CSB-MC00662a0105 1mg

Progesterone-BSA conjugate

CSB-MC00701a0105 1mg

Progesterone-OVA conjugate

CSB-MC00702a0105 1mg

Vitamin B2-BSA conjugate

CSB-MC00631a0105 1mg

Dehydroepiandrosterone-OVA conjugate

CSB-MC00652b0105 1mg

Dehydroepiandrosterone-BSA conjugate

CSB-MC00651a0105 1mg

L(-)-epinephrine-OVA conjugate

CSB-MC00642a0105 1mg

Estradiol-BSA conjugate

CSB-MC00481a0105 1mg

Indole-3-acetic acid-OVA conjugate

CSB-MC00502b0105 1mg

γ-aminobutyric acid-OVA conjugate

CSB-MC00532a0105 1mg

Gibberellin-OVA conjugate

CSB-MC00582a0105 1mg

Melatonin-OVA conjugate

CSB-MC00602a0105 1mg

Cholic acid-OVA conjugate

CSB-MC00552a0105 1mg

Chenodeoxycholic acid-OVA conjugate

CSB-MC00572a0105 1mg

Deoxycholic acid-OVA conjugate

CSB-MC00562a0105 1mg

Dehydroepiandrosterone-OVA conjugate

CSB-MC00652a0105 1mg

Estradiol-OVA conjugate

CSB-MC00482b0105 1mg

Indole-3-acetic acid-BSA conjugate

CSB-MC00501b0105 1mg

γ-aminobutyric acid-BSA conjugate

CSB-MC00531a0105 1mg

Gibberellin-BSA conjugate

CSB-MC00581a0105 1mg

Melatonin-BSA conjugate

CSB-MC00601a0105 1mg

Cholic acid-BSA conjugate

CSB-MC00551a0105 1mg

Chenodeoxycholic acid-BSA conjugate

CSB-MC00571a0105 1mg

Deoxycholic acid-BSA conjugate

CSB-MC00561a0105 1mg

Vitamin B12-OVA conjugate

CSB-MC00492b0105 1mg

Vitamin B12-BSA conjugate

CSB-MC00491b0105 1mg

Abscisic acid-OVA conjugate

CSB-MC00422b0105 1mg

Abscisic acid -BSA conjugate

CSB-MC00421b0105 1mg

Corticosterone-OVA conjugate

CSB-MC00432a0105 1mg

Corticosterone-BSA conjugate

CSB-MC00431a0105 1mg

Testosterone-OVA conjugate

CSB-MC00442a0105 1mg

Testosterone-BSA conjugate

CSB-MC00441a0105 1mg

Cortisol-OVA conjugate

CSB-MC00372b0105 1mg

Cortisol-BSA conjugate

CSB-MC00371b0105 1mg

Dopamine-OVA conjugate

CSB-MC00382a0105 1mg

Dopamine-BSA conjugate

CSB-MC00381a0105 1mg

5-hydroxyindoleacetic acid-OVA conjugate

CSB-MC00392a0105 1mg

5-hydroxyindoleacetic acid-BSA conjugate

CSB-MC00391a0105 1mg

5-hydroxytryptamine-OVA conjugate

CSB-MC00212a0105 1mg

S-Adenosyl-L-homocysteine -OVA conjugate

CSB-MC00242a0105 1mg

S-Adenosyl-L-homocysteine -BSA conjugate

CSB-MC00241a0105 1mg

5-hydroxytryptamine-BSA conjugate

CSB-MC00211a0105 1mg

Sulfamethoxazole-OVA conjugate

CSB-MC00232b0101 1mg

Sulfamethoxazole-BSA conjugate

CSB-MC00231b0101 1mg

Reduced glutathione -OVA conjugate

CSB-MC00362a0105 1mg

Reduced glutathione -BSA conjugate

CSB-MC00361a0105 1mg

Folic acid-OVA conjugate

CSB-MC00272a0105 1mg

Histamine-OVA conjugate

CSB-MC00282a0105 1mg

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