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Species Reactivity



ARHGDIG Antibody, HRP conjugated

CSB-PA858727LB01HU Human ELISA 100μg/50μg

ARHGDIG Antibody

CSB-PA858727LA01HU Human, Mouse ELISA, WB, IHC, IF 100μg/50μg

PEBP4 Antibody, Biotin conjugated

CSB-PA857025LD01HU Human ELISA 100μg/50μg

PEBP4 Antibody, FITC conjugated

CSB-PA857025LC01HU Human 100μg/50μg

PEBP4 Antibody, HRP conjugated

CSB-PA857025LB01HU Human ELISA 100μg/50μg

PEBP4 Antibody

CSB-PA857025LA01HU Human ELISA, IHC 100μg/50μg

PRMT6 Antibody

CSB-PA856972HA01HU Human ELISA, IHC, IF 100μg/50μg

EAF2 Antibody, FITC conjugated

CSB-PA856910LC01HU Human 100μg/50μg

EAF2 Antibody, HRP conjugated

CSB-PA856910LB01HU Human ELISA 100μg/50μg

EAF2 Antibody

CSB-PA856910LA01HU Human, Mouse ELISA, WB, IHC, IF 100μg/50μg

TMC2 Antibody, FITC conjugated

CSB-PA855056LC01HU Human 100μg/50μg

TMC2 Antibody

CSB-PA855056LA01HU Human ELISA, IF 100μg/50μg

CHMP4C Antibody, Biotin conjugated

CSB-PA853396LD01HU Human ELISA 100μg/50μg

CHMP4C Antibody, HRP conjugated

CSB-PA853396LB01HU Human ELISA 100μg/50μg

CHMP4C Antibody

CSB-PA853396LA01HU Human ELISA, IHC 100μg/50μg

APH1A Antibody

CSB-PA853390LA01HU Human ELISA, IF 100μg/50μg

MR1 Antibody, Biotin conjugated

CSB-PA853268LD01HU Human ELISA 100μg/50μg

MR1 Antibody, FITC conjugated

CSB-PA853268LC01HU Human 100μg/50μg

MR1 Antibody, HRP conjugated

CSB-PA853268LB01HU Human ELISA 100μg/50μg

MR1 Antibody

CSB-PA853268LA01HU Human, Mouse ELISA, WB, IHC, IF 100μg/50μg

NEO1 Antibody, Biotin conjugated

CSB-PA852917LD01HU Human ELISA 100μg/50μg

NEO1 Antibody, FITC conjugated

CSB-PA852917LC01HU Human 100μg/50μg

NEO1 Antibody

CSB-PA852917LA01HU Human ELISA, IHC, IF 100μg/50μg

JARID2 Antibody, Biotin conjugated

CSB-PA852915HD01HU Human ELISA 100μg/50μg

JARID2 Antibody, FITC conjugated

CSB-PA852915HC01HU Human 100μg/50μg

JARID2 Antibody

CSB-PA852915HA01HU Human ELISA, IHC, IF 100μg/50μg

EZH1 Antibody

CSB-PA852913DA01HU Human ELISA, IHC 100μg/50μg

Pdgfd Antibody, FITC conjugated

CSB-PA852889LC01MO Mouse 100μg/50μg

Pdgfd Antibody, HRP conjugated

CSB-PA852889LB01MO Mouse ELISA 100μg/50μg

Pdgfd Antibody

CSB-PA852889LA01MO Mouse, Human ELISA, WB, IF 100μg/50μg

SLC16A10 Antibody, FITC conjugated

CSB-PA851563HC01HU Human 100μg/50μg

SLC16A10 Antibody, HRP conjugated

CSB-PA851563HB01HU Human ELISA 100μg/50μg

SLC16A10 Antibody

CSB-PA851563HA01HU Human ELISA, IHC, IF 100μg/50μg

DNAAF3 Antibody, Biotin conjugated

CSB-PA850845LD01HU Human ELISA 100μg/50μg

DNAAF3 Antibody, FITC conjugated

CSB-PA850845LC01HU Human 100μg/50μg

DNAAF3 Antibody, HRP conjugated

CSB-PA850845LB01HU Human ELISA 100μg/50μg

DNAAF3 Antibody

CSB-PA850845LA01HU Human ELISA, IHC, IF 100μg/50μg

KCNK16 Antibody, Biotin conjugated

CSB-PA850434LD01HU Human ELISA 100μg/50μg

KCNK16 Antibody, FITC conjugated

CSB-PA850434LC01HU Human 100μg/50μg

KCNK16 Antibody, HRP conjugated

CSB-PA850434LB01HU Human ELISA 100μg/50μg

KCNK16 Antibody

CSB-PA850434LA01HU Human ELISA, IHC 100μg/50μg

IL4I1 Antibody, Biotin conjugated

CSB-PA850426LD01HU Human ELISA 100μg/50μg

IL4I1 Antibody, FITC conjugated

CSB-PA850426LC01HU Human 100μg/50μg

IL4I1 Antibody, HRP conjugated

CSB-PA850426LB01HU Human ELISA 100μg/50μg

IL4I1 Antibody

CSB-PA850426LA01HU Human, Mouse ELISA, WB, IHC 100μg/50μg

TET1 Antibody, Biotin conjugated

CSB-PA847709HD01HU Human ELISA 100μg/50μg

TET1 Antibody, FITC conjugated

CSB-PA847709HC01HU Human 100μg/50μg

TET1 Antibody, HRP conjugated

CSB-PA847709HB01HU Human ELISA 100μg/50μg

TET1 Antibody

CSB-PA847709HA01HU Human ELISA, IHC 100μg/50μg

GALNT11 Antibody, Biotin conjugated

CSB-PA847687LD01HU Human ELISA 100μg/50μg

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