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Species Reactivity



RNF220 Antibody, HRP conjugated

CSB-PA719619LB01HU Human ELISA 100μg/50μg

RNF220 Antibody

CSB-PA719619LA01HU Human ELISA, IHC 100μg/50μg

HYI Antibody, Biotin conjugated

CSB-PA719395LD01HU Human ELISA 100μg/50μg

HYI Antibody, FITC conjugated

CSB-PA719395LC01HU Human 100μg/50μg

HYI Antibody, HRP conjugated

CSB-PA719395LB01HU Human ELISA 100μg/50μg

HYI Antibody

CSB-PA719395LA01HU Human ELISA, IHC 100μg/50μg

LIN9 Antibody, Biotin conjugated

CSB-PA716370LD01HU Human ELISA 100μg/50μg

LIN9 Antibody, FITC conjugated

CSB-PA716370LC01HU Human 100μg/50μg

LIN9 Antibody, HRP conjugated

CSB-PA716370LB01HU Human ELISA 100μg/50μg

LIN9 Antibody

CSB-PA716370LA01HU Human ELISA, IHC 100μg/50μg

CARMIL1 Antibody

CSB-PA713356LA01HU Human ELISA, IF 100μg/50μg

SPINK9 Antibody, Biotin conjugated

CSB-PA707717LD01HU Human ELISA 100μg/50μg

SPINK9 Antibody, FITC conjugated

CSB-PA707717LC01HU Human 100μg/50μg

SPINK9 Antibody, HRP conjugated

CSB-PA707717LB01HU Human ELISA 100μg/50μg

SPINK9 Antibody

CSB-PA707717LA01HU Human ELISA, IHC 100μg/50μg

ALG10 Antibody

CSB-PA704720LA01HU Human ELISA, IHC 100μg/50μg

C14orf177 Antibody

CSB-PA703583LA01HU Human ELISA, IHC 100μg/50μg

FREM1 Antibody, Biotin conjugated

CSB-PA686013LD01HU Human ELISA 100μg/50μg

FREM1 Antibody, FITC conjugated

CSB-PA686013LC01HU Human 100μg/50μg

FREM1 Antibody, HRP conjugated

CSB-PA686013LB01HU Human ELISA 100μg/50μg

FREM1 Antibody

CSB-PA686013LA01HU Human ELISA, IHC 100μg/50μg

BSX Antibody

CSB-PA664240LA01HU Human ELISA, IHC 100μg/50μg

MPEG1 Antibody, Biotin conjugated

CSB-PA642654LD01HU Human ELISA 100μg/50μg

MPEG1 Antibody, FITC conjugated

CSB-PA642654LC01HU Human 100μg/50μg

MPEG1 Antibody, HRP conjugated

CSB-PA642654LB01HU Human ELISA 100μg/50μg

MPEG1 Antibody

CSB-PA642654LA01HU Human ELISA, IF 100μg/50μg

INF2 Antibody, Biotin conjugated

CSB-PA637740LD01HU Human ELISA 100μg/50μg

INF2 Antibody, FITC conjugated

CSB-PA637740LC01HU Human 100μg/50μg

INF2 Antibody, HRP conjugated

CSB-PA637740LB01HU Human ELISA 100μg/50μg

INF2 Antibody

CSB-PA637740LA01HU Human ELISA, IHC 100μg/50μg

PLCL1 Antibody, FITC conjugated

CSB-PA624015LC01HU Human 100μg/50μg

PLCL1 Antibody

CSB-PA624015LA01HU Human ELISA, IHC, IF 100μg/50μg

PLS1 Antibody, Biotin conjugated

CSB-PA623928LD01HU Human ELISA 100μg/50μg

PLS1 Antibody, FITC conjugated

CSB-PA623928LC01HU Human 100μg/50μg

PLS1 Antibody, HRP conjugated

CSB-PA623928LB01HU Human ELISA 100μg/50μg

PLS1 Antibody

CSB-PA623928LA01HU Human ELISA, WB, IHC, IF, IP 100μg/50μg

DRP2 Antibody, Biotin conjugated

CSB-PA623806LD01HU Human ELISA 100μg/50μg

DRP2 Antibody, FITC conjugated

CSB-PA623806LC01HU Human 100μg/50μg

DRP2 Antibody

CSB-PA623806LA01HU Human ELISA, IF 100μg/50μg

PTPN14 Antibody, Biotin conjugated

CSB-PA623010LD01HU Human ELISA 100μg/50μg

PTPN14 Antibody, FITC conjugated

CSB-PA623010LC01HU Human 100μg/50μg

PTPN14 Antibody, HRP conjugated

CSB-PA623010LB01HU Human ELISA 100μg/50μg

PTPN14 Antibody

CSB-PA623010LA01HU Human ELISA, IF 100μg/50μg

DAZAP2 Antibody, FITC conjugated

CSB-PA622986LC01HU Human 100μg/50μg

DAZAP2 Antibody

CSB-PA622986LA01HU Human, Rat ELISA, WB, IHC, IF 100μg/50μg

QPRT Antibody, Biotin conjugated

CSB-PA621868LD01HU Human ELISA 100μg/50μg

QPRT Antibody, HRP conjugated

CSB-PA621868LB01HU Human ELISA 100μg/50μg

QPRT Antibody

CSB-PA621868LA01HU Human ELISA, IHC, IF 100μg/50μg

KIR2DS5 Antibody, Biotin conjugated

CSB-PA619902LD01HU Human ELISA 100μg/50μg

KIR2DS5 Antibody, FITC conjugated

CSB-PA619902LC01HU Human 100μg/50μg

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