Mouse Leptin receptor,LR/Ob-R ELISA KIT

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Target Name leptin receptor
Alternative Names Lepr ELISA Kit; Db ELISA Kit; ObrLeptin receptor ELISA Kit; LEP-R ELISA Kit; B219 ELISA Kit; OB receptor ELISA Kit; OB-R ELISA Kit; CD antigen CD295 ELISA Kit
Abbreviation LEPR
Uniprot No. P48356
Species Mus musculus (Mouse)
Detection Range Request Information
Sensitivity Request Information
Assay Time 1-5h
Sample Volume 50-100ul
Detection Wavelength 450 nm
Research Area Metabolism
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Storage Store at 2-8°C. Please refer to protocol.
Lead Time 3-5 working days

Target Data

Function Receptor for hormone LEP/leptin (Probable)
Gene References into Functions
  1. Knockin of Lepr in beta cells of Lepr null mice does not prevent hyperinsulinemia and hyperglycemia. PMID: 28580288
  2. Abnormal sex hormone levels of Y123F mice were due to not only decreased gonadotropin levels in the central nervous system, but also ovarian hormone synthase abnormalities in the peripheral gonads. PMID: 29728128
  3. Expression of IGF-1 and LEPR indicates a relevant role in androgenic features reversion present in PCOS, hormonal equilibrium, body weight regulation, and glucose metabolism, therefore, under phenotype obesity and infertility regulation in this model. PMID: 29430464
  4. The leptin-receptor mice is not a proper model for secondary osteoporosis associated with type 2 diabetes mellitus. PMID: 27283954
  5. Data show that leptin receptor deficient (LeprNULL) mice exhibited increased body weight and food intake. PMID: 28938472
  6. This study reports about bone quality and bone turnover mechanisms in leptin receptor-deficient animals. PMID: 26990203
  7. Neurotensin-leptin receptor neurons are important neuronal hubs within the lateral hypothalamic area for hormone-mediated control of ingestive and locomotor behaviors. PMID: 28323938
  8. Identify Lepr(+) stromal lineage cells as the origin of myofibroblasts in primary myelofibrosis and suggest that targeting PDGFRA signalling could be an effective way to treat bone marrow fibrosis. PMID: 28481328
  9. Leptin expression is regulated by DNA methylation in adipocytes. PMID: 27494408
  10. Attenuated leptin-receptor (LEPR) expression is essential for the development and maintenance of acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), and that fasting inhibits ALL development by upregulation of LEPR and its downstream signaling through the protein PR/SET domain 1 (PRDM1). PMID: 27941793
  11. LepRb preoptic area neurons are stimulatory glutamatergic neurons, contrary to prevalent models PMID: 27147656
  12. Leptin receptors on agouti-related peptide neurons modulate the onset of puberty and adult fertility. PMID: 28275162
  13. Leptin/LepR signaling regulates adipogenesis and osteogenesis by mesenchymal stromal cells in the bone marrow in response to diet and adiposity. PMID: 27053299
  14. These data show that leptin directly impairs vascular relaxation via a vascular skeletal muscle-LepR-mediated mechanism, suggesting a potential pathogenic role for leptin to increase cardiovascular risk during obesity. PMID: 26936780
  15. These mice showed an increase in FSH levels, but they remained in a prepubertal state. Together with previous findings, our data indicate that leptin-selective action in gonadotropes serves a role in adult reproductive physiology but is not sufficient to allow pubertal maturation in mice. PMID: 27101301
  16. we report that estradiol has minimal direct actions on LepRb cells in the mediodasal hypothalamus and that its anorexigenic effects can occur entirely independently of LepRb-STAT3 signaling in female mice. PMID: 26937712
  17. leptin/ObRb-mediated signals were enhanced in hypothalamus of GD3S KO mice due to increased a-series gangliosides, leading to the apparently similar features of energy expenditure between the KO and wild type mice PMID: 27644882
  18. Data suggest that hypothalamic leptin/leptin receptor signaling plays a critical role in neurodevelopment, sympathetic activation, and prevention/development of hypertension. [REVIEW] PMID: 27613336
  19. HFD-induced lipotoxicity and deregulated organelle biosynthesis confer cancer stem cell-like properties to the gastric mucosa via signaling pathway mediated by the leptin receptor, leptin, PI3K and beta-catenin PMID: 27693038
  20. Leptin receptor expressing neurons express phosphodiesterase-3B (PDE3B) and leptin induces STAT3 activation in PDE3B neurons in the mouse hypothalamus. PMID: 26297880
  21. JAK-STAT and hormone biosynthesis pathways were involved in the follicular development and ovulation disorders caused by LepR deficiency in ovaries PMID: 26529315
  22. Diet- and Genetically-Induced Obesity Differentially Affect the Fecal Microbiome and Metabolome in Apc1638N Mice PMID: 26284788
  23. Global loss of the leptin receptor results in reduced viral clearance and worse outcomes following influenza A infection. PMID: 25232724
  24. Human and murine pancreatic cancer cell lines were found to express the short as well as the long form of the leptin receptor and functionally responded to leptin induced activation through an increased phosphorylation of AKT473. PMID: 25919692
  25. vital role in the optimization of somatotrope lipolytic function, especially in the young male PMID: 26168341
  26. absence of leptin receptor on thymic epithelial cells or T cells does not lead to the loss of thymic function, demonstrating the thymoprotective effect of leptin is mediated by obesity suppression rather than signalling to the thymus. PMID: 26059465
  27. High LEPR expression is associated with onset of obesity. PMID: 24928195
  28. The newly recognized effect of the leptin receptor Q223R mutation on diminished neutrophil chemotaxis and the impact of this mutation on multiple infectious diseases suggest a broader impact of this mutation on susceptibility to disease. PMID: 25516614
  29. LepR(+) cells are the major source of bone and adipocytes in adult bone marrow PMID: 24953181
  30. Leptin knockouts are hyperphagic and obese, whereas insulin receptor knockouts are similar to controls but double knockouts exhibit higher body weight and adiposity solely due to reduced energy expenditure. PMID: 25125486
  31. This study investigated the importance of fetal genotype (db/+) relative to abnormal maternal metabolism for placental function and therefore fetal growth and offspring health. PMID: 25353183
  32. Leptin receptor deficiency or antagonism profoundly affects metabolism, with little concomitant effects on immune functions. PMID: 25098352
  33. Results suggest that endospanin 1 (also named OB-RGRP) is implicated in obesity development and/or the installation of leptin resistance. PMID: 24784449
  34. Hypoglycemia activates neurons of the parabrachial nucleus that express leptin receptors. PMID: 25383904
  35. A markedly elevated leptin production from inflamed visceral fat could deteriorate beta-cell function via leptin receptor-mediated oxidative stress and cyclooxygenase-2 activation in the development of obesity PMID: 25123537
  36. leptin binding to the Q223R leptin receptor PMID: 24743494
  37. Collectively, these studies highlight the importance of LEP/LEPR to gonadotropes with GnRH-binding sites and activin as potential targets. LEP/LEPR may modulate population growth, adjusting the number of offspring to the availability of food supplies. PMID: 25057790
  38. Obese diabetic mice lacking leptin receptor (db/db) are deficient in postnatal regenerative osteogenesis. PMID: 24343796
  39. Expression of Lepr in the liver, but not in the hypothalamus, was up-regulated in Helz2 knockout mice. PMID: 25004093
  40. LEPR223Arg allele (rs1137101) was associated with higher daily energy intake at 4 years of age. PMID: 24343628
  41. STAT3 is one of the important molecules downstream of LEPR, and LEPR/STAT3 signaling controls tumor cell proliferation. PMID: 24958593
  42. Arcuate nucleus neurons express a functional leptin receptor throughout early postnatal development. PMID: 25057200
  43. Lepr(db/db) mice fed a diet high in unsaturated fat develop weight gain and NASH through adiponectin depletion, which is associated with adipose tissue inflammation and hepatic mitochondrial dysfunction. PMID: 24464605
  44. results demonstrate that leptin receptor is dramatically induced in the granulosa cells of ovulating follicles and this induction of Lepr expression requires the transcription factor CCAAT/enhancer-binding protein beta PMID: 24256641
  45. The worsening of experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis in the astrocyte specific leptin receptor knockout mouse suggests that astrocytic leptin signaling helps to clear infiltrating leukocytes and reduce autoimmune destruction of the CNS. PMID: 23916894
  46. Loss of leptin receptor signaling in close to one-half of alpha-cells does not alter glucose metabolism in vivo, nor is it sufficient to prevent the therapeutic action of leptin in type 1 diabetes. PMID: 24473435
  47. leptin can act directly on its receptors in peripheral tissues to regulate cell proliferation and differentiation PMID: 23967295
  48. SOCS3-deficient epithelial cells in the stomach induce activation of leptin receptor signaling via STAT3 and initiates hyperproliferation, mimics intestinal metaplasia and eventually promotes adenocarcinoma formation. PMID: 23178499
  49. Agrp(-/-) Lepr(db/db) females are fertile and sustain adequate nutrition of pups with lactation to weaning age. PMID: 24169048
  50. 40% of Lepr-deficient (C57BL/KsJ-db/db) mice developed liver tumors after administration of thioacetamide compared with none of the control mice. PMID: 24055508
  51. Genistein stimulates fatty acid oxidation in a leptin receptor-independent manner through the JAK2-mediated phosphorylation and activation of AMPK in skeletal muscle. PMID: 24013029
  52. Leptin receptors in the mouse hippocampus are essential for positive mood states and coping with stress. PMID: 22932068
  53. extended perifornical area galanin-LepRb neurons galanin acts inhibitory rather than orexigenic PMID: 23482448
  54. ObR increased along GFAP+ intermediate filaments in reactive astrocytes in the hippocampus & hypothalamus of mice with EAE. ObRa mRNA was elevated only after resolution of EAE symptoms; it was even decreased at the peak time of EAE symptoms. PMID: 22684620
  55. results suggested that some alleles in GPR37 were related to the deleterious effect of ASD. GPR37 is associated with the dopamine transporter to modulate dopamine uptake, and regulates behavioral responses to dopaminergic drugs PMID: 23251447
  56. Mice with mutant Lepr reduced the percentage of immunolabeled GH cells and serum GH. PMID: 23417423
  57. Leptin plays an important role in regulating cardiac function in the setting of cardiac stress caused by Cre-recombinase expression, likely through actions on cardiomyocyte energy metabolism. PMID: 23115124
  58. TNF-alpha up-regulates protein level and cell surface expression of the leptin receptor by stimulating its export via a PKC-dependent mechanism PMID: 23070544
  59. Data indicate that obese insulin-resistant mice with leptin receptor/protein tyrosine phosphatase 1B mutations (KdbHPTP1B) not only develop hypertension but also present an increase in blood oressure variability. PMID: 23045458
  60. Deletion of Foxo1 from leptin receptor neurons in Lepr(DeltaIrs2) mice normalized energy balance. PMID: 22560222
  61. Endothelial leptin receptor mutation provides partial resistance to diet-induced obesity. PMID: 22323652
  62. Substitution of LepR Tyr985 with Leu985 abrogates LepR-mediated ERK MAP kinase 1/2 activation in mutant mouse lung following infection with Klebsiella pneumoniae. PMID: 22685316
  63. Data show that over-expression of LepRb selectively in POMC neurons increases susceptibility to the development of -induced obesity. PMID: 22276206
  64. In IUGR rats with no catch-up, leptin resistance was associated with low hypothalamic expression of LepRa and LepRb. PMID: 22291999
  65. Robust and selective expression of the receptor for the adipocyte-derived peptide hormone leptin (OB-R) is a characteristic feature of tumor-initiating stem cells. PMID: 22207628
  66. Data suggest that ghrelin and leptin act largely on distinct neuronal populations and that ghrelin receptor deficiency does not affect sensitivity to the anorexigenic and body weight-lowering actions of leptin/leptin receptors. PMID: 21674492
  67. Lepr deficient mice display an anxiogenic-like phenotype in the elevated plus-maze, light-dark box, social interaction and novelty-suppressed feeding tests. Dopamine neurons in the ventral tegmental area revealed an increase in burst firing. PMID: 21483433
  68. the level of the leptin receptor in the hypothalamus of metallothionein-3-null mice was significantly reduced PMID: 21726645
  69. Lack of LepRb-Tyr985 signaling enhances insulin sensitivity partly through increased suppression of hepatic glucose production. PMID: 21521753
  70. we studied the role of the leptin receptor in regulating distinct immune cells during chronic infection PMID: 21859958
  71. Using a transplantable tumor that develops spontaneously in the murine mammary tumor virus-Wnt-1 transgenic mice, we show that tumors transplanted into obese leptin receptor-deficient mice grow to eight times the volume of tumors in wild-type mice. PMID: 21636700
  72. leptin is important for CRC growth in obesity, and acts as a growth factor for CRC at stages subsequent to tumour initiation in colorectal carcinogenesis. PMID: 21406387
  73. The bone phenotype of leptin receptor-deficient (db/db) and wild-type mice was compared using micro-computed tomographic (microCT) analysis of the proximal tibias and vertebrae. PMID: 21328476
  74. These results indicate that leucine affects leptin receptor expression in muscle cells via the mTOR signaling pathway. PMID: 20151325
  75. the Rho kinase-dependent component of myometriual contractions was greater in leptin receptor deficient db/+ mice, along with an increased expression of Rho kinase. PMID: 21558549
  76. When Lepr was deleted from glucagon-like 1 peptide-expressing neurons in the nucleus tractus solitarius, mice became hyperphagic, gained weight, had a higher metabolic rate, but had normal glucose homeostasis. PMID: 21606595
  77. Co-localization of LepRb and TRHR1 is not observed on individual fibers in the hindbrain but these two fiber types co-mingle in vagal and reticular nuclei. PMID: 20691166
  78. There is a critical role for ObR in the arcuate nucleus in mediating the sympathetic nerve responses to leptin and in the adverse sympathoexcitatory effects of leptin in obesity. PMID: 21311043
  79. Leptin receptor-deficient mice exhibit reduced BDNF expression in the hippocampus in a glucocorticoid-dependent fashion, while hypothalamic BDNF expression is reduced via glucocorticoid-independent mechanisms. PMID: 21160171
  80. leptin receptor-mediated STAT3-independent signaling pathways confer protection against atherosclerosis PMID: 21067751
  81. This study evaluated whether neuropeptide Y or agouti-related protein affect hyperphagia and energy metabolism in leptin receptor-deficient mice. PMID: 21285324
  82. selective loss of leptin receptor signaling emanating from tyrosine985 enhances the cardiovascular and renal sympathetic effects of leptin. PMID: 21263121
  83. After MI, ObRKO mice displayed a loss of cardiac STAT3 and AMPK signalling. Worse survival and cardiac morbidity were also seen in the ObRKO mouse post-MI. PMID: 20833647
  84. The role of leptin receptor-->STAT3 signaling in the innate immune response against bacterial infection of the lung is compared to the responses of wild-type and mutant s/s mice in a murine model of pneumococcal pneumonia. PMID: 21148797
  85. Cut-like homeobox 1 (CUX1) regulates expression of the fat mass and obesity-associated and retinitis pigmentosa GTPase regulator-interacting protein-1-like (RPGRIP1L) genes and coordinates leptin receptor signaling. PMID: 21037323
  86. The specific ablation of the Lepr exon 17 gene in somatotropes resulted in GH deficiency with a consequential reduction in lipolytic activity normally maintained by growth hormone and increased adiposity. PMID: 21084451
  87. Lepr signaling is a negative modulator of bone mechanosensitivity. PMID: 20851886
  88. results suggest that leptin induces lipid oxidation in skeletal muscle through the JAK2/p38 MAPK/STAT3 signaling pathway via not only Ob-R(L) but also Ob-R(S) PMID: 20601111
  89. Knockout of leptin receptor in vitro Decreases Mineralization and Increases Adipogenesis of Primary Stromal Cells PMID: 20506495
  90. This study provided evidence that Lepr in POMC neurons, although important for leptin's effect on the regulation of body fat accumulation and glucose homeostasis. PMID: 20193700
  91. VIP knockout mouse taste cells show a significant decrease in leptin receptor expression and elevated expression of glucagon-like peptide 1, which may explain sweet taste preference of VIP knockout mice. PMID: 20150284
  92. Leptin receptor mice show a subtle trend toward higher body weight and insulin levels, lower oxygen, carbon dioxide production, respiratory exchange ratio and temperature suggesting the short isoforms may play an additional role in energy homeostasis. PMID: 19582570
  93. Results unmask distinct binary roles for leptin receptor Tyr985-mediated signaling in energy metabolism, acting as an age/diet-dependent regulatory switch to counteract age-associated or diet-induced obesity. PMID: 20086094
  94. The db gene heterozygote, but not homozygote, acquires a compensatory mechanism suppressing beta-cell apoptosis and augmenting the capacity of beta-cell function. PMID: 19706988
  95. Vagal afferent neurones that express the cholecystokinin type A receptor and cocaine- and amphetamine-related transcript, may also express the long form of the leptin receptor. PMID: 11801369
  96. Expression of the Lepr gene revealed transcripts in the yok sac and various CNS and mesoderm-derived tissues. Later, it is made near the eye of embryos and adults. PMID: 11980179
  97. effects of changing type and amount of dietary fats on leptin receptor mRNA expression PMID: 12006366
  98. presence of the long leptin receptor isoform in the absorptive cells of the small intestine, suggesting that leptin could have a physiological role in the regulation of nutrient absorption PMID: 12010881
  99. Intracellular amino acids 31-36 of LRb play a critical role in Jak2 activation and contain a loose homology motif found in other Jak2-activating cytokine receptors. PMID: 12196522
  100. role in natural killer (NK) cell development evidenced by decline in NK cells in the liver, spleen, lung, and peripheral blood PMID: 12413939

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Subcellular Location Cell membrane, Single-pass type I membrane protein, Basolateral cell membrane, SUBCELLULAR LOCATION: Isoform E: Secreted
Protein Families Type I cytokine receptor family, Type 2 subfamily
Tissue Specificity Isoform A: highest level of expression in lung and kidney, also present in heart, brain, spleen, liver, muscle, choroid plexus and hypothalamus. Isoform B: highest levels of expression in hypothalamus and lower levels in brain, testes and adipose tissue.
Database Links

KEGG: mmu:16847

STRING: 10090.ENSMUSP00000037385

UniGene: Mm.259282

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