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  • Western Blot analysis of HepG2 cells using Integrin α3 Polyclonal Antibody
  • Western Blot analysis of 293 HepG2 RAT-STOMACH cells using Integrin α3 Polyclonal Antibody
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Product Details

Uniprot No.
Target Names
Alternative Names
AA407068 antibody; Antigen identified by monoclonal antibody J143 antibody; CD49 antigen like family member C antibody; CD49 antigen-like family member C antibody; CD49c antibody; CD49c antigen antibody; FLJ34631 antibody; FLJ34704 antibody; FRP 2 antibody; FRP-2 antibody; FRP2 antibody; Galactoprotein B3 antibody; GAP B3 antibody; GAPB3 antibody; Integrin alpha 3 antibody; Integrin alpha-3 light chain antibody; Integrin, alpha 3 (antigen CD49C, alpha 3 subunit of VLA-3 receptor) antibody; ITA3_HUMAN antibody; ITGA 3 antibody; Itga3 antibody; MSK18 antibody; VCA 2 antibody; VCA2 antibody; Very late activation protein 3 receptor alpha 3 subunit antibody; VL3A antibody; VLA 3 alpha chain antibody; VLA 3 subunit alpha antibody; VLA-3 subunit alpha antibody; VLA3a antibody
Raised in
Species Reactivity
Synthesized peptide derived from the Internal region of Human Integrin α3.
Immunogen Species
Homo sapiens (Human)
Purification Method
The antibody was affinity-purified from rabbit antiserum by affinity-chromatography using epitope-specific immunogen.
It differs from different batches. Please contact us to confirm it.
Liquid in PBS containing 50% glycerol, 0.5% BSA and 0.02% sodium azide.
Tested Applications
Recommended Dilution
Application Recommended Dilution
WB 1:500-1:2000
ELISA 1:40000
Troubleshooting and FAQs
Upon receipt, store at -20°C or -80°C. Avoid repeated freeze.
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Target Background

Integrin alpha-3/beta-1 is a receptor for fibronectin, laminin, collagen, epiligrin, thrombospondin and CSPG4. Integrin alpha-3/beta-1 provides a docking site for FAP (seprase) at invadopodia plasma membranes in a collagen-dependent manner and hence may participate in the adhesion, formation of invadopodia and matrix degradation processes, promoting cell invasion. Alpha-3/beta-1 may mediate with LGALS3 the stimulation by CSPG4 of endothelial cells migration.; (Microbial infection) Integrin ITGA3:ITGB1 may act as a receptor for R.delemar CotH7 in alveolar epithelial cells, which may be an early step in pulmonary mucormycosis disease progression.
Gene References into Functions
  1. Bioinformatics analysis identifies ITGA3 as an oncogene in human tongue cancer. PMID: 30128883
  2. these findings suggest that ITGA3 may play a role as a potential oncogene in intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma (ICC)and suppression of ITGA3 expression may establish a novel target for guiding the therapy of ICC patients. PMID: 29511671
  3. ITGA3 mutation is responsible in the development of epidermolysis bullosa. PMID: 26854491
  4. This study reports a variant of ILNEB syndrome in two siblings differing from the previously reported patients in the lack of nephrotic impairment and survival beyond childhood; they are the first reported compound heterozygous for ITGA3 mutations. PMID: 27717396
  5. Our study elucidates the molecular mechanisms of miR-101/ITGA3 pathway in regulating nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC)metastasis and angiogenesis, and the systemic delivery of miR-101 provides a potent evidence for the development of a novel microRNA-targeting anticancer strategy for NPC patients. PMID: 28102841
  6. findings identify a novel physiological context for combinatorial integrin signaling, laying the foundation for therapeutic strategies that manipulate alpha9beta1 and/or alpha3beta1 during wound healing PMID: 28416479
  7. Results showed that ITGA3 was directly regulated by miR-199 family in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma cells (HNSCC). Its knockdown significantly inhibited cancer cell migration and invasion by HNSCC cells. PMID: 28612520
  8. our studies clearly provide evidence that aberrant expression of sFRP2 can contribute to the invasive and metastatic potential for osteosarcoma. PMID: 27821163
  9. High ITGA3 expression is associated with bladder cancer. PMID: 28324890
  10. Competition binding and infection experiments and biochemical assays pointed out alphaVbeta1 and alpha3beta1 to be of importance for human adenovirus-37 infection of corneal tissue. PMID: 27974569
  11. The results suggested that podocyte detachment during early stage of diabetic nephropathy is mediated through upregulation of alpha3beta1-integrin. PMID: 27340677
  12. Expression of the alpha3-Integrin splice variants in the brain PMID: 26788840
  13. the role of the CD151-alpha3beta1 complex in carcinoma progression is context dependent, and may depend on the mode of tumor cell invasion. PMID: 26418968
  14. In high grade DCIS, when stratified according to the HER2 status, in the HER2-negative subgroup, CD151 assessed in combination with alpha3beta1 was significantly correlated with prognosis. PMID: 26464707
  15. Data show that CD151 protein (CD151)-alpha3beta1 integrin complexes cooperated with epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) to drive tumor cell motility. PMID: 26377974
  16. CTGF blocks integrin alpha3beta1-dependent adhesion of cancer cells. PMID: 24985492
  17. based on the interaction motifs in Sdc1 and Sdc4, called synstatins (SSTN210-240 and SSTN87-131) competitively displace the receptor tyrosine kinase and alpha3beta1 integrin from the syndecan with an IC50 of 100-300 nm PMID: 26350464
  18. studies suggest that the presence and spacing of the RGD and synergy sites modulate integrin alpha3beta1 binding to Fn PMID: 26318455
  19. ITGA3 translocation to the plasma membrane suppressed by hypoxia through inhibition of glycosylation facilitated cell invasion in A431. PMID: 25078904
  20. our study demonstrates that CD151-alpha3beta1 integrin complexes regulate ovarian tumor growth by repressing Slug-mediated epithelial to mesenchymal transition and Wnt signaling PMID: 25356755
  21. ITGA3, ITGA6, ITGB3,ITGB4 and ITGB5 are associated with GC susceptibility (rs2675), ITGA3, ITGA6, ITGB3, ITGB4 and ITGB5 are associated with gastric cancer susceptibility tumor stage and lymphatic metastasis in Chinese Han population PMID: 25472585
  22. NOX4 is highly predictive of relapse in stage II left-side colon cancer, whereas integrin alpha 3 beta 1 (ITGA3) is predictive of relapse in stage II right-side colon cancer. PMID: 25096929
  23. integrin-alpha3 mutation confers major renal developmental defects PMID: 24621570
  24. Findings show that alpha3 integrin is essentially involved in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC) cell radioresistance. PMID: 25497870
  25. COX2 and alpha3 are correlated in invasive ductal carcinoma independently of hormone receptor status or other clinicopathologic features, supporting the hypothesis that integrin alpha3beta1 is a determinant of COX2 expression in human breast cancer. PMID: 24950714
  26. Integrin alpha3beta1 mediates regulation of COX2 mRNA stability in human breast cancer cells. PMID: 24434582
  27. endothelial integrin alpha3beta1 stabilizes tumor/endothelial cell adhesion and induces the formation of macromolecular signaling complex activating several major signaling pathways in endothelial cells. PMID: 24675526
  28. ITGA3 gene polymorphism is associated with with susceptibility of osteosarcoma. PMID: 24381140
  29. Two types of metastatic trait were found in OSCC: locoregional dissemination, which was reflected by high-ITGA3/CD9, and distant metastasis through hematogenous dissemination, uniquely distinguished by high-ITGB4/JUP. PMID: 24006899
  30. The interaction between ephrin-As, Eph receptors and integrin alpha3 is plausibly important for the crosstalk between Eph and integrin signalling pathways at the membrane protrusions and in the migration of brain cancer cells. PMID: 23686814
  31. High integrin alpha 3 expression is associated with malignant pleural mesothelioma. PMID: 24084442
  32. study concluded that ITGA3 is a potential molecular marker for cells undergoing enhanced epithelial-mesenchymal transition as well as for cancer cells with aggressive phenotypes; integrin alpha3 likely plays a crucial role in the progression of both cancer cells and fibroblastic cells in cancer microenvironments PMID: 23786209
  33. the calf-1 domain is required for the transport of alpha3 from the ER to the Golgi apparatus to maintain the integrity of epithelial tissues, and hence the impairment of the calf-1 domain by the R628P mutation leads to severe diseases of the kidneys, lungs, and skin. PMID: 24220332
  34. Suggest that fibronectin fine tunes LM332-mediated migration by boosting bronchiolar cell adhesion to substrate via integrin alpha3beta1 integrin. PMID: 23590307
  35. Data indicate that alpha3beta1 and the tetraspanin CD151 directly associate at the front and retracting rear of polarised migrating breast carcinoma cells. PMID: 22986527
  36. Both CD9/CD81-silenced cells and CD151-silenced cells showed delayed alpha3beta1-dependent cell spreading on laminin-332. PMID: 23613949
  37. These results showed evidence of Borrelia burgdorferi BB0172 localization in the outer membrane, the orientation of the vWFA domain to the extracellular environment, and its function as a metal ion-dependent integrin-binding protein. PMID: 23687274
  38. CD151 is positively associated with the invasiveness of HGC, and CD151 or the combination of CD151 and integrin alpha3 is a novel marker for predicting the prognosis of HGC patient. PMID: 23533596
  39. Integrin alpha3 contributes to the invasive nature of glioma stem-like cell via ERK1/2, which renders integrin alpha3 a prime candidate for anti-invasion therapy for glioblastoma. PMID: 23652300
  40. Data indicate that Slug siRNA suppressed the TGF-beta1-induced integrin alpha3beta1-mediated cell migration ability of squamous cell carcinoma HSC-4 cells. PMID: 23248240
  41. Data show that TIMP-2-mediated inhibition of vascular endothelial cell permeability involves an integrin alpha3beta1-Shp-1-cAMP/protein kinase A-dependent vascular endothelial cadherin cytoskeletal association. PMID: 23074279
  42. Most actinic cheilitis cases showed reduced expression of integrin alpha 3 and superficially invasive squamous cell carcinoma lacked intergrin alpha 3 in the invasive front. PMID: 22917688
  43. Loss of alpha3 integrin-adenomatous poliposis coli interaction promotes endothelial apoptosis. PMID: 23011394
  44. These results suggest that Ets-1 is involved in transcriptional activation of the alpha3 integrin gene through its binding to the Ets-consensus sequence at -133 bp PMID: 23094960
  45. We identified three patients with homozygous mutations in the integrin alpha(3) gene that were associated with disrupted basement-membrane structures and compromised barrier functions in kidney, lung, and skin. PMID: 22512483
  46. With increased tension cytoskeletal stress fibers develop that contain alphaSMA and alphavbeta3 integrin that replaces alpha2beta1 integrin, consistent with cell switching from collagen to non-collagen proteins interactions. PMID: 21530503
  47. radiation treatment enhances the migration of meningioma cells with the involvement of alpha3beta1 integrin-mediated signaling via FAK and ERK. PMID: 21455571
  48. Studies have shown that ITGA3 plays a key role during cortical development, involved in neuronal migration and placement, as well as cortical layering PMID: 21182210
  49. U937 macrophage responses to the TLR2 ligand, Pam3CSK4, are dependent upon integrin alpha3beta1. PMID: 20877569
  50. Proliferation activity and malignant grade of meningiomas were increased with decreased expression of integrin-alpha(3), and down-regulation of integrin-alpha(3) mRNA was associated with the invasive biological behaviors in meningiomas. PMID: 19224172

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Involvement in disease
Interstitial lung disease, nephrotic syndrome, and epidermolysis bullosa, congenital (ILNEB)
Subcellular Location
Cell membrane; Single-pass type I membrane protein. Cell membrane; Lipid-anchor. Cell projection, invadopodium membrane; Single-pass type I membrane protein. Cell projection, filopodium membrane; Single-pass type I membrane protein.
Protein Families
Integrin alpha chain family
Tissue Specificity
Isoform 1 is widely expressed. Isoform 2 is expressed in brain and heart. In brain, both isoforms are exclusively expressed on vascular smooth muscle cells, whereas in heart isoform 1 is strongly expressed on vascular smooth muscle cells, isoform 2 is det
Database Links

HGNC: 6139

OMIM: 605025

KEGG: hsa:3675

STRING: 9606.ENSP00000007722

UniGene: Hs.265829

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