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Product Name:

NCK1 Antibody

Product Type : Polyclonal Antibody
Code : CSB-PA015530DSR2HU
Size : US$167
Uniprot NO. : P16333
Storage : Upon receipt, store at -20°C or -80°C. Avoid repeated freeze.
Image :
  • All lanes: Cytoplasmic protein NCK1 antibody at 4ug/ml+rat liver tissue
    Goat polyclonal to rabbit at 1/10000 dilution
    Predicted band size: 43,36 kDa
    Observed band size: 43 kDa
  • Immunohistochemistry of paraffin-embedded human tonsil using CSB-PA015530DSR2HU at dilution 1:100
  • Immunohistochemistry of paraffin-embedded human rectal cancer using CSB-PA015530DSR2HU at dilution 1:100
Immunogen : Recombinant human Cytoplasmic protein NCK1 protein (58-377AA)
Raised in : Rabbit
Species Reactivity : Human,Rat
Tested Applications : ELISA,WB,IHC;Recommended dilution:WB:1:500-2000,IHC:1:20-1:200
Relevance : Adapter protein which associates with tyrosine-phosphorylated growth factor receptors, such as KDR and PDGFRB, or their cellular substrates. Maintains low levels of EIF2S1 phosphorylation by promoting its dephosphorylation by PP1. Plays a role in the DNA damage response, not in the detection of the damage by ATM/ATR, but for efficient activation of downstream effectors, such as that of CHEK2. Plays a role in ELK1-dependent transcriptional activation in response to activated Ras signaling. Modulates the activation of EIF2AK2/PKR by dsRNA. May play a role in cell adhesion and migration through interaction with ephrin receptors.
Form : Liquid
Conjugate : Non-conjugated
Storage Buffer : PBS with 0.02% sodium azide, 50% glycerol, pH7.3.
Purification method : Antigen Affinity purified
Isotype : IgG
Clonality : Polyclonal
Alias : NCK adaptor protein 1,Nck-1,SH2/SH3 adaptor protein NCK-alpha,NCK1,NCK
Species : Human
Target details : This protein is one of the signaling and transforming proteins containing Src homology 2 and 3 (SH2 and SH3) domains. It is located in the cytoplasm and is an adaptor protein involved in transducing signals from receptor tyrosine kinases to downstream signal recipients such as RAS.
HGNC : 7664
RGD : 1310688
MGI : 109601
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