Recombinant Mouse Nitric oxide synthase, inducible (Nos2), partial

Code CSB-YP015943MO
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Source Yeast
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Code CSB-EP015943MO
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Source E.coli
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Code CSB-EP015943MO-B
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Source E.coli
Conjugate Avi-tag Biotinylated
E. coli biotin ligase (BirA) is highly specific in covalently attaching biotin to the 15 amino acid AviTag peptide. This recombinant protein was biotinylated in vivo by AviTag-BirA technology, which method is BriA catalyzes amide linkage between the biotin and the specific lysine of the AviTag.
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Code CSB-BP015943MO
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Source Baculovirus
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Source Mammalian cell
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>85% (SDS-PAGE)
Target Names
Uniprot No.
Alternative Names
Nos2; InoslNitric oxide synthase; inducible; EC; Inducible NO synthase; Inducible NOS; iNOS; Macrophage NOS; MAC-NOS; NOS type II; Peptidyl-cysteine S-nitrosylase NOS2
Mus musculus (Mouse)
Protein Length
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Lyophilized powder
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Buffer before Lyophilization
Tris/PBS-based buffer, 6% Trehalose, pH 8.0
We recommend that this vial be briefly centrifuged prior to opening to bring the contents to the bottom. Please reconstitute protein in deionized sterile water to a concentration of 0.1-1.0 mg/mL.We recommend to add 5-50% of glycerol (final concentration) and aliquot for long-term storage at -20℃/-80℃. Our default final concentration of glycerol is 50%. Customers could use it as reference.
Troubleshooting and FAQs
Storage Condition
Store at -20°C/-80°C upon receipt, aliquoting is necessary for mutiple use. Avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles.
Shelf Life
The shelf life is related to many factors, storage state, buffer ingredients, storage temperature and the stability of the protein itself.
Generally, the shelf life of liquid form is 6 months at -20°C/-80°C. The shelf life of lyophilized form is 12 months at -20°C/-80°C.
Lead Time
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Repeated freezing and thawing is not recommended. Store working aliquots at 4°C for up to one week.
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Target Background

Produces nitric oxide (NO) which is a messenger molecule with diverse functions throughout the body. In macrophages, NO mediates tumoricidal and bactericidal actions. Also has nitrosylase activity and mediates cysteine S-nitrosylation of cytoplasmic target proteins such PTGS2/COX2. As component of the iNOS-S100A8/9 transnitrosylase complex involved in the selective inflammatory stimulus-dependent S-nitrosylation of GAPDH implicated in regulation of the GAIT complex activity and probably multiple targets including ANXA5, EZR, MSN and VIM. Involved in inflammation, enhances the synthesis of proinflammatory mediators such as IL6 and IL8.
Gene References into Functions
  1. these data show a role for iNOS-produced reactive oxygen species in maintaining homeostasis of the gut microbiota PMID: 29210363
  2. Results suggest that dopaminergic modulation of striatal function is altered in the iNOS KO mice. These alterations may be related to the decreased expression and activation of astrocytes and microglia in the iNOS KO mice. In conclusion, the phenotype profile of iNOS mutant mice corroborates iNOS constitutive function. PMID: 29751018
  3. The role of miR-294 and miR-721 in the regulation of NOS2 expression during Leishmania replication in infected macrophages pointing these miRNAs as potential new targets for drug development. PMID: 28276497
  4. Our results uncover the molecular mechanism behind the constricted regulation of Nos2 expression and open new therapeutic opportunities based on epigenetic activities of caspase-1 against infectious and inflammatory diseases. PMID: 28150715
  5. Data suggest that, in biocatalytic cycle of iNos, deferred ET (electron tunneling) from substrate or undue ET from/to cofactor leads to side products. These studies involved quantum mechanics, DFT (Density Functional Theory), thermodynamics, nondynamical electron correlation, and molecular modeling. PMID: 29407906
  6. iNOS-derived nitric oxide plays a role in telogen elongation under the inflammatory conditions associated with diabetes in mice. PMID: 29763605
  7. IFN-gamma-iNOS axis are an essential pathway in the pathogenesis of arenavirus hemorrhagic fever. PMID: 28826838
  8. Results demonstrate that TLR2 signal plays an important role in the regulation of iNOS expression after C. sinensis infection. TLR2 signal is also beneficial to limiting worm growth and development and contributing to the susceptibility to C. sinensis in which the iNOS/NO reactions possibly participate. PMID: 28784165
  9. Influence of 1mM MbetaCD on the fenoterol-driven changes in both contractility and NO level was strongly attenuated by inhibition of Gi-protein (pertussis toxin), Akt (Akt 1/2 kinase inhibitor) or NO-synthase (L-NAME)..Obtained results suggest that slight cholesterol depletion upregulates Gi-protein/Akt/NO-synthase signaling that attenuates the positive inotropic response to b2-adrenergic stimulation PMID: 27170493
  10. Diphenyleneiodonium selectively interacts with heme protein of iNOS, inhibiting nitric oxide production. PMID: 26880746
  11. omega-alkynyl arachidonic acid may promote the anti-inflammatory M2 polarization of macrophages in acute myocardial infarction via regulating the cross-talk between PKM2, HIF-1alpha and iNOS. PMID: 28964797
  12. Inducible nitric oxide synthase (NOS2)-deficiency enhanced survival and reduced tumor severity in genetically engineered mouse model of pancreatic cancer (KPC mouse). PMID: 27367029
  13. These results suggested that Fyn has a regulatory role in iNOS expression in astrocytes during neuroinflammatory responses. PMID: 29180007
  14. Inducible NO synthase (iNOS) mRNA levels were significantly increased immediately after exposure to hypergravity. PMID: 27174912
  15. Downregulation of inducible NO synthetase (iNOS) resulted in downregulation of heme oxygenase 1 (HO-1), and, conversely, upregulation of iNOS enhanced HO-1 activity. PMID: 27752990
  16. results indicate that in addition to its function in caveolae biogenesis, Cavin-2 plays a critical role in endothelial cell maintenance and function by regulating eNOS activity. PMID: 28912276
  17. iNOS is not involved in the cardioprotective effects of late-phase remote preconditioning of trauma. PMID: 26450997
  18. Data (including data from studies using knockout mice) suggest that expression of iNOS mRNA/protein is elevated in liver cytosol/mitochondria in sepsis; these changes are related to enhanced oxidative/nitrosative stress in liver in sepsis; absence of iNOS (but not nNOS) prevents impairment of liver mitochondria during sepsis; melatonin/antioxidant treatment prevents liver damage. PMID: 28110436
  19. PHLPP1 reduced IFN-gamma-stimulated but not LPS-induced ERK1/2 phosphorylation, and inhibition of ERK1/2 abolished IFN-gamma-induced ser(727) STAT1 phosphorylation and iNOS expression. PMID: 24443556
  20. this study shows that knockout of Nos2 in mice lacking Arginase1 ameliorates allergic contact hypersensitivity PMID: 28747341
  21. Aortic Nos2 levels were higher in Adamts1-deficient mice and in a mouse model of Marfan syndrome. PMID: 28067899
  22. iNOS plays a critical role in burn-induced Sirt1 S-nitrosylation and acetylation and activation of p65 NF-kappaB and p53 in mouse skeletal muscle. PMID: 28099528
  23. gammadelta T cells express NOS2 not only in vitro after t-cell receptor triggering, but also directly ex vivo. Nos2 deficient mice have fewer gammadelta T cells in peripheral lymph nodes than their wild-type counterparts, and these cells exhibit a reduced ability to produce IL-2. the inactivation of endogenous NOS2 significantly reduced gammadelta T cell proliferation and glycolysis metabolism that can be restored in ... PMID: 27812136
  24. this study shows that iNOS-derived oxidative stress plays a key role in psoriasis induced kidney dysfunction PMID: 28249219
  25. stability of LPS-induced iNOS mRNA was increased by GlcN under normal glucose conditions. These results suggest that GlcN regulates inflammation by sensing energy states of normal and fuel excess. PMID: 27927986
  26. this study shows that all-trans retinoic acid enhancement of neutrophil differentiation is iNOS-dependent PMID: 28189972
  27. H2S recruits iNOS to generate NO to inhibit high glucose-induced NOX4 expression, oxidative stress, and matrix protein accumulation in renal epithelial cells; the two gasotransmitters H2S and NO and their interaction may serve as therapeutic targets in diabetic kidney disease. PMID: 28188286
  28. Valine/Isoleucine mutation differentially affects catalytic steps in mammalian and bacterial nitric oxide synthases. PMID: 28074650
  29. M1-polarized macrophages significantly downregulated S1P4. The expression of the remaining three S1P receptors did not change. S1P increased expression of iNOS under M2-polarizing conditions. PMID: 28367448
  30. identify iNOS/NO as an integral component of IFN-beta production in response to dsRNA in hepatocytes in a pathway that involves the coordinated activities of TLR3/Trif and PKR PMID: 27226571
  31. The effect of thalidomide is induced by the inhibition of NOS enzyme predominantly iNOS. PMID: 27899254
  32. deletion or TNF-mediated restriction of Arg1 unleashes the production of nitric oxide by NOS2, which is critical for pathogen control. PMID: 27117406
  33. inhibition of inflammation increases lymphatic vessel density, decreases perilymphatic iNOS expression, increases lymphatic vessel pumping frequency, and restores lymphatic clearance of interstitial fluid to normal levels. PMID: 26796537
  34. The higher iNOS inhibition activity of the tested Schiff bases, relative to that of COX-2, seems to be a reflection of the combined suppressive effects exerted by their nalidixic acid, isatins (4a-c), and l-amino acid moieties against iNOS expression. PMID: 27092477
  35. elevated gene expression in allergic mice is downregulated with anti-interleukin 33 antibodies PMID: 26489077
  36. NOS2, while critical to the development of the acute inflammatory response to injury, is also necessary to control the late phase response to bleomycin. PMID: 26526764
  37. IFNgamma-dependent expression of NOS2 in the brain contributes to BBB breakdown and early mortality in murine PM. PMID: 26418460
  38. The role of NO and/or iNOS in rabies infection in mice and its effects on other immune molecules PMID: 26690069
  39. Inhibition of iNOS expression enhanced the therapeutic efficacy of alpha-galactosylceramide by increasing tumor antigen-specific immune response and the suppression of MDSCs. PMID: 26496031
  40. Amomum tsao-ko fruit extract suppresses lipopolysaccharide-induced inducible nitric oxide synthase by inducing heme oxygenase-1 in macrophages and in septic mice. PMID: 26852687
  41. Alcohol induces upregulation of iNOS in the intestine and iNOS signaling is required for muR-212 overexpression. PMID: 26207424
  42. In mice, Collagen-induced arthritis appears to increase the presence of iNOS in aorta, as well as in heart and in kidney microcirculation. PMID: 26456019
  43. iNOS activity controls inflammation, angiogenesis, and fibrogenesis in polyether-polyurethane synthetic implants. PMID: 26106257
  44. The findings demonstrated a substantial role of mitochondrial dysfunction in mediating the downregulation of NKCC2 and ENaCalpha in obstructive kidney disease, possibly via iNOS-derived nitric oxide and BNP. PMID: 26207612
  45. oxLDL induced iNOS expression inhibits macrophage-derived foam cell migration PMID: 24858340
  46. COX-2 is necessary to protect against tubular injury and apoptosis after unilateral ureteral obstruction but not necessary to protect against oxidative stress PMID: 26671967
  47. Glabridin downregulated iNOS mRNA expression and activity in LPS-stimulated macrophage-like cells under chronic glucose stress. PMID: 25737160
  48. Calmodulin (CaM) is essential but not indispensible for the assembly of iNOS and such CaM-free iNOS may help in elucidating the role of CaM on iNOS catalysis. PMID: 25822458
  49. novel roles for Ifngamma and Nos2 in regulating Actin, Tubulin, CD11b, motility and morphology during the aggregation response of adherent peritoneal exudate PMID: 26029930
  50. Data show that the activation of mammalian target of rapamycin complex mTORC1 during encephalomyocarditis virus infection is chemokine (C-C) receptor 5-dependent and promotes the translation of inducible NO synthase (iNOS) and cyclooxygenase (COX)-2. PMID: 26408666

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Subcellular Location
Cytoplasm, cytosol.
Protein Families
NOS family
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