Cusabio offers RT-PCR Primers, Clone, and Tools Enzyme for Molecular Biology research.

Molecular Biology Product

Besides owning professional R & D team of small molecule antigen synthesis and advanced experimental facilities, we also cooperate with Wuhan University and Huazhong Agricultural University, and employ experienced researchers to be our technical consultants. All of these advantages can ensure all the projects to be finished successfully. CusAb small molecule antigen products include food safety, drug residues, and diagnostic reagents for both human and animal. Each product got in the process of this small molecule antigen synthesis will undergo strict test to ensure that we can provide customer products with the best quality.

Molecular Biology Product

Product Name Code Size

Mouse Gdf5 Primer Pair 2

CSB-PP00934921m 25T

Human FOS Primer Pair

CSB-PP00879011h 25T

Human CREB1 Primer Pair 2

CSB-PP00594721h 25T

Mouse Fgf1 Primer Pair 3

CSB-PP00861531m 25T

Mouse Fgf1 Primer Pair 1

CSB-PP00861511m 25T

Human COL4A3 Primer Pair 2

CSB-PP00574321h 25T

Human CLEC3B Primer Pair

CSB-PP00553111h 25T

Human C6 Primer Pair

CSB-PP00403611h 25T

Human C5 Primer Pair 2

CSB-PP00399521h 25T

Human BMP3 Primer Pair

CSB-PP00273911h 25T

Porcine CS Primer Pair 2

CSB-PP00603121P 25T

Mouse Gpc4 Primer Pair 1

CSB-PP00970611m 25T

Human MGP Primer Pair

CSB-PP01378911h 25T

Human PHB Primer Pair

CSB-PP01788511h 25T

Mouse Phb Primer Pair 2

CSB-PP01788521m 25T

Human CS Primer Pair 2

CSB-PP00603121h 25T

Human BDH1 Primer Pair

CSB-PP00264811h 25T

Human STAT3 Primer Pair 3

CSB-PP02281231h 25T

Human STAT3 Primer Pair 1

CSB-PP02281211h 25T

Human KIAA1524 Primer Pair

CSB-PP01226511h 25T

Human PLA1A Primer Pair 1

CSB-PP01808411h 25T

Human HNRNPF Primer Pair 1

CSB-PP01060811h 25T

Mouse Hist1h2bm Primer Pair 1

CSB-PP01041311m 25T

Rat Gstp1 Primer Pair 1

CSB-PP00998911r 25T

Human GFAP Primer Pair

CSB-PP00936911h 25T

Human AKR1B1 Primer Pair 2

CSB-PP00153921h 25T

Human LRBA Primer Pair 5

CSB-PP01307051h 25T

Human LRBA Primer Pair 3

CSB-PP01307031h 25T

Human LRBA Primer Pair 1

CSB-PP01307011h 25T

Mouse Apoe Primer Pair 2

CSB-PP00193621m 25T

Human PTGS2 Primer Pair

CSB-PP01898611h 25T

Mouse Tpt1 Primer Pair

CSB-PP02413411m 25T

Human IVL Primer Pair

CSB-PP01192211h 25T

Human HPD Primer Pair 1

CSB-PP01069811h 25T

Human GRIN2B Primer Pair

CSB-PP00991311h 25T

Human CXCR4 Primer Pair 2

CSB-PP00625421h 25T

Chicken STX6 Primer Pair 1

CSB-PP02290211C 25T

Human STX6 Primer Pair 1

CSB-PP02290211h 25T

Mouse Serping1 Primer Pair 2

CSB-PP02108621m 25T

Rat Reln Primer Pair

CSB-PP01955711r 25T

Human GRIN2D Primer Pair

CSB-PP00991511h 25T

Chicken GAPDH Primer Pair 1

CSB-PP00923211C 25T

Rat Cltb Primer Pair

CSB-PP00559211r 25T

Human CASP14 Primer Pair 1

CSB-PP00454611h 25T

Human VAMP7 Primer Pair 1

CSB-PP02578511h 25T

Human SYT1 Primer Pair 2

CSB-PP02302921h 25T

Human RYR1 Primer Pair 2

CSB-PP02061921h 25T

Human MAPK1 Primer Pair

CSB-PP01344811h 25T

Human HMOX1 Primer Pair 2

CSB-PP01058321h 25T

Human HAVCR2 Primer Pair

CSB-PP01014511h 25T


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