Cusabio offers RT-PCR Primers, Clone, and Tools Enzyme for Molecular Biology research.

Molecular Biology Product

Besides owning professional R & D team of small molecule antigen synthesis and advanced experimental facilities, we also cooperate with Wuhan University and Huazhong Agricultural University, and employ experienced researchers to be our technical consultants. All of these advantages can ensure all the projects to be finished successfully. CusAb small molecule antigen products include food safety, drug residues, and diagnostic reagents for both human and animal. Each product got in the process of this small molecule antigen synthesis will undergo strict test to ensure that we can provide customer products with the best quality.

Molecular Biology Product

Product Name Code Size

Mouse Gpx3 Primer Pair 2

CSB-PP00986821m 25T

Human GPX3 Primer Pair

CSB-PP00986811h 25T

Human CDR2 Primer Pair

CSB-PP00510311h 25T

Mouse Pou5f1 Primer Pair

CSB-PP01840211m 25T

Human KCND3 Primer Pair 3

CSB-PP01202431h 25T

Human KCND3 Primer Pair 1

CSB-PP01202411h 25T

Chicken TGFB1 Primer Pair 1

CSB-PP177811C 25T

Rat Csf2 Primer Pair

CSB-PP175311r 25T

Human PNMA2 Primer Pair 1

CSB-PP01826711h 25T

Human KCNQ1 Primer Pair 2

CSB-PP01208721h 25T

Human KCNF1 Primer Pair

CSB-PP01203011h 25T

Human KCNA4 Primer Pair 2

CSB-PP01200921h 25T

Human ELAVL4 Primer Pair

CSB-PP00759511h 25T

Human DLAT Primer Pair 2

CSB-PP00692621h 25T

Mouse Bcl2 Primer Pair 2

CSB-PP00261121m 25T

Human RYR3 Primer Pair 1

CSB-PP02062111h 25T

Human KCND1 Primer Pair 3

CSB-PP01202231h 25T

Human KCNA1 Primer Pair 1

CSB-PP01200511h 25T

Human DNMT3A Primer Pair 3

CSB-PP00708331h 25T

Human DNMT3A Primer Pair 1

CSB-PP00708311h 25T

Human C1QTNF3 Primer Pair

CSB-PP00364811h 25T

Human ADIPOR1 Primer Pair 3

CSB-PP00136731h 25T

Human ADIPOR1 Primer Pair 1

CSB-PP00136711h 25T

Human TGFBI Primer Pair

CSB-PP179111h 25T

Rat Il18 Primer Pair 1

CSB-PP176111r 25T

Human TOP1 Primer Pair 2

CSB-PP02405621h 25T

Human TLR4 Primer Pair 2

CSB-PP02360321h 25T

Human TARDBP Primer Pair

CSB-PP02312911h 25T

Human SSB Primer Pair 1

CSB-PP02270511h 25T

Human DHRS9 Primer Pair

CSB-PP00686711h 25T

Human C1QB Primer Pair

CSB-PP00363811h 25T

Human C1QA Primer Pair 2

CSB-PP00363721h 25T

Human ATP1A1 Primer Pair 3

CSB-PP181231h 25T

Human ATP1A1 Primer Pair 1

CSB-PP181211h 25T

Human AKR1C1 Primer Pair 1

CSB-PP00154211h 25T

Human CASP8 Primer Pair 1

CSB-PP181011h 25T

Human GJA1 Primer Pair 2

CSB-PP179821h 25T

Rat S100b Primer Pair

CSB-PP170811r 25T

Mouse Lingo1 Primer Pair 2

CSB-PP01296721m 25T

Human HARS Primer Pair 2

CSB-PP01013721h 25T

Mouse Prokr1 Primer Pair 3

CSB-PP177531m 25T

Mouse Prokr1 Primer Pair 1

CSB-PP177511m 25T

Human CDH1 Primer Pair

CSB-PP062311h 25T

Human RAB7B Primer Pair 1

CSB-PP01922011h 25T

Human RAB10 Primer Pair 2

CSB-PP01915221h 25T

Human MAT1A Primer Pair 2

CSB-PP01351621h 25T

Human ATP1A3 Primer Pair 2

CSB-PP181321h 25T

Porcine SFTPC Primer Pair 2

CSB-PP180821p 25T

Porcine SFTPB Primer Pair 2

CSB-PP180521p 25T

Human TEP1 Primer Pair 3

CSB-PP180431h 25T


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