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Molecular Biology Product

Molecular Biology Product

Besides owning professional R & D team of small molecule antigen synthesis and advanced experimental facilities, we also cooperate with Wuhan University and Huazhong Agricultural University, and employ experienced researchers to be our technical consultants. All of these advantages can ensure all the projects to be finished successfully. CusAb small molecule antigen products include food safety, drug residues, and diagnostic reagents for both human and animal. Each product got in the process of this small molecule antigen synthesis will undergo strict test to ensure that we can provide customer products with the best quality.

Molecular Biology Product

Product Name Code Size
Mouse Cry1 Primer Pair 2 CSB-PP00600521m 25T
Human MYH8 Primer Pair 2 CSB-PP01530221h 25T
Bovine NAGPA Primer Pair CSB-PP01541711B 25T
Human PRG2 Primer Pair 2 CSB-PP01867021h 25T
Human CTNND1 Primer Pair 2 CSB-PP00617221h 25T
Human MSMB Primer Pair CSB-PP01504611h 25T
Mouse Ctsg Primer Pair 2 CSB-PP00619021m 25T
Human BLCAP Primer Pair 2 CSB-PP00271221h 25T
Human C4A Primer Pair 1 CSB-PP00394911h 25T
Human CAP1 Primer Pair 1 CSB-PP00448611h 25T
Human HNRNPA1 Primer Pair 1 CSB-PP01060011h 25T
Rat Hsd3b1 Primer Pair CSB-PP01078111r 25T
Human MGLL Primer Pair CSB-PP01378711h 25T
Human PRKDC Primer Pair 2 CSB-PP01871421h 25T
Mouse Prkdc Primer Pair CSB-PP01871411m 25T
Mouse Ttr Primer Pair 2 CSB-PP02527021m 25T
Human WNT5B Primer Pair CSB-PP02613911h 25T
Human WNT7B Primer Pair 2 CSB-PP02614221h 25T
Human BRCA2 Primer Pair 3 CSB-PP00279631h 25T
Human BRCA2 Primer Pair 5 CSB-PP00279651h 25T


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