Cusabio offers RT-PCR Primers, Clone, and Tools Enzyme for Molecular Biology research.

Molecular Biology Product

Besides owning professional R & D team of small molecule antigen synthesis and advanced experimental facilities, we also cooperate with Wuhan University and Huazhong Agricultural University, and employ experienced researchers to be our technical consultants. All of these advantages can ensure all the projects to be finished successfully. CusAb small molecule antigen products include food safety, drug residues, and diagnostic reagents for both human and animal. Each product got in the process of this small molecule antigen synthesis will undergo strict test to ensure that we can provide customer products with the best quality.

Molecular Biology Product

Product Name Code Size

Human CAP1 Primer Pair 2

CSB-PP00448621h 25T

Human HNRNPA1 Primer Pair 2

CSB-PP01060021h 25T

Human IGLC2 Primer Pair

CSB-PP01145311h 25T

Human PRKDC Primer Pair 1

CSB-PP01871411h 25T

Human PRKDC Primer Pair 3

CSB-PP01871431h 25T

Human SRD5A2 Primer Pair 1

CSB-PP02265411h 25T

Mouse Ttr Primer Pair 1

CSB-PP02527011m 25T

Mouse Ttr Primer Pair 3

CSB-PP02527031m 25T

Human WNT7B Primer Pair 1

CSB-PP02614211h 25T

Human BRCA2 Primer Pair 2

CSB-PP00279621h 25T

Human BRCA2 Primer Pair 4

CSB-PP00279641h 25T

Human BRCA2 Primer Pair 6

CSB-PP00279661h 25T

Human CDKN1A Primer Pair 1

CSB-PP00508611h 25T

Rat Ctsk Primer Pair

CSB-PP00619211r 25T

Mouse Ctsk Primer Pair 2

CSB-PP00619221m 25T

Rabbit CTSK Primer Pair 1

CSB-PP00619211Rb 25T

Rabbit CTSK Primer Pair 3

CSB-PP00619231Rb 25T

Human GNAT2 Primer Pair

CSB-PP00959911h 25T

Human PCK1 Primer Pair 2

CSB-PP01761321h 25T

Human NUP210 Primer Pair 4

CSB-PP01619541h 25T

Human NUP210 Primer Pair 2

CSB-PP01619521h 25T

Human NRG3 Primer Pair

CSB-PP01607911h 25T

Human MAOB Primer Pair

CSB-PP01339911h 25T

Rat Il1rapl1 Primer Pair

CSB-PP01162411r 25T

Mouse Rorc Primer Pair 2

CSB-PP02007121m 25T

Mouse Tgfb1 Primer Pair

CSB-PP02344611m 25T

Mouse Wnt3a Primer Pair

CSB-PP02613611m 25T

Human GLIPR1 Primer Pair 1

CSB-PP00950311h 25T

Human GOT1 Primer Pair

CSB-PP00967911h 25T

Human HBG1 Primer Pair

CSB-PP01015511h 25T

Human NPR3 Primer Pair

CSB-PP01602511h 25T

Human PIK3CB Primer Pair 2

CSB-PP01799921h 25T

Human RORC Primer Pair

CSB-PP02007111h 25T

Human SEMG1 Primer Pair 2

CSB-PP021001211h 25T

Human IGFALS Primer Pair

CSB-PP01109411h 25T

Human COL6A3 Primer Pair

CSB-PP00575311h 25T

Human SNRPC Primer Pair

CSB-PP02233111h 25T

Human SEMG2 Primer Pair 2

CSB-PP02100221h 25T

Mouse Eno1 Primer Pair 2

CSB-PP00767021m 25T

Human HMGCR Primer Pair 2

CSB-PP01056521h 25T

Human IL36G Primer Pair

CSB-PP01162011h 25T

Human JAK2 Primer Pair 1

CSB-PP01193111h 25T

Human JAK2 Primer Pair 3

CSB-PP01193131h 25T

Mouse Jak2 Primer Pair 2

CSB-PP01193121m 25T

Mouse Plp1 Primer Pair 1

CSB-PP01820211m 25T

Mouse Plp1 Primer Pair 3

CSB-PP01820231m 25T

Human SP7 Primer Pair

CSB-PP02244811h 25T

Mouse Itgal Primer Pair

CSB-PP01187511m 25T

Mouse Abcb4 Primer Pair

CSB-PP00105011m 25T

Human CD3D Primer Pair 2

CSB-PP00493021h 25T


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