Cusabio offers RT-PCR Primers, Clone, and Tools Enzyme for Molecular Biology research.

Molecular Biology Product

Besides owning professional R & D team of small molecule antigen synthesis and advanced experimental facilities, we also cooperate with Wuhan University and Huazhong Agricultural University, and employ experienced researchers to be our technical consultants. All of these advantages can ensure all the projects to be finished successfully. CusAb small molecule antigen products include food safety, drug residues, and diagnostic reagents for both human and animal. Each product got in the process of this small molecule antigen synthesis will undergo strict test to ensure that we can provide customer products with the best quality.

Molecular Biology Product

Product Name Code Size

Rat Vcam1 Primer Pair 2

CSB-PP167221r 25T

Mouse Igf1 Primer Pair 2

CSB-PP166721m 25T

Rat Col3a1 Primer Pair 2

CSB-PP161821r 25T

Rat Col1a1 Primer Pair 4

CSB-PP161741r 25T

Human HLA-DRB1 Primer Pair 1

CSB-PP179411h 25T

Human HLA-DRA Primer Pair 1

CSB-PP179311h 25T

Human LOX Primer Pair 1

CSB-PP169011h 25T

Arabidopsis thaliana PAL2 Primer Pair 1

CSB-PP168311Pl 25T

Arabidopsis thaliana PAL1 Primer Pair 2

CSB-PP168221Pl 25T

Human MAPK8 Primer Pair

CSB-PP167511h 25T

Human IL18BP Primer Pair 1

CSB-PP167311h 25T

Rat Bdnf Primer Pair

CSB-PP166311r 25T

Chicken VTG2 Primer Pair 4

CSB-PP163641C 25T

Rat Hdac4 Primer Pair

CSB-PP159411r 25T

Guinea Pig TNF Primer Pair

CSB-PP156711Gp 25T

Rat Ifng Primer Pair

CSB-PP155711r 25T

Bovine ANG1 Primer Pair 1

CSB-PP146711B 25T

Human CTAG1A Primer Pair

CSB-PP1679111h 25T

Human NANOG Primer Pair

CSB-PP1635111h 25T

Human IKBKB Primer Pair 1

CSB-PP163011h 25T

Human NR2C2 Primer Pair 1

CSB-PP162611h 25T

Human RFT2 Primer Pair 2

CSB-PP161921h 25T

Human AQP1 Primer Pair

CSB-PP160811h 25T

Human RPA4 Primer Pair`3

CSB-PP162431h 25T

Human RPA4 Primer Pair`1

CSB-PP162411h 25T

Human RPA3 Primer Pair 1

CSB-PP162311h 25T

Chicken RTBDN Primer Pair 1

CSB-PP162211C 25T

Human RNASE3 Primer Pair 1

CSB-PP127811h 25T

Human AQP7 Primer Pair

CSB-PP161511h 25T

Human WEE1 Primer Pair 1

CSB-PP160511h 25T

Human LCMT1 Primer Pair 2

CSB-PP160321h 25T

Human MYT1 Primer Pair

CSB-PP160211h 25T

Human BAD Primer Pair 1

CSB-PP159911h 25T

Rat Mef2a Primer Pair 1

CSB-PP159511r 25T

Human PRKCA Primer Pair

CSB-PP158511h 25T

Human HPRT1 Primer Pair 3

CSB-PP158231h 25T

Human HPRT1 Primer Pair 1

CSB-PP158211h 25T

Human PRKCD Primer Pair

CSB-PP158911h 25T

Human AKT1 Primer Pair

CSB-PP159011h 25T

Rat Tnf Primer Pair 2

CSB-PP156521r 25T

Human EIF4A1 Primer Pair 1

CSB-PP154311h 25T

Chicken IL8 Primer Pair 2

CSB-PP157821C 25T

Mouse Il6 Primer Pair

CSB-PP157311m 25T

Rat Avpr1a Primer Pair 1

CSB-PP156211r 25T

Rat Atp5h Primer Pair 2

CSB-PP154821r 25T

Rat Nsf Primer Pair 2

CSB-PP154521r 25T

Human NPY Primer Pair

CSB-PP154111h 25T

Chicken DCX Primer Pair 3

CSB-PP151931C 25T

Chicken DCX Primer Pair 1

CSB-PP151911C 25T

Human ACTB Primer Pair 3

CSB-PP016231h 25T


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