Cusabio offers RT-PCR Primers, Clone, and Tools Enzyme for Molecular Biology research.

Molecular Biology Product

Besides owning professional R & D team of small molecule antigen synthesis and advanced experimental facilities, we also cooperate with Wuhan University and Huazhong Agricultural University, and employ experienced researchers to be our technical consultants. All of these advantages can ensure all the projects to be finished successfully. CusAb small molecule antigen products include food safety, drug residues, and diagnostic reagents for both human and animal. Each product got in the process of this small molecule antigen synthesis will undergo strict test to ensure that we can provide customer products with the best quality.

Molecular Biology Product

Product Name Code Size

Human TEP1 Primer Pair 1

CSB-PP180411h 25T

Human SLC39A1 Primer Pair 2

CSB-PP179521h 25T

Human PDPN Primer Pair

CSB-PP179211h 25T

Mouse Itgam Primer Pair 2

CSB-PP176021m 25T

Mouse Ren2 Primer Pair 3

CSB-PP170531m 25T

Human ANGPT2 Primer Pair

CSB-PP057411h 25T

Porcine IL4 Primer Pair

CSB-PP01165911p 25T

Human HDAC7 Primer Pair 2

CSB-PP178921h 25T

Human KAT5 Primer Pair

CSB-PP178411h 25T

Human ACVR2B Primer Pair 2

CSB-PP177621h 25T

Human TGFB3 Primer Pair 2

CSB-PP177421h 25T

Mouse Mmp13 Primer Pair

CSB-PP177311m 25T

Mouse Krt5 Primer Pair 2

CSB-PP176621m 25T

Mouse Hgd Primer Pair 2

CSB-PP175721m 25T

Human ASGR1 Primer Pair

CSB-PP174611h 25T

Human HDAC9 Primer Pair 5

CSB-PP179051h 25T

Human HDAC9 Primer Pair 3

CSB-PP179031h 25T

Human HDAC9 Primer Pair 1

CSB-PP179011h 25T

Human HDAC4 Primer Pair 2

CSB-PP178821h 25T

Human HDAC2 Primer Pair 2

CSB-PP178721h 25T

Human HDAC1 Primer Pair

CSB-PP178611h 25T

Human NFATC2 Primer Pair 2

CSB-PP178321h 25T

Human MT1A Primer Pair

CSB-PP174411h 25T

Human MT1F Primer Pair 1

CSB-PP174011h 25T

Human MT1G Primer Pair 2

CSB-PP173821h 25T

Human MT1X Primer Pair 2

CSB-PP173721h 25T

Human MT1E Primer Pair 2

CSB-PP173621h 25T

Human MT2A Primer Pair 1

CSB-PP173511h 25T

Mouse Il1b Primer Pair 1

CSB-PP173411m 25T

Human NEU1 Primer Pair 1

CSB-PP172411h 25T

Mouse Muc5ac Primer Pair 1

CSB-PP172211m 25T

Human COL17A1 Primer Pair 2

CSB-PP180921h 25T

Human MT1B Primer Pair

CSB-PP174111h 25T

Human TP53I3 Primer Pair 1

CSB-PP172911h 25T

Human NEU3 Primer Pair 2

CSB-PP172621h 25T

Rat Hps5 Primer Pair 3

CSB-PP171731r 25T

Rat Hps5 Primer Pair 1

CSB-PP171711r 25T

Human ANXA3 Primer Pair 2

CSB-PP171421h 25T

Rat Hp Primer Pair

CSB-PP170611r 25T

Mouse Alpl Primer Pair 2

CSB-PP170321m 25T

Human DST Primer Pair 4

CSB-PP170141h 25T

Human DST Primer Pair 2

CSB-PP170121h 25T

Rat Lhb Primer Pair

CSB-PP169911r 25T

Mouse Ren2 Primer Pair 1

CSB-PP170511m 25T

Rat C3 Primer Pair 2

CSB-PP170221r 25T

Rat Mmp9 Primer Pair

CSB-PP169411r 25T

Rat Nos3 Primer Pair

CSB-PP165711r 25T

Human MLH1 Primer Pair

CSB-PP170011h 25T

Rat App Primer Pair

CSB-PP168911r 25T

Human TLR7 Primer Pair 2

CSB-PP167821h 25T


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