ELISA Kits for Virus Antibody/Antigen Research

ELISA Kits for Virus Antibody/Antigen Research

Viruses are a class of tiny, structurally simple microorganisms, typically composed of genetic material (DNA or RNA) and an outer protein coat. Based on their structure, viruses are classified into four categories: single-stranded RNA viruses, double-stranded RNA viruses, single-stranded DNA viruses, and double-stranded DNA viruses. Unlike bacteria, eukaryotic organisms, and prokaryotic organisms, the main characteristic of viruses is that they cannot carry out life processes independently; they must parasitize within host cells to replicate and survive. Viruses are widely distributed in nature and can infect a variety of organisms, including humans. Different types of viruses may cause different diseases, ranging from mild colds to severe infectious diseases and even cancers.

CUSABIO offers a variety of common Virus Antibody/Antigen ELISA Kits with high sensitivity and specificity, empowering your research in the field of viral diseases and immunology.

Japanese Encephalitis Virus

Japanese Encephalitis Virus Structure

Japanese encephalitis virus, commonly abbreviated as JEV, was initially isolated by Japanese researchers from the brain tissue of individuals who had died from encephalitis. Hence, it is also known as Japanese Encephalitis Virus. JEV belongs to the Flaviviridae family and Flavivirus genus. Its genome consists of a single-stranded positive-sense RNA. It is the primary pathogen responsible for causing epidemic Japanese encephalitis. This virus is primarily transmitted to humans through mosquito bites. Once the virus enters the human body, it replicates within endothelial cells of blood vessels, lymph nodes, liver, spleen, and other phagocytic cells. It then circulates in the bloodstream and can reach the brain, causing inflammation. This leads to symptoms such as high fever, headache, vomiting, seizures, and in severe cases, it can result in death.

Code Product Name Target
CSB-E08922h Human Japanese Encephalitis (JE) antibody (IgG) ELISA kit JE Ab (IgG)

Hepatitis Virus

Hepatitis Virus Structure

Hepatitis viruses are the primary pathogens responsible for causing hepatitis, and they belong to the RNA virus category. Depending on the type of hepatitis they cause, they can be classified as Hepatitis A virus (HAV), Hepatitis B virus (HBV), Hepatitis C virus (HCV), Hepatitis D virus (HDV), and Hepatitis E virus (HEV). These viruses primarily infect liver cells in the human body through blood and sexual transmission routes. This leads to inflammation and damage in the liver, which can result in severe consequences such as acute or chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis, and even liver cancer.

Code Product Name Target
CSB-E13557h Human hepatitis B virus e antigen (HBeAg) ELISA Kit HBeAg
CSB-E09995m Mouse hepatitis B virus core antibody,HBcAb ELISA Kit HBcAb
CSB-E12143m Mouse hepatitis B virus surface antibody (HBsAb) ELISA Kit HBsAb
CSB-E09574h Human anti-hepatitis B virus core antibody,HBcAb ELISA Kit HBcAb
CSB-E04811h Human Hepatitis E virus antibody(IgG)ELISA Kit HEV Ab (IgG)
CSB-E04814h Human hepatitis G virus (HGV) antibody (IgG)ELISA kit HGV Ab (IgG)
CSB-E04809h Human hepatitis D virus(HDV) antibody(IgG) ELISA Kit HDV Ab (IgG)
CSB-E09540h Human anti-hepatitis A virus (HAV) antibody (IgG)ELISA Kit HAV Ab (IgG)
CSB-E09571h Human anti-hepatitis B virus surface antibody,HBsAb ELISA Kit HBsAb
CSB-E09994m Mouse hepatitis B virus e antibody,HBeAb ELISA Kit HBeAb
CSB-E09993m Mouse hepatitis B virus e antigen,HBeAg ELISA Kit HBeAg
CSB-EQ027247HU Human hepatitis D virus(HDV) antigen ELISA Kit HDV Ag
CSB-E09570h Human anti-hepatitis B virus e antibody,HBeAb ELISA Kit HBeAb
CSB-E04812h Human Hepatitis E virus antibody(IgM)ELISA Kit HEV Ab (IgM)
CSB-E09541h Human anti-hepatitis A virus(HAV) antibody(IgM) ELISA Kit HAV Ab (IgM)
CSB-EQ028068HU Human hepatitis B virus pre S1 antigen (HBV preS1-Ag) ELISA kit HBV preS1-Ag

Human Papillomavirus

Human Papillomavirus Structure

Human papillomavirus (HPV) is a small, non-enveloped, circular DNA virus belonging to the Papillomaviridae family and Papillomavirus genus. HPV is primarily transmitted through sexual contact and skin-to-skin contact, leading to proliferative lesions on human skin and mucous membranes. Currently, there are over 130 known subtypes of HPV, categorized into high-risk, intermediate-risk, and low-risk types. Among them, high-risk HPV types have been shown to be associated with an increased risk of various cancers, including cervical cancer, vaginal cancer, penile cancer, anal cancer, bladder cancer, oral cancer, laryngeal cancer, and rectal cancer.

Code Product Name Target
CSB-EQ027476HU Human papillomavirus type 18 L1-capsids (HPV18L1) antibody (IgG) ELISA kit HPV18L1 Ab (IgG)
CSB-EQ027477HU Human papillomavirus type 16 L1-capsids (HPV16L1) antibody (IgG) ELISA kit HPV16L1 Ab (IgG)


Adenovirus Structure

Adenovirus is an enveloped DNA virus belonging to the Adenoviridae family and the Adenovirus genus, characterized by a complex icosahedral structure. These viruses have an extremely broad host range, infecting humans and various animals, including mammals, birds, and reptiles. Since the successful isolation of adenovirus, more than 50 human adenovirus types have been discovered, categorized into six subgroups labeled A to F. Although adenoviruses do not exhibit carcinogenic properties in humans, they are capable of infecting various parts of the human body, such as the respiratory tract, gastrointestinal tract, urinary tract, bladder, eyes, liver, and more, leading to the onset of various diseases.

Code Product Name Target
CSB-E13901m Mouse Adenovirus antibody (IgG) ELISA Kit ADV Ab (IgG)
CSB-E05005h Human Adenovirus (ADV) antibody (IgG) ELISA Kit ADV Ab (IgG)

Rabies Virus

Rabies virus Structure

Rabies virus (RV) is a negative-sense single-stranded RNA virus belonging to the rhabdoviridae family and the lyssavirus genus. The rabies virus consists of five proteins, namely glycoprotein (G), nucleoprotein (N), polymerase (L), phosphoprotein (NS), and matrix protein (M). The glycoprotein of the rabies virus can bind to acetylcholine, determining its neurotropic nature. Rabies virus is primarily transmitted to humans through the saliva of animals. Upon infection in humans, the virus spreads along the nervous system to the central nervous system, subsequently invading various tissues and organs, ultimately leading to death.

Code Product Name Target
CSB-E09547h Human Rabies Virus (RV) Antibody (IgG)ELISA Kit RV Ab (IgG)
CSB-EQ027321DO Dog rabies virus (RV) antibody (IgG) ELISA Kit RV Ab (IgG)

Parainfluenza Virus

Parainfluenza Virus Structure

Distinguished from influenza virus, parainfluenza virus (PIV) is a negative-sense RNA virus belonging to the Paramyxoviridae family. It primarily causes respiratory infections. Parainfluenza viruses are enveloped and possess two types of glycoproteins on their surface, hemagglutinin-neuraminidase (HN) and fusion protein (F). This virus is classified into four subtypes: PIV-1 to PIV-4. PIV-1 and PIV-2 infections are prone to cause laryngotracheobronchitis (croup), PIV-3 is associated with pneumonia and bronchiolitis, while PIV-4 infections tend to result in milder symptoms.

Code Product Name Target
CSB-E09022h Human anti-parainfluenza virus (PIV) antibody (IgG) ELISA kit PIV Ab (IgG)
CSB-E09530h Human anti-parainfluenza virus (PIV) antibody (IgM) ELISA Kit PIV Ab (IgM)

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Hantavirus Structure

Hantavirus is the primary pathogen responsible for hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (HPS) and hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (HFRS). It belongs to the Bunyaviridae family and is an enveloped segmented negative-sense RNA virus. Its genome consists of three segments: L, M, and S, which encode different proteins. With more than 40 subtypes categorized based on host and disease characteristics, this virus is mainly transmitted to humans through direct or indirect contact with the infected excrement, urine, or saliva of rodents (such as mice). Symptoms include fever, muscle pain, difficulty breathing, weight loss, pulmonary edema, and kidney damage. Severe cases can lead to death.

Code Product Name Target
CSB-EQ027544HU Human hantavirus (HV) antibody (IgM) ELISA kit HV Ab (IgM)
CSB-EQ028036HU Human hantavirus (HV) antibody (IgG) ELISA kit hantavirus Ab (IgG)

Respiratory Syncytial Virus

Respiratory syncytial virus Structure

Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) belongs to the Paramyxoviridae family and the Pneumovirus genus. It is a virus with a single-stranded negative-sense RNA genome. It primarily encodes 10 proteins: fusion protein (F), attachment glycoprotein (G), and small hydrophobic protein (SH) as three transmembrane proteins, matrix proteins M1 and M2, three nucleocapsid-forming proteins that bind to viral RNA (N, P, and L), and two non-structural proteins NS1 and NS2.

Infections with RSV can lead to severe respiratory complications such as pneumonia and bronchitis, especially in infants and individuals with weakened immune systems. In adults, RSV typically presents as mild flu-like symptoms, but in certain cases, it can also lead to more severe infections.

Code Product Name Target
CSB-EQ027708HU Human anti respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) antibody (IgG) ELISA kit RSV Ab (IgG)
CSB-EQ027708MO Mouse anti respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) antibody (IgG) ELISA kit RSV Ab (IgG)

Epstein-Barr Virus

Epstein-barr virus Structure

Epstein-barr virus (EBV) is a member of the Herpesviridae family and the Lymphocryptovirus genus. It is the causative agent of infectious mononucleosis (also known as "kissing disease" or "glandular fever"). Additionally, EBV has been linked to the development of various cancers such as nasopharyngeal carcinoma, Hodgkin's lymphoma, and Burkitt's lymphoma.

EBV is a DNA virus that primarily replicates in B lymphocytes. It is mainly spread through saliva, which is why it's often associated with the term "kissing disease." However, it can also be transmitted through other routes such as blood transfusion and organ transplantation.

Code Product Name Target
CSB-EQ027763HU Human Epstein-Barr virus nuclear antigen (EBNA1) antibody (IgG) ELISA kit EBNA1 Ab (IgG)


Rotavirus Structure

Rotavirus is a double-stranded RNA virus belonging to the Reoviridae family, known for causing gastrointestinal infections. It is one of the most common pathogens responsible for infant and child diarrhea. Rotavirus is classified into seven types, labeled A to G, based on the appearance of virus particles. Among these types, over 90% of human rotavirus infections are caused by type A. Rotavirus primarily spreads through respiratory droplets or direct contact. It mainly infects the epithelial cells of the small intestine, leading to symptoms such as diarrhea, vomiting, and fever. Globally, rotavirus infections result in approximately 900,000 infant and child deaths each year.

Code Product Name Target
CSB-EQ027718BO Bovine rotavirus (RV) antigen (Ag) ELISA kit RV Ag

Other Virus Antibody/Antigen ELISA Kits:

Code Product Name Target Virus Type
CSB-EQ027974HU Human enterovirus 71 virus (EV71) antibody (IgG) ELISA kit EV71 Ab (IgG) Enterovirus 71 Virus
CSB-E14216h Human T-lymphotropicvirusⅠ/II(HTLV-Ⅰ/II) antibody ELISA kit HTLV-Ⅰ/II Ab T-lymphotropicvirus

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